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Nirunda Corrective Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

Package price starting from: $1500
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Neck Lift, Lip Surgery, Dimple Creation, Chin Contouring, Chin Implant, Cheek Surgery
Focus Area: Extensive Corrective Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand | Affordable Plastic Surgery | Cheek Treatment | Chin Augmentation | Neck Lift | Lip lift | Dimple Creation

Corrective Plastic Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

Corrective Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

Affordable Corrective Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

Get Cheek Augmentation, Chin Augmentation, Neck Lift, Lip Lift, and Dimple Creation

Are you tired of your looks?

Do you feel that you are getting old and unattractive?

The Nirunda Clinic in Thailand provides the solution:

Cheek Augmentation, Chin Augmentation, Neck Lift, Lip Lift, Dimple Creation,

...all of these are safe procedures that will restore your confidence and beauty!

About Corrective Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery includes a wide range of cosmetic procedures and surgeries.  In a world where both men and women wish to look better, younger or just simply wish to change their looks, plastic surgery is becoming a more viable and reliable option for individuals worldwide.

About Corrective Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is designed as an affordable solution for people wishing to change or alter their appearance or to fully recover from injuries or accidents. Individuals suffering from genetic defects will profit greatly from a cosmetic procedure.

These procedures or surgeries are designed to improve the looks as well as the confidence of the patient, but most of all, they need to be safe. Hence, it is recommended to do a thorough research before going forward with the surgery.

Corrective Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Bangkok Thailand

The Package Includes in Corrective Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

- Doctor fee
- Clinical interview/ surgery consultation
- General anesthesia fee
- 1 night in hospital
- All medications supplies

Pre-0p requirements for Plastic Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

1. Inform us about any allergies and medication you are using (if any)
2. Avoid aspirin, anticoagulant and vitamin E before surgery for at least two weeks
3. Blood pressure check-up
4. Do not smoke at least 3 – 4 days before and after the surgery
5. Arrange to stay in Bangkok at least 10 days after the surgery

Cheek Augmentation Bangkok Thailand

Learn more about Corrective Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand through the Nirunda Infinity Clinic in Bangkok!

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Dimple Creation Bangkok Thailand

Silicone Implants


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