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DentalExperts Eirini N. Georgiou Treatment Cost in Athens Greece

1 Marasli st, 10676 Athens, Greece, Athens, Greece
Price Range: $2119 - 2119
Specialty: Dentistry

About DentalExperts - Eirini N. Georgiou

Welcome to DentalExperts Our Philosophy The philosophy of our dental practice is to respond in the best way to the needs and expectations of our patients. Our goal is to return a perfect result with minimal intervention. To restore and preserve your oral health, we use our clinical experience, knowledge and skills and we choose the right evidence based operative technique. for each and every case. Our specialized staff and the technologically advanced clinical equipment can promise a high-end successful treatment. Maintaining or restoring a healthy, shining and attractive smile together with a proper occlusal function, will fill you with satisfaction and self-confidence, while helping you to improve your health in general. Our Treatments Endodontic Treatments Root canal treatment Apicoectomy Apexification – Apexogenesis External – Internal resorption repair Internal bleaching Prosthodontic Treatments Fix

DentalExperts - Eirini N. Georgiou Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Implants Dental Implant Cost Includes: Complete Clinical Examination, 3D X-Ray, Implant Placement, Implant Restoration $2119


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