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Face Lift Procedures at Le Vira Clinic Thailand

Face Lift Procedures at Le Vira Clinic Thailand

Want to remove unwanted wrinkles and sagging facial skin at Le Vira Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand? They are now offering an affordable Renewing Facelift Package!

A Facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy is a cosmetic procedure that removes loose skin from the neck, jawline, undesirable wrinkle lines and along the corners of the mouth caused by aging and weight loss. Other rejuvenating procedures performed along with a facelift include an eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty (to invigorate aging eyes) and a brow lift, to lift a sagging brow.

When performing the face lift, the cosmetic surgeon separates the skin from the fatty tissue and the muscle. Fatty tissue maybe suctioned around the chin and neck to improve the facial contour. Next, the surgeon tightens the underlying membranes and muscles, pulls the skin, trims the excess and secures it with stitches. At Le Vira Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand, this procedure takes three hours under general anesthesia. After the operation, you might be admitted for one night in the hospital.

Good candidates of a facelift are patients who:

  • are healthy and want to renew their aging faces
  • have a sagging face due to weight loss
  • have a jowl formation without neck skin redundancy
  • want to eliminate signs of aging in the lower face and neck.

How much is a face lift at Le Vira? 

Pricing for cosmetic procedure such as a face lift can vary. Just like in any cosmetic procedure, pricing is based on the following such as the surgeon’s professional fee (higher costs for an experienced surgeon vs. a newbie surgeon); geographical location (prices of procedures in cities are definitely higher than rural areas). Other factors to consider include surgical facility costs, anesthesia fees, needed medication, post-op garments and lab tests. 

The cost of facial surgeries in Le Vira Clinic Thailand are reasonably priced! They start at $1,600 and can go as high as $4,985. During the procedure, the required minimum stay in Thailand is at least 1-2 weeks. Follow-up check-up will ensue after 7-10 days. 


Type of Face Lift

Price in USD

Forehead lift


Neck Lift


Mid-face lift


Full-face lift


Benefits of Facial Surgery at Le Vira:

  • You can redeem your youthful glow
  • Highly trained & experienced medical providers.
  • Avail of FREE cost quotation for procedures.
  • Surgical treatments are affordable.
  • English speaking medical and administrative staff
  • Follow-up care is initiated after surgery.

Redeem your youth with Le Vira Clinic, Bangkok, ThailandFace Lift Packages!

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