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ClosureFast and Phlebectomy for Varicose Veins in Seoul South Korea

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Package Price : $1800

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Location : 815, Nonhyun-Ro, Gangnam-Gu Seoul, South Korea

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ClosureFast and Phlebectomy for Varicose Veins in Seoul, South Korea

ClosureFast and Phlebectomy for Varicose Veins in Seoul, South Korea

Varicose veins are gnarled, swollen veins that usually occur in feet, legs and ankles and they are caused by venous insufficiency. This means that the blood circulating through the lower limbs does not properly return to the heart but instead pools up in the distended veins.

The innovative ClosureFast technique uses radiofrequency energy to effectively and precisely treat patients suffering from varicose veins. With this procedure there is no need for surgery or general anesthesia. It is performed with local anesthesia in an outpatient surgical facility and it does not take longer than 60 minutes.

The ClosureFast technique heats a 7-cm vein segment or even 3 cm for shorter veins in one 20-second interval. The heat shrinks and collapses the target vein, creating a fibrotic seal and occluding the vessel.

 Benefits of the  ClosureFast technique 

  • Lower rates of pain and bruising
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimum risk of complications
  • Quick return to normal activities
  • Minimal to no scaring

Cost and inclusions

At Evita Clinic the price for the ClosureFast & Phlebectomy for Varicose Veins is $1,800 for one leg and $2,700 for both legs.


  • Incision Site Check-up and Dressing
  • Radio Frequency Massage
  • Compression Garment
  • Post-surgical medications

 Why choose Evita Clinic?

  • The clinic provides high-quality medical services.
  • The medical center features an experienced and committed medical team.
  • The clinic uses leading medical technology
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • The clinic offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical plastic and cosmetic procedures.

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