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CAR-T Treatment Package for Cancer in Beijing China by Beijing Puhua Hospital

Package price starting from: $50000
Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, CAR-T Cell Therapy (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell)
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CAR-T Treatment for Cancer in Beijing China

CAR-T Treatment for Cancer in Beijing China

Beijing Puhua International Hospital now brings the most effective CAR-T Treatment for cancer. Chimeric antigen receptor(CAR) T cell technology is a kind of ACI (Adoptive Cellular Immunotherapy) that can help in the process of healing cancer. T cell of the patient expresses CAR through the technology of genetic reconstruction, which makes the effector T cells are more persistent, targeted and lethal than conventional immune cells, and can overcome local immunosuppressive microenvironment of tumor and break host immune tolerance. This is a specific immune cell anti-tumor therapy.

CART follows a principle of taking out the patient’s own immune T cells' “normal version” and proceed gene engineering, assemble in vitro for tumor-specific targets of large antipersonnel weapon “chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)”, and then infuse the changed T cells back into the body of the patient. After this, new modified cell receptors will like to install a radar system that can guide the T cells to locate and destroy cancer cells.

Benefits of CAR-T Treatment at BPIH

Due to the intracellular signal domain structural differences, CAR has developed four generations. BPIH uses the latest CART generation.

  • 1st generation: There was only one intracellular signal component and the tumor inhibition effect was poor.
  • 2nd generation: Added a co-stimulating molecule on the basis of the first generation, and the ability of T cells to kill tumors was improved.
  • 3rd generation: Based on the second generation of CAR, the ability of T cells to inhibit tumor proliferation and promote apoptosis was significantly improved.
  • 4th generation: CAR-T cells can be involved in the clearance of tumor cell population by activating the downstream transcription factor NFAT to induce interleukin-12 after CAR recognizes the target antigen.

General CAR-T Treatment Benefits

  • These highly-targeted cells can kill tumor cells with antigen specificity more effectively.
  • It requires shortest amount of time to culture T cells because it requires fewer cells under the same treatment effect. The vitro culture cycle can be shortened to 2 weeks, which largely reduced the waiting time.
  • CAR can recognize not only peptide antigens but also sugar and lipid antigens, expanding the target range of tumor antigens. CAR T therapy is also not limited by the protein antigens of tumor cells. CAR T can use the sugar and lipid non-protein antigens of tumor cells to identify antigens in multiple dimensions.
  • CAR-T has a certain wide – spectrum reproducibility. Since certain sites are expressed in multiple tumor cells, such as EGFR, a CAR gene for this antigen can be widely used once it is constructed.
  • CAR T cells have an immune memory function and can survive in the body for a long time. It is of great clinical significance to prevent tumor recurrence.

Cost of CART Cancer Treatment

  • For 1 month- Inpatient: 50,000USD-80,000USD+3000USD. CART (the patient mails the parafin block)
  • For 1 month + 2-3 days: Inpatient: 50,000USD-80,000USD+8800USD (brain tumors), Inpatient: 50,000USD-80,000USD+5900USD (other tumors). CART (the patient receive biopsy to get the parafin block here)

Essential Details Required

  • Past chemotherapy regimens
  • If serious infections or other complications existed in the last 2 weeks
  • Routine blood test (CBC) results in the last three days
  • Electrolyte detection results in the last three days
  • Liver function results in the last three days
  • Renal function results in the last three days
  • The results of bone marrow smear in the last 2-4 weeks
  • The results of bone marrow flow cytometry in the last 2-4 weeks
  • PET/CT, CT or MRI findings in the past 4-8 weeks
  • The results of blood and/or urine immunofixation electrophoresis in the last 2 weeks (Optional for non-myeloma patients)
  • 24-hour urine protein quantity results gained in the last 2 weeks. (Optional for non-myeloma patients)
  • Size and location of the largest tumor mass, etc.

Before CAR-T Cancer Treatment at BPIH

Generally, at the very beginning, patients are requested to provide relevant medical reports for our team to make the medical evaluation. Based on the evaluation results, if the patient is acceptable, we will make a treatment plan for him/her. Finally, the patient will receive an evaluation report from the hospital, in which the patient can find the treatment plan, treatment period, estimate cost, etc.

Why Choose BPIH for Cancer Treatment?

Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) has strong and well-trained multi-discipline professional teams for cancer treatment. They provide our cancer patients the most complete and comprehensive medical care available. Every member of their medical team has many years of clinical/research experience, and they collaborate closely to help cancer patients. BPIH has a strong biomedical research team with their own international standardized laboratory backup allows them to develop continuously and stand in the forefront of immunotherapy for cancer. Till now, Puhua has treated thousands of cancer patients and more than 90% of them got significant improvement.

Our complete and comprehensive therapeutic approaches include surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and Tradtional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we also have HIFU technique, radiofrequency ablation therapy, cryotherapy, and sonodynamic Therapy, etc. We will make specific treatment program for you after get your medical reports.


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