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Vitiligo Treatment with Melagenina Lotion in Havana Cuba

Package price starting from: $640
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Vitiligo with Melagenina Lotion in Havana, Cuba

Vitiligo Treatment with Melagenina Lotion in Havana Cuba

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is an acquired hypomelanosis that is clinically manifested by the progressive appearance of macromolecules in a characteristic distribution of location in the face, extremities and genital region.

The disease affects 0.5-2% of the world's population and may appear at any time between the neonatal period and senescence.

Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao (MD), specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, pharmacy researcher and his colleague Dr. Manuel Taboas, professor of Dermatology at the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana after several years of research announced to the scientific world in 1973 the discovery of a drug extracted from the human placenta (Melagenina) to treat Vitiligo.

The development of research over the years has allowed to increase the therapeutic efficacy of the Melagenina lotion, now called Melagenina Plus. Highly effective drug in the treatment of Vitiligo (86%), which has the ability to stimulate the reproduction of melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, the substance that gives pigment to human skin and many animals.

Benefits of Melagenina

  • stimulates melanin synthesis in melanocytes (melanogenesis)
  • stimulates the reproduction of melanocytes (melanocytopoiesis) in affected skin

Price, inclusions and exclusions

The price for the Vitiligo Treatment with Melagenina Lotion offered by Basa Medical starts at $640. (The Price for each Melagenina bottle is $36).

The cost of the medication used during treatment at the Center is included within the previous price. Once the case is evaluated, the specialist will indicate the treatment time to continue in patient’s home country, as well as the number of bottles of the therapeutic product that will consume in the same depending on the calculation of the affected body surface of the skin obtained from the specialized consultation.

You must stop any type of topical or oral treatment for the disease 45 days before traveling to the specialist consultation in Havana.


  • Initial consultation and evaluation
  • Conference
  • 3 days outpatient procedure
  • 3 days accommodation with breakfast
  • Airport pick up and drop off


  • International Flight
  • Any service not specified in the program

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