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Detox Treatment With Ibogaine in Cancun Mexico at Best Price

Casa del Mar Carretera Punta Sam Km 4 num 17 Cancun Quintana Roo 77520, Cancun, Mexico

Package Price : $9000

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Location : Casa del Mar Carretera Punta Sam Km 4 num 17 Cancun Quintana Roo 77520 Cancun, Mexico

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Detox Treatment With Ibogaine in Cancun, Mexico

Detox Treatment With Ibogaine in Cancun, Mexico at Best Price

Ibogaine has amazing results in alleviating withdrawal symptoms and decreasing the desire to use various addictive substances such as opiates, alcohol, and cocaine.

Clear Sky Recovery offers an Ibogaine detox treatment package that helps patients eliminate these symptoms and also drastically decrease post-treatment cravings, leading to a safe, quick, and painless detoxification.  Ibogaine induces a dreamlike state which allows the patient to examine his/her behavior and gain a different perspective on life. Feelings of shame, fear, self-hatred, depression, and other crippling emotions are lifted off the patient's shoulders leading to a deeply healing experience.

Ibogaine can alleviate 98% of the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. Ibogaine functions in a similar way to treatments that block or take residence in the receptor sites that normally harbor chemical substances. However, unlike methadone or suboxone, which lead to chemical dependency, Ibogaine is non-addictive and doesn't need to be taken on a continuing basis

Ibogaine works amazingly because it eliminates withdrawal symptoms, while also blocking the cravings and desire to use afterward.  If you are opiate dependent, we use morphine up until the ibogaine treatment to ensure a pain-free detox.
Ibogaine's long-acting metabolite noribogaine remains in your body for a period of several weeks following ibogaine administration. Noribogaine acts as a powerful anti-depressant, alleviates PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), and helps replenish destroyed or desensitized dopamine neurons.
Ibogaine Detox Treatment at Clear Sky in Cancun, Mexico 
A week-long stay at the exclusive ibogaine treatment facility of Clear Sky will take you out of a state of active addiction, effectively and completely detox you, and significantly alleviate symptoms of PAWS. Your physical addiction will be eradicated by the time you leave our facility. However, ibogaine is a catalyst, not a cure. Ibogaine provides a window of opportunity for individuals who may have met with failure while attempting to avail themselves of more mainstream and conventional detox methodologies.
The clinic has seen roughly a 70% long term success rate. Now that being said, ibogaine is a catalyst for change, not a cure for addiction; so what you do after you leave our facility is what determines the outcome. Appropriate aftercare is absolutely essential to long term success.
Clear Sky can work with you to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end treatment experience, which includes pre-care, ibogaine treatment, and aftercare, to ensure the best possible outcome with ibogaine treatment.

Benefits of Ibogaine

  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms
  • Ibogaine is stored in body fat and slowly released from there
  • Works as an anti-depressant
  • It's non-addictive

What is the cost of the Package?

At Clear Sky Ibogaine the package for ibogaine detox treatment starts from $9,000 for Single Room. They also have a large beachfront, ocean view room with a balcony that they offer for $10,500 USD for the week

Package Includes

  • Doctor’s Fees and nursing care.
  • 8 days and 7 nights stay at our beach-front facility, which includes, three meals, and an open kitchen system, hotel service with housekeeping, and a personal cook.
  • Ibogaine flood dose and three complementary doses after the treatment.
  • Medications as prescribed by our doctors.
  • All Cancun area transfers (airport-clinic, etc).
  • All lab-work.
  • Cardiology evaluation.
  • Vitamin drip during treatment.
  • 2 complementary B12 shots after treatment
  • Four therapy sessions, 1 before and 3 after treatment, with our skilled therapist.
  • Daily gentle yoga.
  • Daily massage.
  • Daily meditation.
  • Daily breathing exercises.


  • Medications (Prescription they have for a pre-existing health condition)
  • Psychiatric Counselling for pre-existing mental illness/ condition
  • Travel Expenses

Why choose us?

  • Safe and effective ibogaine treatment
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • More than 20 years of scientific research on the ibogaine treatment
  • Nearly 70% of success rates


If you want to find out more about the Detox Treatment with Ibogaine, please contact us!

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Casa del Mar Carretera Punta Sam Km 4 num 17 Cancun Quintana Roo 77520

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