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Aesthetic Gummy Smile Laser Correction in Europe

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Aesthetic Laser Correction Service by Gummy Smile


Aesthetic Gummy Smile Laser Correction

What is Gummy Smile Laser Correction?

Laser gum smile correction can bring an aesthetic look to the smile by reducing the length of the gums, balancing gum tissue with the shape and size of the upper lip, and making the teeth look better.

Previously, the correction of gum required oral surgery. This caused bleeding, risk of infection, and discomfort. Today, thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, including the development of the laser soft tissue, a gummy smile can be corrected in a safe, painless procedure.

The laser will cauterize as it removes tissue, so little or no bleeding will occur. This means less chance for infection and pain for the patient. During recovery, you may experience swollen or sore gums for several days. Discomfort is usually minimal and should not interfere with your regular activities.

About Laser Soft Tissue

It has an efficient impact on the gums and mucous membranes. Better absorbed by soft tissues and provide hemostasis. Depending on the wavelength can penetrate to different depths within the tissues. Depending on the wave form, frequency and energy transfer can be cut to make hemostasis, to disinfect or stimulate tissues over to whom, promoting healing. Their application to hard tissues is not effective.

Why Choose PlacidEurope?

  • Our dental practice is to respond in the best way to the needs and expectations of our patients.
  • Our goal is to restore and preserve your oral health.
  • We use our clinical experience, knowledge and skills and we choose the right evidence based operative technique. for each and every case.
  • Our specialized staff and the technologically advanced clinical equipment can promise a high-end successful treatment.
  • Maintaining or restoring a healthy, shining and attractive smile together.

This Package Includes:

  • Complete Clinical Examination,
  • Digital Panoramic Xray,
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions,
  • Oral Prophylaxis,
  • Gummy Smile Laser Correction.

We will fill you with satisfaction and self-confidence, while helping you to improve your health in general!!


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