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Affordable Complementary Therapies Cost in Makati, Philippines by Holistic Integrative Care Center

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UG 11 Cityland Pasong Tamo Condominium 6264 Calle Estacion Brgy Pio del Pilar Makati

About Holistic Integrative Care Center

Holistic Integrative Care Center in Makati City, Philippines Holistic Integrative Care Center, located in Makati City, Philippines, is a medical facility that offers a revolutionary and multi-dimensional approach to patients addressing mind, body, spirit and all other aspects involved. The medical team makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative to provide patients with the best treatment possible. The patients are involved in every decision-making, from assessment to the healing process, allowing them to decide what they think would suit their needs. We consider all factors that influence health and wellness in order to give patients with optimal health and improved quality of life. Treatments and Procedures Stem Cell Therapy Comprehensive Holistic Consultation Comprehensive Nutritional Coaching Ozone Therapy Gerson Therapy Immune Drip High Dose Vitamin C Myer’s Drip IV Vitamin Drips Immunotherapy Bioidentical

Holistic Integrative Care Center Pricings:

Skin Care Procedure Details Price in USD
Colon Cancer Natural Medicine by Gerson Therapy, High Dose Vitamin C, Chelation Therapy, Ozone Therapy $3000
Chelation Therapy Chelation Therapy $120
Ozone Therapy Ozone Therapy $120
Breast Cancer B17/ Amygdalin therapy High Dose Vitamin C Therapy Gerson Therapy $1000
Lymphoma Gerson Therapy B17 Iv therapy High Dose Vitamin C Therapy Ozone Therapy $1000
Psoriasis Psoriasis $200
Diabetes Diet therapy Detox Therapy $200
HIV/AIDS Ozone Therapy Diet Therapy Immunotherapy GCMAF Chelation Therapy $200
Back Pain: Chronic Diseases Prolozone Therapy $200
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Glutathione Therapy Diet Therapy Detox Therapy $200
Oil pulling for detoxification Oil pulling for detoxification $50
Metabolic detoxification Metabolic detoxification $150
ACL Repair Prolozone Therapy $200

Holistic Integrative Care Center Reviews

  • Chris B

    I have endured agonizing pain for almost 2 years after a terrible misdiagnosis by a doctor in Thailand. I recently moved to the Philippines and a Facebook friend referred me to HICC and Dr. Meddie Edodollon.

    NOTE After arriving in the Philippines, my pain was so bad that I literally asked a hospital in Cebu for a price on amputating my left leg above the knee.

    I’m sure you can imagine how bad it was for me to consider such a drastic option. I had also wasted tens of thousands of dollars on various treatments in Thailand – all to no avail as the doctor had completely misdiagnosed my problems.

    I literally wasted tens of thousands of dollars trying to treat various conditions I never had.

    A simple MRI scan here in the Philippines revealed I had badly torn meniscus in both knees.

    Last Tuesday I had my first lot of Prolozone Injections and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

    Yesterday I walked up and down stairs totally unaided for the very first time in almost 2 years.

    I understand it is early days and I still have several more treatments to go.

    But I am absolutely delighted with the results so far.

    I would also add that Dr. Meddie Edodollon has a delightful personality and approach. You get the impression that she is someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and path to recovery.

    Website Dec 30 1899
  • Flordeliza P

    I was diagnosed with bilateral Hop Arthropathy last January and I have been on chronic pain for 5 years already. Plus with multiple lumbar and spine problem which made my pain worst. Prolozone therapy made a big change in my condition. I’ve been off with my “regular” pain medications at least 80% from my initial therapy with her.

    Website Apr 19 2022
  • Djole S

    Holistic approach in healing, Dr. Meddie explains your condition in a very layman and practical way. She takes time to discuss with the patient and the family members. She instills faith rather than fear, faith that there is alternative way to healing.

    Website Jul 19 2022


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