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Great Cosmetic Restoration in Los Algodones Mexico at Sani Dental Group

287 Alamo St., Baja California, Los Algodones, Mexico

Package Price : $2515

Treatment :Dentistry

By : Sani Dental Group

Location : 287 Alamo St., Baja California Los Algodones, Mexico

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Package Details


Sani Dental Group

Great Cosmetic Restoration Package in Los Algodones, Mexico

Would you enjoy a movie star smile? Of course you would, who would say no? Becuase, Sani Dental, located in Los Algodones, Mexico, offers an affordable Cosmetic Restoration package.

See how our cosmetic restoration program can make you smile with confidence.

Cosmetic Restoration Package Cosmetic Restoration Package Details

Diagnosis Consultation

1 Panoramic X-rays $60.00 $60.00
1 Teeth Cleaning $35.00 $70.00
1 Laser Withening $200.00 $200.00
6 Porcelain Veneers $350.00 $2,100.00
1 Night guard $85.00 $85.00
  Treatment Related  $2,515.00

Travel Related

Hacienda and Cielito Lindo Rooms:

Normal Price

Patient Price







Jr. Suite



The patients who are not already clients of Sani Dental Group will have to pay Normal Price.

Other services:

  • Shuttle from and to the Yuma Airport
  • Transportation between the clinic, the Hotel, and the border

This services are free for our patients. The Shuttle to/from the airport needs to be schedule 2 days prior to their appointment.

Sani Dental Group Provides Cutting edge technology to provide the best dental work in Mexico.

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