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Guaranteed VIP and NICU Surrogacy Package

Kostava Street. 38, Tbilisi, Georgia

Package Price : $60950

Treatment :Fertility Treatment

By : Chachava Clinic Reproductive Health Center

Location : Kostava Street. 38 Tbilisi, Georgia

Focus Area: VIP NICU Surrogacy Service | Chachava Clinic | Tbilisi, Georgia

VIP NICU Surrogacy Service in Chachava Clinic

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Package Details

All-Inclusive Guaranty VIP Surrogacy Package Tbilisi, Georgia

Surrogacy helps couples and individuals become parents. Chachava Clinic has one of the most comprehensive solutions to help you achieve parenthood with the multitude of specialists working together towards the same goal: Seeing you hold your baby and getting the legal issues out of the way so you can enjoy parenthood.
Laws regarding surrogacy differ throughout the globe, hence, individuals interested in the process should understand the basics of surrogacy in Georgia and how it works. Their advanced fertility clinics and surrogacy legal advisors are made available to make the process easier.
Chachava Clinic is offering an Guaranteed VIP+NICU Surrogacy package for only 60,950 USD. Check out below what the full package includes and its corresponding fees.

Medical Services Included:

  • Unlimited attempts of IVF/ICSI using donor eggs.
  • Embryo cryopreservation.
  • NIPT in pregnancy.
  • Unlimited attempts of embryo transfer until the pregnancy and live birth are achieved.
  • Pregnancy care of the surrogate mother including all medications.
  • Continuous update of the couple with medical reports and ultrasound videos/photos from the personal treating doctor of the Surrogate mother.
  • Surrogate mother hospitalization in case of complications.
  • Natural birth or C-section. Stay with the new-born at Maternity hospital before discharge.
  • New-born care, pediatrician supervision until departure to home country. (4 visits)
  • 30 days in NICU in case of preterm birth.
  • Resumption of the whole process from the beginning if the life-birth is not achieved.

Organizational and Legal services included:

  • Individual transportation services (meeting to the airport, driving to/from the accommodation/hospital /house of Justice/consulate etc.)
  • Luxury accommodation in Tbilisi during the whole stay after the child birth up to 2 months.
  • Meals included during whole stay at the accommodation place.
  • Sightseeing tour in Tbilisi and dinner at luxury restaurant.
  • Donor and surrogate mother selection with open profiles.
  • Preparation, legalization, notarization of all the paperwork concerning the program for getting birth certificate.
  • Obtaining legal birth certificate with parents’ names on it.
  • Stroller and baby bed during your stay.
  • Formula and diapers for the new-born, enough for two months.
  • Surrogate mother monitoring and control through the whole process.
  • Individual assistance from the team of international coordinators through the whole surrogacy journey. Local nanny every day from Monday till Friday for up to 2  months (8 hours a day).

Agency/Hospital Fees:

First Payment Upon signing the agreement $14,950
Second Payment Upon starting the treatment $10,000
Third Payment After pregnancy confirmation $15,000
Surrogate Mother Fees    $21,000
  Total $60,950

*If twins are born, parents shall pay 2500 USD additionally, after the birth of the children

Surrogate Mother and Donor Fees 21000 USD

  • When donor is chosen, donor fee is 1000 USD
  • Surrogate Mother Total Payment ($15,500) include the following:
  1. At embryo transfer 250 USD
  2. Monthly payment after pregnancy confirmation 250 USD
  3. Final payment after birth 13000 USD

*If twins are born, parents shall pay 2 000 USD additionally, after the birth of the children

Why Choose Chachava Clinic?

  • We have helped hundreds of couples to get the family they have always dreamed of!
  • You have access to state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We take pride in our highly experienced doctors.



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