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Smiles and More

Bangalore, India

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Smiles and More

Welcome to Smiles'n More Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Clinic Bangalore, India Did you visit a dentist before for a routine checkup filling, braces, RCT or a crown? Did you end up with traumatic treatments, huge bills and more fears? Well its time to solve your dental problems without creating new ones.. We welcome you to Smiles'n More Dental Clinic About Us We are changing the way people feel about dentistry… we pride ourselves on delivering five-star dental services to our patients. Smiles'n More is an advanced speciality dental centre in Bangalore, with all modern treatment facilities and the latest in technology.Our forte is Orthodontics,Clear Aligners and Cosmetic Smile Makeovers. Here we offer the rare-to-find combination of Quality-Personal-Dental Care with ethical treatment standards while keeping it affordable.With a team of trained dental professionals dedicated to making your treatment experience as remarkable as Read More

Smiles and More Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Implants Hitech/Neobiotech Implants: $500/Implant / Biohorizon Implants: $600/Implant / NobelBiocare Implants: $800/Implant. $500
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