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Synergy Plastic Surgery Center located in Greece, offers state of the art Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty Surgeries. Find out everything about these surgeries and what they cost.
The Synergy Plastic Surgery Center located in Greece, offers an exclusive Abdominoplasty and Breast Lift surgery. Here is how you can benefit from the top quality in Greece!
Special Dental Check-Up Package in Greece Complete Clinical Examination, Assessment of Teeth Condition, Full Mouth Periapical XRays, Oral Hygiene Instructions, Full Mouth Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment. starting at 1000Euro
Top Weight Loss Program in Athens, Greece Join us on a beautiful cruise in the Greek seas, following our specialized programs and start your new life, while having vacations! Combine group therapy with a swim! Adjust your eating habits! Explore the seas as well as yourself. Gain experiences and build life-long friendships that will be your safety net. Enter our boats and exit as a winner. Follo
If you are looking for effective IVF package abroad, you can visit Athens, Greece. Read now to learn about the most affordable IVF package.
At IVF Athens Center the price for the IVF with Egg Donor package starts at $6,482.
Are you older than 40 years or unable to become pregnant with your own eggs? Do you and your partner both have fertility problems? Or have you had repeated miscarriages? IVF with donor eggs can help you conceive and deliver a baby.Check out which are the best Fertility centers in Europe that offer affordable IVF with Egg Donor packages to medical tourists!
Are you trying to conceive, but all the methods have no results so far? Are fertility treatments banned or too pricy in your home country? The egg donation package available in Greece can be the option you’ve been looking for.
Placid Greece is your top resource for IVF treatments in Greece, where the top doctors in infertility treatments are the best in their field.  Take advantage of the best prices in Europe at the Greek Fertility clinics in Greece. Click on package detail to learn more.
Eye Surgery Tourism Placid Greece Eye/Lasik Surgery Tourism by Placid Greece is a medical tourism program operating in Greece with the major goal to provide high quality eye surgery to international patients We are affiliated with the best hospitals and clinics in the Greek healthcare industry Our associated physicians have a comprehensive curriculum which indicates the in depth knowle
Aesthetic Gummy Smile Laser Correction Package Complete Clinical Examination, Digital Panoramic Xray, Oral Hygiene Instructions, Oral Prophylaxis, Gummy Smile Laser Correction. Starting At 400Euro Per Jaw
Includes Implatology Check-Up and: Complete Clinical Examination, 3 Dimensional Xrays For Assessment Of Bone Structure, Discussion Of Various Treatment Plans Full Mouth Implant Placement Implant Restoration (14 Dental Implants / 24 Teeth), Starting At 21,500 Euro Click on package details for more information!
​Dental implants in Athen Greece is one of the Toppest desination. Placidway Europe bring you the best pacage for Europe Dental Implants as comared to other coutries.
Great Aesthetic Dental Treatment Package in Athens!!! Aesthetic Check Up, Complete Clinical Examination, Digital Panoramic Xray, Oral Hygiene Insructions, Oral Prophylaxis, Full Mouth Lasers Depigmentation. starting at 700Euro
Our goal is to offer high quality, effective treatment in clients suffering from Alcohol, Illicit drug (such as marijuana, heroine, cocaine), Prescribed drug abuse ( such as benzodiazepines, codeine ), Gambling, Codependency, and a lot more in a wonderful setting that will facilitate the accomplishment of your goals. Click on package detail to learn more!
Unique Dental Check-Up Package in Greece!!! Complete Clinical Examination, Assessment of teeth condition, Digital panoramic XRay, Oral prophylaxis, Teeth bleaching, 6 Veneers Upper Jaw. starting at 3650Euro
We offer the following dental treatments: Fixed Prosthodontics Aesthetic rehabilitation and dental implants Periodontal surgery Click on package detail to learn more.
Take advantage of the best costs for cosmetic surgery in Greece. Find your cosmetic surgeon and evaluate the average costs by clicking on package detail. Placid Greece is here to guide and help you every step of the way, for the perfect cosmetic vacation in Greece and a more beautiful you!
Synergy Plastic Surgery Center located in Greece, offers Affordable Blepharoplasty, Fat Transfer and Chemical Peel Package. Synergy Plastic Surgery is a specialized center created by experts in Cosmetic Surgery.
Try the Standard Wellbeing Package offered by IASIS Center for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies in Thessaloniki, Greece and restore your wellbeing.