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Best Dental Implant Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Dental Brush

Av. de la Amistad 1305 Col. Federal 22010 Tijuana, Baja California Mexico, Tijuana, Mexico

Package Price : $1880

Treatment :Dentistry

By : Dental Brush Tijuana

Location : Av. de la Amistad 1305 Col. Federal 22010 Tijuana, Baja California Mexico Tijuana, Mexico

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Package Details

Dental Implant Package at Dental Brush, Tijuana, Mexico

Best Dental Implant Package in Tijuana, Mexico by Dental Brush

Our smile is precious for us and it can be affected as a result of negligence over time. Although the advancement of modern medical science has revolutionized the treatment, you must choose a reliable clinic to receive the best quality treatment to restore your smile again. Nowadays you can see hundreds of clinics that claim to offer the best dental care but only a few of them keep their promises by offering best in class treatment. The name of Dental Brush is known as one of the reliable places in Tijuana, Mexico, where you can get quality treatment at an affordable price.

What is Included in the Dental Implant Package?

Dental implant package in Tijuana at Dental Brush include:

  • Implant
  • Abutment
  • Bone Graft
  • Full X-Rays
  • Free Metal Crown
  • Evaluation

What is the Package Cost?

The price of dental implant package in Dental Brush is around $1,880.

What are the Benefits of the Package?

Staff at Dental Brush use premium materials for dental implants and hopefully one doesn’t have to rush to another clinic to fix it. The clinic aims to promote healthy living and you can check some of the benefits such as:

  • Renowned dentists
  • Affordable
  • Excellent longevity
  • Improves teeth functionality and aesthetics
  • Good quality of life
  • Great hospitality

Why Choose Dental Brush?

The client-centric approach is essential to offer best in class patient care to the people and Dental Brush is committed to bringing a positive change by providing the best treatment to the patients. Moreover, at Dental Brush, patients can get world class facilities at the clinic at an affordable price.

Dental Brush offers transportation to and from the San Diego Airport. If you are looking for the best destination to receive quality dental implants, please take a look on the services and treatments offered by the clinic. 


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Av. de la Amistad 1305 Col. Federal 22010 Tijuana, Baja California Mexico


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