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VIP & NICU Surrogacy Package in Tbilisi, Georgia by Chachava Clinic

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Guaranteed VIP & NICU Surrogacy in Tbilisi Georgia at Chachava

All-Inclusive Guaranty VIP Surrogacy Package Tbilisi, Georgia

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Chacava IVF in GeorgiaSurrogacy has emerged as a beacon of hope for many couples struggling with infertility, offering a path to parenthood that was once deemed impossible. With advancements in medical technology and the evolution of legal frameworks, surrogacy has become a viable option for individuals and couples worldwide. In recent years, Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, has emerged as a prominent destination for surrogacy, attracting hopeful parents from around the globe. Among the leading providers in Tbilisi is the Chachava Clinic, renowned for its VIP and NICU Surrogacy Package, offering comprehensive care and support throughout the surrogacy journey.

At Chachava Clinic, the journey towards parenthood is carefully curated to provide unmatched comfort, support, and expertise to intended parents. The VIP and NICU Surrogacy Package is designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of each individual or couple, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling experience. With a team of highly skilled medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, Chachava Clinic stands at the forefront of surrogacy treatment, offering hope and happiness to those longing for a child.

Cost of VIP and NICU Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia

You can get VIP & NICU Surrogacy Package in Tbilisi, Georgia by Chachava Clinic with the price starts at $45,950. Please refer to our price list table below:


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Why Choose Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia?

  • Legal Framework: Tbilisi, Georgia, boasts a well-established legal framework for surrogacy, providing clarity and security to intended parents throughout the process.

  • Affordability: Compared to many Western countries, surrogacy treatment in Tbilisi offers significant cost savings without compromising on quality.

  • Expertise and Technology: Chachava Clinic in Tbilisi is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by experienced medical professionals specializing in reproductive medicine.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Tbilisi provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals and couples from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Tourism Opportunities: Beyond its reputation as a hub for surrogacy treatment, Tbilisi offers a myriad of cultural attractions, culinary delights, and scenic landscapes for intended parents to explore during their stay.

Overview of the Surrogacy

IVF in GeorgiaSurrogacy treatment at Chachava Clinic involves a series of carefully orchestrated procedures aimed at achieving successful pregnancy and childbirth. The process typically begins with a comprehensive medical evaluation of the intended parents and the selected surrogate mother to assess their suitability for the procedure. Following this, the fertility specialists at Chachava Clinic create a personalized treatment plan tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of the individuals or couples involved.

Once the treatment plan is finalized, the next steps may include ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, fertilization in the laboratory, and embryo transfer to the surrogate mother's uterus. Throughout the treatment process, close monitoring and support are provided to ensure optimal outcomes. Chachava Clinic prioritizes the well-being and safety of all parties involved, adhering to the highest standards of medical ethics and professionalism.

Medical Services

  • Consultation visit/call with a fertility doctor of Chachava Clinic Recruiting an egg donor candidate

  • Medical examination & psychological evaluation of a candidate to confirm her fitness for the ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval procedure

  • Ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval procedure of an egg donor - all necessary examinations, medications & procedure included

  • Sperm analysis (including morphology), sperm DNA fragmentation test

  • Unlimited attempts of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF/ICSI/IMSI) using donor eggs Advanced sperm selection for ICSI enabling high euploid rate

  • Sperm sample cryopreservation until the program is finished Storing the embryos until the program is finished

  • Recruiting a surrogate mother candidate

  • Medical examination & psychological evaluation of a candidate to confirm her fitness for the embryo transfer procedure, pregnancy and childbirth

  • Preparing a surrogate mother for the embryo transfer procedure - all necessary examinations, medications & procedures are included throughout the entire process

  • Unlimited attempts of embryo transfer procedure until the live birth is achieved (surrogate mother may be changed for the next transfer, this does not impose any additional fees) Pregnancy care - all standard examinations, medications & vitamins included throughout the entire process

  • NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing) included

  • Surrogate mother hospitalisation for 2 (two) weeks in case of complications Child birth - natural delivery and/or c-section

  • Postpartum care of a surrogate mother for 3-5 days depending on the form of delivery

  • Newborn care for 3-5 days depending on the form of delivery

  • K vitamin, Hepatitis B & BCG vaccinations included (upon the Intended Parents confirmation)

  • Newborn standard examinations including Metabolic Screening NICU care for 30 days

