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Comprehensive Medical Check-up in Frankfurt Germany

Package price starting from: $2000
Treatment: Executive Healthcheck, Nutrition Evaluation, Cardiovascular Evaluation, Complete Physicals and Histories, Blood Work Diagnostics
Associated Center: IMC Intermed-Consult
, Germany
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Comprehensive Medical Check-up in Frankfurt, Germany

Comprehensive Medical Check-up in Frankfurt, Germany

The comprehensive medical check-up offered by IMC Intermed-Consult combines a series of screenings, health measurements and counseling aimed at identifying illnesses early before the patient experiences disease symptoms.

Knowing that you are in good health also gives you peace of mind and helps you work and live with tranquility. The check up is done by professional physicians and nurses and it's a great choice for those with little time to venture through the health care system in their home country.

Benefits of the check-up package

  • Affordable price
  • Complete, comprehensive package
  • Performed by highly trained medical team
  • Offer the possibility of detecting possible medical conditions that the patient was not aware of
  • Top notch medical equipment

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions

IMC Intermed-Consult offers the Comprehensive Medical Check-up package with prices ranging approximately between 2.000-3.000 Euro, depending on the performed examinations.

The package includes the following investigations:

  • Primary consultation with attending physician
  • Review of existing medical reports
  • Detailed medical history
  • Full-body physical examination
  • Comprehensive laboratory screening (blood/urine)
  • Abdominal sonography
  • ECG (resting)
  • Closing discussion & lifestyle coaching
  • Detailed medical report on check-up and its results
  • MRI abdominal organs
  • Lung function testing (spirometry)
  • Stress ECG (ergometry)
  • Selected tumor markers / stool test

Why Choose Us?

  • Each single inquiry will be personally evaluated by the medical center's medical doctors and experts
  • Top-notch diagnostics
  • The most innovative therapies
  • Cutting-edge medical technology
  • Permanently up-to-date with the current state of research in medical sciences
  • Network of academic and clinical experts

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