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Surrogacy and Egg Donation Package in Georgia by New Life Georgia

10 A, Bakhtrioni st., Tbilisi, Georgia

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Treatment :Fertility Treatment

By : New Life Georgia

Location : 10 A, Bakhtrioni st. Tbilisi, Georgia

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Surrogacy and Egg Donation Service Georgia

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Package Details

Surrogacy and Egg Donation package in Georgia

34 000 USD

The price includes:

First transfer - made upon signing of contract- 14 500 USD
Egg donation (Agency fee ,medications,exams-4000 USD
Drug for preparation for surrogate mother-500 USD
Agency fee for surrogate mother-4500 USD
Notary fee-300 USD
surrogate mother's med exams-500 USD
Surrogate mothers transportation expences-200 USD
Egg donor compensation-1 000 USD

Second transfer - After pregnancy confirmation - 6 200 USD
Monthly fee for food for surrogate mother during the pregnancy (9 months)-2 700 USD
Cost of drugs and pregnancy care-3 500 USD

Third transfer - After Baby Delivery-13 300 USD

Maternity hospital fee-1000 USD
Surrogate mother's compensation-12 300 USD

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