DaVinci's Dental Care Esthetic and Implant Dentistry

DaVinci's Dental Care Esthetic and Implant Dentistry

San Jose, Costa Rica

CC Plaza Mayor, Suite 11 3rd Floor - Rohrmoser Blvd., San José, 10109, Costa Rica

Dentistry Cost in San Jose Costa Rica

DaVinci's Dental Care Esthetic and Implant Dentistry Procedures Cost

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DaVinci's Dental Care Esthetic and Implant Dentistry

  Best Dental Care In San Jose, Costa Rica At DaVinci's Dental Care we look at dentistry from a team approach. We make it a priority to use the latest 3D Digital science and state of the art technology available today, such as Digital Smile Design Technology and Micro dentistry and the best in 3D imaging, 3D scanning and 3D Impressions.          DaVincis Dental Care is located in the lovely Embassy District of Rohrmoser, about 5 minutes West of San José, the capital. All around our offices you will find great shopping, Cafes, Restaurants and a number of fine fashion stores, Pubs, Shopping, Hotels and B&B's.     DaVincis Dentists are a member of ADA (American Dental Association), America's leading advocate for oral health. The qualities of the professionals in the clinic's health area are of a high yield and standards allowing to give patients the best restorative techniques using Read More

DaVinci's Dental Care Esthetic and Implant Dentistry Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Apex Resection Apex Resection $400
Bone Graft Bone Graft $550
Dental Implants Single Implant Cost - $950 / 8 implants + 12 crowns - $15,000 $950
Cyst Operation Medical Center has sent the details. $500
Deep Cleaning Promotion $85 / Quadrant $100
Dental Bridges Dental Bridges $550
Dental Bonding Ranges from $80 to $130. $80
Dental Crowns Ranges from $450 to $550 / 14 Crowns - Metal ceramic - $5000 / 14 Crowns Emax (metal free) $5500 / 28 crowns - Metal ceramic - $10000 / 28 crowns - Emax (metal free) - $11000 $450
Dental Fillings Ranges from $80 to $ 130. $80
Dental Veneers 1 veneer - $450 / 6 Veneers $2,700 / 8 Veneers $3600 / 12 Veneers $5400 / 16 Veneers $7200 $550
Crowns over Implants Crowns over Implants $850
Dentures Dentures $550
Flap Operation Ranges from $200 to $500 $200
Inlay Onlay Restoration Inlay Onlay Restoration $550
3Shape 3D Imaging Xmind Trium $200
Root Canal Root Canal $380
Sinus Lifting Sinus Lifting $1500
Teeth Whitening promotion includes; professional cleaning and Lucerna laser whitening session $299 $299
Tooth Extraction Tooth Extraction $125
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Wisdom Tooth Extraction $300
All on 4 Dental Implants Includes 4 Implants. Fixed Zirconia Bridge. Fixed healing denture, all parts, custom multiunit abutments $12000
All on 6 Dental Implants Includes Fixed Zirconia Bridge, fixed healing denture, all parts and custom multiunit abutments $14250
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