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Flawless Egg Donation in Athens Greece

Package price starting from: $6670
Treatment: Fertility Treatment, Egg Donation
Associated Center: IVF Athens Center
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Flawless Egg Donation in Athens, Greece

Flawless Egg Donation in Athens, Greece

Are you trying to conceive, but all the methods have no results so far? Are fertility treatments banned or too pricy in your home country? The egg donation package available in Greece can be the option you’ve been looking for.


The IVF Athens Center, located in Athens, Greece, was opened 6 years ago, and its main goal is to help as many local and international couples as possible to experience the miracle of birth of their own child. The clinic features a top notch infrastructure, the doctors and medical staff are highly trained and experienced, and the patients are welcomed in a familiar, professional and friendly environment.

The egg donation is a fertility technique that helps a lot of patients to conceive.  The donor usually provides a dozen eggs (which also called oocytes) to the medical center. The entire process is followed by the IVF (in vitro fertilization) of the fertilized oocyte with the sperm of the male partner. The recipients receive egg donations that have been previously genetically screened and matched for disease and undergo a fertilization and egg retrieval process afterwards. The embryo(s) are then transferred from the laboratory environment and implanted in the prospective mother's uterus.


What is the cost of the egg donation package?


At IVF Athens Center (Athens, Greece), the egg donation package costs about $6,670.

The package will include the treatment, the doctors' fees and the medication. The travel, transportation and accommodation costs can be customised. The clinic has started collaborating with a travel agency which will be responsible for everything regarding patient’s transfers and accommodation.

The price is subject to change according to each patient's condition


Best Egg Donation in Athens, Greece

The IVF Athens center egg donation program

The decision to receive genetic material from a donor is a very sensitive issue that demands thorough attention and examination. The clinic's extensive experience guarantees that all legal and health related aspects are covered and there is anonymous and discreet handling of every patient or donor. Couples travelling from overseas will receive, apart from meticulous therapeutic aid, an all-inclusive treatment including accommodation and transportation.

The procedure typically starts with an initial consultation for the couple that can be performed over the phone, through Skype, or in the fertility clinic, so you can meet the team and get familiar with the place. The team will explain the entire process, go through your medical history and advise you whether Egg Donation is the appropriate choice for you. All other relevant issues, including the cost, will be discussed.


Donor & Recipients Medical Check-Up: An in-depth screening process is required to ensure that the chosen donor is healthy and eligible to go through the procedure. Furthermore, the couple needs to undergo a number of blood and hormonal tests as well in order to prepare for the IVF & donation cycle.


Legal settings in Greece

Assisted Reproduction in Greece is governed by the law 3305/2005. The maximum age limit for a woman to undergo any IVF procedure is 50 years old, while the age limit for a woman to become an egg donor is 35 years old, although most egg donors are in their 20s. Donors remain anonymous to the recipient and specific legal consents/contracts are signed by both parties. The compensation of donors is also set by law.


Benefits of the egg donation:


  • Offers the singles and/or couples’ struggling with infertility a chance to conceive their own child
  • Has a raised success rate
  • Offers the possibility of success when other methods have previously failed.


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