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IVF with Egg Donation in Athens Greece

Package price starting from: $6482
Treatment: Fertility Treatment, IVF with Egg Donation
Associated Center: IVF Athens Center
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IVF with Egg Donation in Athens, Greece


IVF with Egg Donation in Athens, Greece

Women who are struggling to conceive or who are older than the optimal age for childbirth often turn to IVF with Egg Donation in order to have children. Women who are over 40 years old and want to have a baby, will have more difficulties to become pregnant as the quality of the eggs diminishes with age.

The IVF with egg donation process involves several steps. After the donor of the eggs is selected, she will undergo ovary stimulation. Simultaneously, the woman undergoing the IVF procedure will take the same medications so both women's cycles are synchronized and the egg recipient's uterine lining is ready for the embryo.

Benefits of IVF with Egg Donation

  • Highly effective
  • Maximize the chance of older patients to conceive
  • It can help single women and same sex couples to have a baby
  • Achieve a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby

Costs, inclusions and exclusions

At IVF Athens Center the price for the IVF with Egg Donor package starts at $6,482.


  • IVF with Egg
  • Donor Treatment
  • Doctor’s Fee
  • Medicines


  • Tests
  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation

Why choose IVF Athens Center?

  • Safe and successful fertility procedures;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Qualified medical staff;
  • Modern equipment and procedures;
  • Minimal recovery time thanks to the latest methods used;


If you want to know more about the IVF with Egg Donor package offered by IVF Athens Center, please contact us!

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