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Breast Augmentation in Bangkok Thailand

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Breast Augmentation in Bangkok, Thailand


Breast Augmentation in Bangkok, Thailand


Breast augmentation is one of the most chosen plastic surgeries all over the world. More and more women want to have fuller, perfectly shaped breasts that fit their silhouette.

The shape and size of the breasts can change in time due to several factors, such as aging, loss of weight, breastfeeding or hormonal therapy. Breast augmentation surgery is a safe, easy and efficient method to increase the breasts' size, improve their shape and enhance their volume.

This procedure is perfect for women who want a fuller appearance of their breasts, who struggle with asymmetrical breasts or who want to restore their breasts' volume and shape. There are various ways in which this procedure can be preformed, with various types of implants to choose from or the newest method of fat transfer.


Clinics offering breast augmentation in Bangkok






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Le Vira Clinic

2,567 USD

Airport pick up
1-2 nights in Hospital
Follow Up consult after 7 days

Travel expenses

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Yanhee Hospital

3,120 USD

1 night hospitalization
Pre op consult
Laboratory tests, anesthesia , all of surgery tools, before and after surgery consultation

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Benefits of breast augmentation

  • Improve the breasts' shape and volume
  • Enhance their size
  • Corrects the breasts' symmetry
  • Efficient and safe surgical procedure
  • Improves the patient's self-esteem
  • Offers a well-contoured, feminine silhouette



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