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Cost effective and Quality Dental Work in Mumbai India at Synergy Dental Clinics

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About Synergy Dental Clinics

Synergy Dental Clinics - Complete Dental Procedure Solutions in Mumbai, India Synergy Dental Clinics is one of the premier dental service providers located in Mumbai, India. They follow the motto of ‘Patient First’ and that is why the doctors, the technical department and CBCT work in sync to meet the requirements of the patients. The dental surgeons in the clinic are well-complemented by hi-end technology and state-of-the-art dental lab that offers accurate diagnosis, which helps towards the best treatment. Synergy Dental Clinics is regarded as one of the best specialists cosmetic dentistry treatment centers in India such as full mouth rehabilitation, smile makeover and dental implant. They are serving the clients based in Mumbai and Pune since last two decades giving them a reason to smile and feel proud about it. Treatments and Procedures Dental implants Smile makeover Full mouth rehabilitation   For more information on treatments and

Synergy Dental Clinics Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Dental Fillings Composite fillings per tooth $53
Dental Fillings GIC Fillings per tooth $32
Intraoral Periapical Xray $9
Tooth Extraction Upper third Molar Extraction $35
Tooth Extraction Lower third Molar Extraction $140
Tooth Extraction Other Extractions per tooth $44
Dental Implants Implants ranging between 437$ to 525$ considering PFM/ MFC crowns (per tooth) $437
Dental Implants Implants ranging between 612 $ to 699 $ considering PFM/ MFC crowns (per tooth) $612
Dental Implants World's No. 1 Implants ranging between 699 $ to 1050 $ considering PFM/ MFC crowns (per tooth) $699
Dental Crowns Anterior/ Vita MFC Crown (Per tooth) $210
Dental Crowns Anterior/ Emax MFC Crown (Per tooth) $315
Dental Crowns Anterior/ Fx MFC Crown (Per tooth) $228
Dental Crowns Posterior/ Zi Layering MFC Crown (Per tooth) $228
Dental Crowns Posterior/ Zolid MFC Crown (Per tooth) $210
Dental Crowns PFM Crown (Per tooth) $123
Sinus Lifting Direct Lift (Per side) $525
Sinus Lifting Indirect Lift (Per side) $350
Bone Graft (Per Side) $350
Root Canal (per tooth) Regular $88
Root Canal Depending on Complexity (Per tooth) $149
Dental Veneers  (per tooth) Dental Veneers  (per tooth) $350
Teeth Whitening Scaling / Whitening $48
Dentures Regular $175
Dentures (Per arch) Lucitone $263
Dentures Fiberglass $350
Gingivectomy (Per Quadrant) Gingivoplasty $88

Synergy Dental Clinics Reviews

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    Dr. Vipin is a seasoned dentist who performs complex oral surgery seamlessly. I have known and seen him doing dental implant since around a decade. He is undoubtedly among pioneers in the dental implant.
    I am pleased and satisfied with the treatment.

    Google Aug 28 2019
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    Treatment is good clinic is very neat and clean. Very Systematic way of doing the treatment. Fully satisfied with Dr. Pallavi work. I recommend this clinic as best clinic in Mumbai.

    Google Jun 12 2019
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    After tremendous research using sites like Practo and Lybrate, I was glad to have chosen Synergy dental clinic. As soon as I arrived I was examined by the seasoned dentist Dr Preeti Bhatt who gave me a detailed synopsis of the the dental work required with relevant costings after which all my dental work was carried out by Dr Dhwani Kapadia who was extremely professional and supportive along the course of my treatment, I would highly recommended her! I loved the fact that during the treatment, veteran heads of the dental practice Dr Vipin, Dr Pallavi and Dr Preeti constantly kept checking on the progress through every touch point! Dr Dhwani went the extra mile to cover topics on oral hygiene and also would get in touch to follow up after 6 months not every place does this! I am extremely happy most of all with the job well done and would confidentally recommended Synergy Dental to anyone looking for cost effective yet quality services.

    Google Jul 22 2020


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