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Sehit Erdogan Yildiz Sokak, Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus

Package Price : $3021

Treatment :Fertility Treatment

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Location : Sehit Erdogan Yildiz Sokak, Nicosia Nicosia, Cyprus

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Cyprus IVF Gender Selection Cost

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Cyprus IVF Gender Selection

All Inclusive Package for Cyprus IVF Gender Selection Using Microsort Technology

North Cyprus IVF provides a cheap package for Cyprus IVF Gender Selection. Get top treatment free quotes for top centers in Nicosia, Cyprus. North Cyprus IVF was established in 1998 and the first ISO 9001 qualified clinic in Northern Cyprus. We are also the only clinic in the North to have its own Genetics Laboratory, therefore all genetic testing and screenings are performed on the premises. Check below information for more information about this package. 

Definition of IVF in Nicosia, Cyprus

IVF is the best procedure for reproductive innovation. The procedure can be done by utilizing a couple's own eggs and sperm. We are the only clinic in Cyprus licensed to offer Microsort, with the machine on our premises. For PGD we do not freeze the embryos and send samples abroad for testing- PGS is performed here in our lab.  

Microsort is the only proven process to sort the sperm into gender. The eggs are then fertilized with the sorted sperm, allowing for a higher number of the preferred gender embryos. PGD identifies the chromosomes of those embryos resulting. In our costs we include your monitoring on arrival, scans and Dr consults, as well as Airport pickups and transfers to the clinic for your appointments, when you stay locally.

Table of Content

• Cost  • Procedures  • Advantages  

• Inclusions • Exclusions  • Pre-Op Test  

• Doctors  • Why Cyprus  • FAQs  • How to Book

Cost of Cyprus IVF Gender Selection by North Cyprus IVF

You can get IVF Gender Selection Package in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF with the price starts from 2,800 Euro / $3,021




North Cyprus IVF 

Microsort IUI 

2,800 Euro / $3,021 

North Cyprus IVF 

Microsort IVF 

3,700 Euro / $3,992 

North Cyprus IVF 


5,000 Euro / $5,395 

North Cyprus IVF 

Microsort+ IVF ICSI+ PGD 

6,200 Euros/$6,690 

IVF Cost in Other Countries:













Note: Price can change and vary depends on complexity of procedure and patient condition. For final price, please follow price policy for the center. 

Procedure of Cyprus IVF Gender Selection by North Cyprus IVF

The first step would be to send any test results you have, or to have these tests done: 

  1. Hormone tests on day 2 or day 3 of your period: FSH, LH, Estradiol, Prolactin, TSH. Also AMH (Blood Tests). 

  1. These test results help to measure your level of fertility and also help us identify the right medication regimen which will optimize the outcome.  

  1. A basic trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to check your Antral Follicle count and to make sure there are no fibroids/polyps/free fluids in the uterus or cysts in the ovaries, or anything visible that can potentially interfere with a successful pregnancy process. The sonogram should also be done on day 2 or day 3 of menstrual period. 

  1. Your husband's/partner's semen analysis and culture.  

After both your test results have been checked by the Doctor, he will decide on the appropriate medication schedule for you. A script for medications is emailed to you and you have the choice of asking your own Dr to prescribe the same or using the international online pharmacy. 

The cycle cost does not include your medications as most people do prefer to start these at home. The cost of these will depend on the country you are in. 

You will also have a step by step schedule to follow, which tells you precisely when you'll be taking your medications each day, when your scans are needed and the date you will both need to travel to Cyprus for egg retrieval and your IVF. 

Advantages of IVF in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF

Here are several advantages that you can find through Cyprus IVF Gender Selection by North Cyprus IVF: 

  • High quality infertility treatment 

  • Best infertility solutions 

  • Best-in-the-industry price 

  • Promotes happy married life 

  • Performed by qualified and experienced doctors 

Inclusions in IVF Package in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF

Check below for information about inclusions in IVF Package in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF: 

  • Pickup from airport 

  • Pre and post-operative consultations 

  • Preoperative lab work 

  • All medical fees and doctor fees 

Exclusions in IVF Package in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF

Check below about exclusions of IVF Package in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF: 

  • Hotel or recovery house 

  • Airfare 

List of Pre-Op Test in Cyprus IVF Gender Selection by North Cyprus IVF

Check below for information about list of pre op test for IVF Package in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF: 

  • Follicular evaluation 

  • Tubal patency test 

  • Ultrasound scan 

Note: The pre-op tests will be suggested after an essential physical check up. The tests are required to be done before 7-10 days of the treatment. 

Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer 

Note: The clinic may ask you for money deposit once you decide to receive the surgery. 

Payment: 30% Deposit 

IVF Surgeon in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit is an accredited specialist for Cyprus IVF Gender Selection with numerous publications and a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). 

Cyprus IVF

Why Choose Nicosia, Cyprus for IVF?

One thing is without a doubt, Nicosia, Cyprus is the most popular destination for all types of IVF treatment. Many surgeons are experienced and certified, and you can save more than 50% in costs contrasted with other countries. In Cyprus the improvement of this Fertility Treatment is fascinating. You can book your consultation with IVF specialists in Cyprus and their medical staff 24/7.  

To visit, you can fly into Ercan/Lefkosa airport on the North side. This airport connects with flights from Turkey. We have corporates rates with hotels near the hospital: 

  • Royal Palace Hotel- 2 people - Breakfast + Dinner = $64/night 

  • G-Suites Luxury Rentals - 2 people - Breakfast = $48/night 

  • Grand Pasa Hotel - 2 people -Breakfast = $86/night 

FAQs about Cyprus IVF Gender Selection

Check below for information about FAQ of Cyprus IVF Gender Selection by North Cyprus IVF: 

Why IVF in Nicosia, Cyprus Cheap?

There are several reasons why Cyprus IVF Gender Selection is so affordable. One of them is the cost of resources, equipment, and also the cost of living is quite affordable. This is of course different if you undergo a similar procedure in other countries such as the UK, USA and Canada, which are relatively more expensive. 

How Much Cost of IVF in Nicosia, Cyprus?

As you can see, you can get cheaper IVF prices while in Cyprus. For example, you can get Cost of IVF in Nicosia, Cyprus by North Cyprus IVF starts from $3,021. While in other countries such as UK and USA, the price for this procedure is more than $10,000

Why Nicosia, Cyprus Becomes a Good Place for IVF?

There are many experienced specialists in Cyprus, and upheld by the most exceptional equipments and innovation they use. This will guarantee the safety, privacy, and comfort of patients who wish to have baby through high success rate IVF. 

Is Nicosia, Cyprus Safe for IVF?

Yes, Cyprus IVF Gender Selection is 100%, as long as you have the right and accredited clinic. With the best clinical quality, you will definitely get perfect results. 

Video about IVF in Nicosia, Cyprus

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