  • Intended Parents stay in the maternity ward with the newborn (4 meals a day included) Newborn follow up check, 4 (four) scheduled visits included (after the discharge) Newborn care kit (betadin solution, cotton pads, moisturiser, shower gel)

Organizational and Legal Services

  • Assistance of a personal coordinator throughout the entire process Airport transfer during the first and second visit of Intended Parents

  • 3 (three) nights of accommodation (breakfast included) during the first visit of Intended Parents

  • Sightseeing tour of Tbilisi and dinner in a traditional Georgian restaurant during the first visit of the Intended Parents

  • Assistance to prepare the documents needed for the birth certificate application (certificate of genetic affinity, pre-freezing letter(s), power of attorney)

  • Preparing the notarised (bilingual agreement in Georgian and in English) agreement of egg donation & surrogacy between the Intended Parents and egg donor & surrogate mother (this Agreement is signed in the presence of the notary and later submitted to the Ministry of Justice to obtain the birth certificate of the newborn) for the time of embryo transfer, all related costs included

  • Personal coordinators for surrogate mothers, monitoring the surrogate mother’s appointments, intake of medications, providing her with medications & vitamins, be the support system for her for 24/7

  • Assistance to prepare the application for the birth certificate of the newborn, all related costs included

Important Note: Chachava Clinic assists Intended Parents to prepare the application for the birth certificate. The process of issuing the birth certificate and the duration is solely the discretion of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

  • Notarised translation (into English) of the birth certificate included (the birth certificate is issued in Georgian)

  • Apostille / legalisation of the birth certificate

  • Notarised translation (into English) of the Form 100 (hospital discharge document) Driver’s service upon the discharge of the newborn (car seat provided)

  • Transportation service to and from the accommodation/clinic/house of Justice/Consulate/Embassy for two months upon birth of the newborn (car seat provided) Accommodation for 2 (two) months upon the birth of the newborn, the accommodation is a clean & bright apartment (a studio type one bedroom apartment with a kitchen, equipped with all daily needed amenities)

  • Cleaning service once a week for two months Baby bed, bath and stroller included

  • Baby diapers and formula included

  • Special Offer: 50% discount on Villa Maluna - endpoint for surrogacy journey

Surrogacy Package Inclusions

  • Medical Consultations: The package includes comprehensive medical consultations with fertility specialists at Chachava Clinic, ensuring personalized care and attention throughout the surrogacy journey.

  • Surrogate Matching: Intended parents are facilitated in the process of selecting a suitable surrogate mother from Chachava Clinic's pool of thoroughly screened and vetted candidates, ensuring compatibility and peace of mind.

  • Legal Assistance: The package covers legal assistance and guidance regarding surrogacy laws and regulations in Georgia, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant process for intended parents.

  • Accommodation and Transportation: Intended parents are provided with comfortable accommodation and transportation arrangements during their stay in Tbilisi, ensuring convenience and peace of mind throughout the treatment process.

  • Psychological Support: Emotional and psychological support is offered to intended parents at every stage of the surrogacy journey, helping them navigate the complexities and challenges with resilience and positivity.

Surrogacy Package Exclusions

  • Travel Expenses: While accommodation and transportation within Tbilisi are included, travel expenses such as flights and visas are not covered under the package and are the responsibility of the intended parents.

  • Medication Costs: The package excludes the cost of medications and fertility drugs required during the treatment process, which may vary depending on individual needs and responses to treatment protocols.

  • Additional Medical Procedures: Any additional medical procedures or interventions beyond the scope of the standard surrogacy treatment plan are not included in the package and will be billed separately.

  • Legal Fees: While legal assistance is provided, any additional legal fees incurred during the surrogacy process, such as court proceedings or document translations, are not covered under the package.

  • Incidental Expenses: Personal expenses such as meals, entertainment, and incidental costs incurred during the stay in Tbilisi are not included in the package and are the responsibility of the intended parents.

Surrogacy Pre-Op Tests

  • Hormonal Assessment: Comprehensive hormonal assessment is conducted for both intended parents and the surrogate mother to evaluate reproductive health and hormone levels.

  • Infectious Disease Screening: Screening tests for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis are performed to ensure the safety and health of all parties involved in the surrogacy process.

  • Genetic Screening: Genetic screening tests may be recommended to assess the risk of hereditary conditions or chromosomal abnormalities, helping to ensure the health and well-being of the future child.

