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Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Conditions Package by ITC in Tijuana, Mexico

Package price starting from: $5995
Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer, Stem Cell Treatment for Neurological Diseases
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Regenerative Medicine for Neurologic Conditions in Tijuana, Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Conditions Package by ITC in Tijuana, Mexico

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There are many patients struggling with neurologic conditions, where the impact on daily life can be significant. These diseases often attack the nervous system, leading to a range of symptoms that affect mobility, coordination, and overall cognitive function. In response to the challenges faced by individuals dealing with neurologic conditions, Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico, offers a specialized Stem Cell Therapy package.

This comprehensive package is designed to address the unique needs of each patient, utilizing advanced stem cell technology to target and potentially reverse the damage caused by these conditions. By fostering regeneration and repair within the nervous system, the center aims to provide a ray of hope for those grappling with the complexities of neurologic disorders, offering a potential avenue for improved quality of life.

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Condition in Tijuana, Mexico

You can get stem cell therapy for Neurologic Condition package in Tijuana, Mexico by Immunity Therapy Center with the price starts at $5,995. Please refer to our price list table below:


Cost in USD

One-Day Treatment


Three-Day Treatment


Note: price may change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click free quote button below to learn more.

Top 5 Reasons of Choosing Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Condition in Tijuana, Mexico

  • ​Expertise and Experience: Tijuana, Mexico, boasts a network of experienced medical professionals specializing in stem cell therapy for neurologic conditions. Choosing this location ensures access to skilled healthcare providers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field.

  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Stem cell therapy for neurologic conditions in Tijuana is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest medical technology. Patients benefit from modern infrastructure, ensuring a safe and advanced treatment environment.

  • Cost-Effective Treatment: Compared to many Western countries, Tijuana offers cost-effective stem cell therapy options for neurologic conditions. Patients can receive high-quality care without compromising on standards, making it a more affordable choice for many individuals.

  • Comprehensive Care Packages: Tijuana's healthcare providers often offer comprehensive care packages, including accommodation, transportation, and post-treatment support. This ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for patients seeking stem cell therapy for neurologic conditions.

  • Regulatory Standards: Tijuana's medical facilities adhere to rigorous regulatory standards, providing assurance of quality and safety in stem cell treatments. Patients can trust that their neurologic condition is being addressed with the utmost care and adherence to international medical standards..

Meet Our Experienced Specialists at Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico

At Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico, we take pride in introducing our highly experienced specialists who are dedicated to advancing the field of healthcare through innovative treatments. Our team comprises seasoned medical professionals with expertise in stem cell therapy and a deep commitment to patient well-being. From renowned neurologists to skilled regenerative medicine experts, each specialist at our center brings a wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience.

They are at the forefront of harnessing the potential of stem cells to address various medical conditions, ensuring personalized and comprehensive care for our patients. With a shared passion for pioneering medical advancements, our specialists work collaboratively to deliver cutting-edge solutions, providing hope and healing to individuals seeking transformative healthcare experiences at Immunity Therapy Center.

ITC Doctor Carlos Bautista in Tijuana Mexico

Immunity Therapy Doctor in Tijuana Mexico

Creating Your Path to Health: Plans Designed Just for You

At Immunity Therapy Center, we're proud to make personalized plans that fit each patient's unique needs. We carefully pick treatments to make them work well and have fewer issues. Our goal is to keep you healthy and feeling good. Your journey to better health is different for everyone, and our special plans help us follow a proven way to keep you well with as few problems as possible.


  • Stem Cell Therapy

  • IV – Multivitamin (MVI)

  • IV - Vitamin C

  • Rife Treatment

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

  • HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Meal

  • One Round Transportation to San Diego


  • 1 Stem cell Therapy

  • 3 IV – Multivitamin (MVI)

  • 3 IV - Vitamin C

  • 3 Rife Treatment

  • 3 Pulsed Electromagnetic field Therapy

  • 3 HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • 1 Daily Meal

  • 1 Round Transportation to San Diego

What is Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Condition?

Stem cell therapy for neurologic conditions is a groundbreaking medical approach that utilizes the regenerative potential of stem cells to address disorders affecting the nervous system. In this innovative treatment, stem cells, which have the remarkable ability to transform into various cell types, are introduced into the body to promote tissue repair and regeneration within the neural tissues.

This therapy aims to target and alleviate the symptoms of neurologic conditions, such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injuries, by fostering the growth of healthy cells and enhancing the body's natural healing mechanisms. Stem cell therapy offers a promising avenue for patients seeking alternative and advanced solutions to manage and potentially improve their neurologic conditions, with the potential to enhance overall quality of life.

ITC Patient Care

Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Condition Package Inclusions:

  • Stem Cell Therapy Sessions: The Immunity Therapy Center's packages encompass a specified number of stem cell therapy sessions, customized to meet the patient's requirements, forming the core of the treatment process.

  • Medical Consultations: Patients undergo thorough medical consultations with the center's proficient physicians to evaluate their condition and formulate an individualized treatment plan.

  • Accommodation: The packages also include lodging throughout the treatment duration, guaranteeing a comfortable and hassle-free stay for patients.

  • Post-Treatment Care: Follow-up care is crucial for the success of stem cell therapy. The center offers post-treatment care and monitoring to monitor the patient's advancements.

  • Transportation: The center facilitates travel arrangements, including airport transfers, to ensure a seamless journey to Tijuana for the patient.

Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Condition Package Exclusions:

  • Travel Expenses: The package does not cover travel costs to and from Tijuana, Mexico, which are the responsibility of the patient.

