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IVF with Sperm Donation Package in Moscow Russia

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Package Details

IVF + Sperm Donation Package in Moscow, Russia

IVF + Sperm Donation Package in Moscow, Russia

A couple's dream to have children can be shattered in a few moments by a diagnosis of infertility. Nonetheless, this isn’t a hopeless situation, no matter which partner is experiencing fertility-related issues.

IVF + Sperm Donation Overview

Medicine has evolved so much that, nowadays, the IVF (in vitro fertilization) can occur even with the help of a sperm donation process, where the woman's egg is directly fertilized.

The IVF + sperm donation is an assisted reproductive procedure used to treat male fertility problems caused either by the sperm’s "lack of liveliness" or its low quantity or quality.

In fact, the sperm donation works as a helpful step during the IVF process. The procedure involves injecting sperm directly into the harvested egg. Then, the fertilized egg is implanted in the woman’s womb or in one of her fallopian tubes.

Benefits of IVF + Sperm Donation

  • The procedure offers the couple a chance to have a child, even with severe male infertility problems
  • No waiting lines
  • Modern medical process
  • It can help patients conceive even they are dealing with one or more conditions.

IVF Treatment in Moscow, Russia

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

At Nova Clinic (Moscow, Russia), the IVF + Sperm Donation package’s price starts from $3,921 and includes:

* Legal assistance:

  • elaboration and conclusion of the agreement on medical services between the clinic and the patient
  • elaboration of the application for IVF program in accordance with the Order No. 67

* Medical expenses for 1 IVF including 1 embryo transfer (medicines are not included):

  • superovulation stimulation
  • endometrium premedication
  • follicle development monitoring
  • egg retrieval
  • anesthetization for egg retrieval
  • embryological stage
  • embryo transfer into uterus
  • hCG test
  • etal egg detection with ultrasound
  • fetal heart beat detection with  ultrasound

* Visa support letter for the Russian Consulate to get tourist visas (if needed);

* Hotel reservation, organization of transfers, and other travel-related services during the patient's stay in Russia;

* Interpreter services during the patient's visit to the clinic.

The cost of the package does not include:

* Examination and treatment of the patients

* All the necessary medicines for superovulation stimulation and premedication of the patient

* Cryoconservation and preservation of embryos and sperm of the patient's spouse



The program provides the following guarantees:

  • the cost of all the services under the program remains constant from the beginning to the end of the program
  • all payments shall be made to the settlement account or through a cash register of the clinic.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly trained and experienced medical team
  • Individual approach to each and every patient
  • Friendly and professional environment
  • ISO 9001 certified medical center
  • Confidentiality
  • No queues or waiting lines
  • Welcoming and helpful staff

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