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Grand Plastic Surgery Treatment Cost in Seoul South Korea

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121 Dosan-daero (Sinsa-dong), Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

About Grand Plastic Surgery

Welcome to Grand Plastic Surgery Grand Plastic Surgery, located in Seoul, South Korea, is a world-class plastic surgery hospital with a total of 21 floors. The medical team, composed of 20 plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and physicians, is committed to providing the most advanced medical services to help patients achieve their aesthetic needs. Most of our physicians trained in western countries and are active members of global medical organizations. The hospital provides a comprehensive list of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive procedures, and specializes in eyes and nose surgeries, body and facial contouring, dermatology, anti-aging, breast surgeries, and hair transplantation. The hospital's staff is committed to offering exceptional patient outcomes and memorable experiences for each of the patients. Grand Plastic Surgery has adopted the one-stop integrated medical service system which covers consultation, treat

Grand Plastic Surgery Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Liposuction arms - $2,816 - $3,080 / upper and lower back - $5,104 - $5,632 / abdomen - $6,160 - $6,776 $2816
Tummy Tuck Surgery $11,100 - $12,320 $11100
Follicular Unit Extraction FUE $4,400 - $4,840 $4400
Breast Augmentation $8,624 - $10,648 $8624
Breast Lift $5,720 - $12,760 $5720
Breast Reduction $11,100 - $16,720 $11100
Breast Implants $7,920 - $10,648 $7920
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty $3,520 - $3,872 $3520
Face Lift $5,456  - $8,360 $5456
$3,168 - $3,432 $3168
Chin Contouring $4,752 - $10,560 $4752
Eyelid Surgery $2,112 - $2,288 $2112
Facial Implants $3,520 - $3,872 $3520
Fat Transplant or Cell Assisted Lipotransfer $4,928 - $5,368 $4928
Forehead Lift $4,928 - $5,368 $4928
Forehead Contouring $3,520 - $3,872 $3520
Mommy Makeover $22,000 - $26,400 $22000

Grand Plastic Surgery Reviews

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    Chris m

    I came to Grand Surgery in order to reduce my body mass and tighten my chin up, because regardless of the amount of exercise I conducted I was not seeing results. The doctors recommended Flank and back liposuction along with a neck lift and lower face lift. From the time I walked in for my initial appointment to the surgery was only 2 weeks. The staff and doctors were very helpful and made me feel comfortable at all times. I could not be happier with my new look and the service of Grand Surgery. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Oct 24 2016
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    Yuliya S

    The day of my surgery I was so excited, I was not nervous even a little bit, my time had come for me to get the surgery that I had thought about some time. Main factor was to choose the right clinic for myself and when I found that my husband got a job in Korea, I decided it is a sign to do it in Seoul vs Germany, since it is a Mecca of plastic surgeries. Now the most important part was to choose a right place and my criteria was to “feel” my doctor during consultation I want him to be experience, confident and exited for the best result for me. I found MY doctor in Grand Plastic Surgery hospital and immediately schedule the surgeries. I decided to do two main procedure at once to avoid going under general anesthesia twice, from my previous experience I remember how long it took for me to recover from anesthesia’s side effects. Now the day has come! I thought that I was both mentally and physically prepared. Looking back I was both prepared as well as not prepared. I arrived and everything went like clockwork with the staff at the Grand Plastic, I was prepped and taken in for surgery. In total it took around 6 hours.
    After my procedures were done I awoke to being in pain, of course this I expected. Unfortunately I have a low thrush hold for pain, just meditation, positive thoughts and final image of improved self helped me to be strong during most critical first 24 hours. For some reason a tremendous source of the pain was coming from the cartridge of my right ear where I believe the bandage was the cause, it wasn’t a surgical site. I asked to stay overnight in Grand Plastic, since I knew my pain would be enormous and I hoped in a hospital I would get better care during first hours of recovery vs at home. After surgery, I was moved to a single person room, nice room and the privacy was much enjoyed by that time of the day. I found it difficult to sleep but I was expecting this, it is hard to find a comfortable position after what my body was just put through. The bright spot for me was knowing that each day after I would feel a little bit better until the pain was just a memory. Another good thing about the private room was that I did not keep anybody else awake.
    I couldn’t have predicted what issues I might have in the first night after my surgery but I had a positive attitude about having my procedures done and knew that I was getting the best results at the end of this journey with Grand Plastic Surgery. I could see through all this bruising and swelling and see a beautiful ‘Cinderella’ on the other end. If there was one thing that I had wished I had the first night was a large box of fruit popsicles to help with how tender my throat was after the tube that was placed in for the surgery and down a fever.
    Morning came and like the sun rising my mood did as well. I was look forward to my first treatment. The nurse was very caring person, I am so thankful to her, she did try to be as soft as she could to minimize my pain during the changing of all the dressings. Day shift of care givers were very helpful. They was able to provide a thermometer to confirm what I already knew, I was running a fever along with some much appreciated ice packs to help cool me. Even small stuff as a smile from them or any positive words were appreciated.
    Morning also brought the return of my English speaking consultants/interpreters. They had been fantastic through all of my getting prepared for surgery. From my very first visit they presented themselves in such a professional (yet personal) manner and helpful role, I can’t say enough good things about my interactions with them. Just wonderful people, who like their job and truly care for the best of the patient’s needs. Despite my being short on patience and feeling very irritable from the pain, they were still there and literally held my hand the day following my surgery and had the patience to keep answer all my questions again and again without once show me that they could be irritated by it. They also kept my family updated on my status since I did not have any contact with them and when finally I got my wallet, they ordered and brought me my lunch.
    I know that I made the right choice going with Grand Plastic Surgery. All of my research ensured that I had picked the top choice in this part of the world to use for my procedures. I’m home now and feeling better each day. Especially since I could control pain and fever better. Even so, my weakness and fever is still here but I am confident that like the pain it will pass as well day after day. Now I am concentrating on best recovery and follow all doctor’s guidance’s to the letter. No regrets having my surgeries on face and breast lifting. Cinderella story on the way to happy end!

    One month later:
    Today marks the 4 weeks after my surgery. Minus all the bandaging, itchiness, not being able to take shower and occasional feverish / cold feelings, I look great! My face has a youthful glow that I recall from my college years and I love having it again. I got face lift, fat injections and removing the bags under my eyes and breast lift. At first, I thought it is too much to get it all done at once. However, I am so happy that I listened to the doctor and chose to go with Grand. I expected great things and yet this has surpassed my expectations. I still have the tape on my incisions that is now skin tone and can hardly be seen, but will help to minimize the visual scaring. Most of the 'scars' are really just faint lines on my skin. After the breast lift, my breasts are now even perkier than when I was a teenager, needless to say they have gotten my husband's full attention. I can totally rock a t-shirt braless, I can't wait to visit the beach next month. It is a shame that I can't post pictures of the before and after of my breast due to privacy requirements, trust me they are truly remarkable! Doctor told me to still be careful but I cannot wait to get out in the sun and by the beach to enjoy my new younger look and body. I will keep you posted about my recovery progress.

    Aug 01 2016