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IVF with PGD Procedure in Europe

IVF with PGD Procedure from Perfect Woman Institute Thailand

PGD offers the possibility to determine the sex of embryos resulting from IVF and only transfer embryos of a particular sex back into the uterus.

PGD Procedure for Gender Selection requires the patient to take an IVF cycle during which oocytes are collected and embryos developed. For the first five days after egg collection, embryos usually grow to the Blastocyst stage and are about 120 to 150 cells.

IVF Procedure in Thailand

PGD Procedure for Gender Selection

The cells inside the Blastocyst split between placental cells and fetal cells. Removal of 5-10 cells from the placental cells does not alter the capacity of that embryo to develop into a normal pregnancy.

The removed cells are analyzed for X and Y chromosomes using the fluorescent technique and after this stage, those embryos of the desired sex are put into the uterus on day 6.

Pregnancy rate for this procedure is about 72% and the PGD accuracy rate is 100%.

PGD Gender Selection in Bangkok

Treatment Stages for IVF

Treatment stages:

  1. Ovulation induction (By injection for about 12-14 days, Start from day 2 of menstrual period)
  2. Oocyte retrieval (under general anesthesia)
  3. Fertilization, Blastocyst culture, PGD (6 days)
  4. Embryo transfer (under general anesthesia)
  5. After embryo transfer pregnancy support (By injections every 3 days, and taking some medicines for 14 days)
  6. Pregnancy test

The treatment lasts for 5 weeks and if you cannot stay in Bangkok for that long, we can collaborate with your family doctor to perform some treatments.

These are the options for you:

  • Option A: You may have step 1, 5, and 6 performed in your home country, so you will need to stay in Bangkok for about 10 days.
  • Option B: You may have step 5 and 6 performed in your home country, so you will need to stay in Bangkok for about 3 weeks.
  • Option C: You may come for Step 1 and 2 (14 days) and another visit for Step 4, 5, 6 (14 days).

Husband is only needed 1 day for semen sample collection on the oocyte retrieval day or any day before that since we can freeze the sample.

Treatment costs

PGD Procedure Price Abroad

IVF Treatment Costs

Other costs:

  • For embryo freezing, in case you have extra embryo left after the embryo transfer, it will cost you about 700 USD.
  • Sperm freezing cost 100 USD.
  • The frozen thawed cycle will cost 2,500 USD.
  • We also provide accommodation 100 USD/ night (long stay 30% discount)

Patient average duration stay in Thailand is 15 days and husband is required one day.

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IVF with PGD procedures in Thailand

PGD Procedures Details

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