  • Uterine Evaluation: Surrogate mothers undergo thorough uterine evaluations, including ultrasound scans and hysteroscopy, to assess the suitability of their uterus for embryo implantation.

  • Psychological Assessment: Psychological assessments are conducted for both intended parents and surrogate mothers to evaluate mental health and emotional readiness for the surrogacy journey, providing support and guidance as needed.

Surrogacy Doctors in Tbilisi, Georgia by Chachava Clinic

IVF Clinic in Georgia at ChacavaAt Chachava Clinic, surrogacy treatment is overseen by a team of highly skilled and experienced fertility specialists, reproductive endocrinologists, and embryologists. Each member of the medical team brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the field of assisted reproduction, ensuring the highest standards of care and support for intended parents and surrogate mothers alike. The doctors at Chachava Clinic prioritize personalized treatment approaches, tailoring each surrogacy journey to the unique needs and circumstances of the individuals or couples involved. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, the medical team at Chachava Clinic strives to make the dream of parenthood a reality for every intended parent.

Is Surrogacy Right for You?

  • Medical Eligibility: Surrogacy treatment may be suitable for individuals or couples who are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term due to medical reasons such as infertility, recurrent miscarriage, or medical conditions that pose a risk to pregnancy.

  • Emotional Readiness: Intended parents considering surrogacy should be emotionally prepared for the challenges and complexities of the surrogacy journey, including the emotional bond with the surrogate mother and the uncertainties inherent in assisted reproduction.

  • Financial Considerations: Surrogacy treatment involves significant financial investment, including medical expenses, legal fees, and logistical costs.

  • Legal Implications: Surrogacy laws and regulations vary by country, and intended parents should be aware of the legal implications and requirements associated with surrogacy in their chosen destination, including parental rights, citizenship issues, and contractual agreements.

  • Support System: Intended parents should have a strong support system in place, including emotional support from family and friends, as well as access to counseling or support groups for individuals or couples undergoing the surrogacy journey.

What to Expect During the Surrogacy?

  • Initial Consultation: The surrogacy journey begins with an initial consultation with fertility specialists at Chachava Clinic, where medical history, treatment options, and expectations are discussed in detail.

  • Medical Evaluation: Intended parents and surrogate mothers undergo thorough medical evaluations, including physical examinations, blood tests, and imaging studies, to assess reproductive health and suitability for the surrogacy process.

  • Treatment Planning: A personalized treatment plan is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the individuals or couples, outlining the steps involved in the surrogacy journey and addressing any concerns or questions along the way.

  • Monitoring and Support: Throughout the treatment process, intended parents and surrogate mothers receive ongoing monitoring and support from the medical team at Chachava Clinic, ensuring a smooth and successful surrogacy experience.

  • Emotional Guidance: Emotional support and guidance are provided to intended parents and surrogate mothers, helping them navigate the ups and downs of the surrogacy journey with resilience, positivity, and compassion.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is surrogacy legal in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Yes, surrogacy is legal in Tbilisi, Georgia, with well-defined laws and regulations governing the process. Chachava Clinic ensures adherence to all legal requirements to provide a secure and transparent surrogacy journey for intended parents.

How are surrogate mothers selected at Chachava Clinic?

Surrogate mothers at Chachava Clinic undergo rigorous screening and evaluation processes to ensure their physical and psychological suitability for the surrogacy journey. Intended parents are involved in the selection process, allowing them to choose a surrogate who meets their criteria and preferences.

What medical procedures are involved in surrogacy treatment at Chachava Clinic?

Surrogacy treatment at Chachava Clinic typically involves ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, fertilization in the laboratory, embryo transfer to the surrogate mother, and ongoing monitoring throughout the pregnancy. The clinic's medical team employs advanced techniques and technologies to maximize the chances of success.

How long does the surrogacy process take from start to finish?

The duration of the surrogacy process can vary depending on individual circumstances, including medical evaluations, legal procedures, and the availability of surrogate mothers. On average, the entire process may take around 12 to 18 months from the initial consultation to the birth of the child.

What support services are available for intended parents during the surrogacy journey?

Chachava Clinic provides comprehensive support services for intended parents, including medical consultations, legal assistance, psychological support, and logistical arrangements such as accommodation and transportation. The clinic's dedicated team ensures that intended parents feel supported and informed throughout the surrogacy process.

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