  • Additional Medications: In certain instances, patients may require medications beyond the standard treatment, and such costs are not included in the package.

  • Non-Medical Expenses: Personal expenditures, like shopping, leisure activities, and dining outside the provided meals, are not part of the package.

  • Complications: Any unforeseen medical complications during treatment may not be covered in the package and could result in additional charges.

  • Extended Stays: If patients opt to prolong their stay in Tijuana beyond the treatment period, the extra accommodation and living expenses are not included.

Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Condition Pre-Op Tests:

  • Medical History Review: An integral aspect of the pre-op evaluation involves a meticulous examination of the patient's medical history to comprehend their specific condition and requirements.

  • Blood Tests: Comprehensive blood analyses are conducted to evaluate the patient's overall health and identify any underlying conditions affecting the treatment.

  • Imaging: Techniques such as CT scans and ultrasounds may be employed to closely examine the liver and kidneys, ensuring an accurate diagnosis.

  • Cardiovascular Assessment: Since stem cell therapy involves introducing cells into the bloodstream, evaluating the patient's cardiovascular health is crucial to prevent potential complications.

  • Psychological Evaluation: A psychological assessment may be recommended to ensure that patients are mentally prepared for the treatment journey, which can be emotionally challenging.


Regenerative Medicine Specialist in Tijuana, Mexico by ITC

At the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, you'll find a team of really skilled and experienced doctors. These doctors know a lot about using stem cell therapy, especially for Neurologic Conditions. They work closely with patients to make special treatment plans and keep supporting them throughout. These doctors aren't just qualified; they really care about making patients' lives better using the latest treatments. So, patients can feel confident that they're in good hands with professionals who truly care about their health.

Regenerative Medicine Doctor in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Carlos Bautista
Dr. Carlos Bautista


  • 27+ years in alternative medicine.

  • Worked in various hospitals and took global courses.


  • Medical degree from Baja California State University.

  • Master's degree in Nutrition from the same university.

  • Graduated in conventional medicine in 1994.


  • Chronic degenerative diseases.

  • Autoimmune diseases.

  • Infectious diseases.

  • Neurologic disorders.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for Neurologic Conditions?

For those dealing with serious liver or kidney issues, especially when regular treatments don't work well, stem cell therapy might be suggested. If you're looking for treatments to help fix and refresh damaged organs, stem cell therapy could be a good fit. It's crucial to be realistic about what to expect from this therapy—while it can show good results, it may not guarantee a full cure. To make it work, you need to commit to follow-up care and make some lifestyle changes. Before deciding on stem cell therapy, it's important to talk to medical experts who can look at your situation and suggest the best treatment option for you.

What Happens During Stem Cell Therapy for Neurologic Conditions?

When you arrive, you'll get a thorough checkup, including some tests, to see if stem cell therapy is right for you. Then, a personalized plan will be made, detailing how many sessions you need, where the stem cells come from, and how they'll be given to you. The stem cells will be collected and put into your body according to the plan, all supervised by experienced medical professionals. After the therapy, you'll be looked after to see how you're doing, and you'll also get advice on lifestyle changes to make the therapy work better.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Is stem cell therapy a proven treatment for Neurologic Conditions?

While it looks promising, it's still being tested. Talk to our experts to see if it's right for you.

How long does a typical stem cell therapy session in Tijuana last?

It can vary, but usually, it takes a few hours. You might need multiple sessions for the best results.

Are there any age limits for stem cell therapy in Tijuana?

There aren't strict age limits, but whether it's suitable for you depends on your overall health and checkup.

What are the potential risks or side effects of stem cell therapy for Neurologic Conditions?

Common side effects are mild and temporary, like swelling or discomfort where you get the injection. Serious issues are rare but can be discussed with our medical team.

Can I keep taking my regular medications during stem cell therapy?

Our medical team will check your medications and adjust them if needed for your safety and the success of the therapy. Make sure to tell them about what you're currently taking.

A Place of Healing Beyond Your Imagination: Our Advanced Facilities Are Ready for You

Imagine entering a place where healthcare is different, and everything feels exceptional. That's what you'll find at Immunity Therapy Center. Our facilities are not like the usual ones; they provide an experience that's unique. We've carefully created a space that feels modern, stylish, and calm—all meant to make your journey to feeling better even better. We're focused on making things easy for you, combining the latest medical tech with a peaceful atmosphere, so you can relax and improve your health.

You can easily reach us from the bustling business district, just a 5-minute drive from the U.S.-Mexico International Border and 20 minutes from the San Diego International Airport. We're here to make your journey smooth, offering free airport transportation to our top-notch facilities. We're committed to your well-being and want to be part of your journey to better health.


ITC Facilities in Tijuana Mexico

Book Your Consultation for Neurologic Condition Stem Cell Therapy in Tijuana, Mexico at PlacidWay!

Embark on the path to improved health by booking your consultation for neurologic condition stem cell therapy in Tijuana, Mexico, through PlacidWay. This step opens the door to cutting-edge medical solutions at renowned facilities like Immunity Therapy Center. The consultation serves as a crucial starting point, where experienced medical professionals will assess your condition and discuss personalized stem cell therapy options tailored to your specific needs. PlacidWay streamlines the process, ensuring a seamless journey towards exploring innovative treatments in a state-of-the-art medical environment. Take the first step in reclaiming your health and well-being by scheduling your consultation today through PlacidWay for neurologic condition stem cell therapy in Tijuana, Mexico.

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