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, 10 Hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey 1 Hospital in Bodrum, Turkey 1 Hospital in Bursa, Turkey 1 Hospital in Antalya, Turkey 1 Hospital in Alanya, Turkey 2 Hospitals in Ankara, Turkey 2 Hospitals in Mersin, Turkey 1 Hospital in Kayseri, Turkey 1 Hospital in Kocaeli, Turkey 1 Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany 1 Hospital in Den Haag, the Netherlands 1 Office in London, UK, Istanbul,Antalya,Alanya,Ankara,Bursa,Bodrum, Turkey
Price Range: $35 - $710
Specialty: Dentistry
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Hospitadent Dental Group

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Hospitadent Dental Group provides a unique combination of quality dentistry and holiday in various cities of Turkey including Istanbul, Bodrum, Alanya, and Kayseri. It is possible to pick up foreign guests from the airport at Hospitadent. We also give help our guests with hotel accommodations besides sightseeing tours and city guidance services.  You will have many advantages besides a perfect smile.

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About Us


Hospitadent Dental Group is the chain of dental hospitals in Turkey and Europe, giving service complying with the norms of international standards thanks to its specialized dental physicians as well as its complete medical installations and infrastructure.

Dental Group Hospitadent is the largest and leading dental group providing service in 12 dental hospitals in Turkey and Europe.  With its 200 dentists and its staff of 500 people who are experts in their fields, Hospitadent has provided healthier and more aesthetical smiles to more than 2 million patients.

Hospitadent has achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 95%. This rate has been determined through regular patient surveys performed by its internal professional patient satisfaction department and touch every patient who visits Hospitadent and it is the result of the approach of feeling special and so, making every patient feel special.
The international department staff serves totally in 6 languages. Hospitadent has provided service to 200.000 foreign patients from all over the world. People with the desire for a new smile have come to Hospitadent hospitals from France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Canada, the U.S.A, Switzerland, the U.K., Azerbaijan, Iraq, Libya, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.

In 2020; Dental Group Hospitadent was qualified to be one of the brands with Turquality certification.


Services and Trends


We are supplying the following services in accordance with our goals:

Cheap Dental Implants Turkey ImageDigital Smile Design
Hollywood Smile
Oral Diagnosis – First Examination 
Panoramic Film – Detailed in-mouth X-ray filming
Oral/dental/maxillofacial surgery – Wisdom Tooth & Impacted Tooth Operation
Pedodontics– Pediatric (Child) Dentistry 
Periodontology – Gingival Diseases & Their Treatments 
Implantology– Treatment of Missing Teeth
Orthodontia – Treatment of Denture Disorders
Endodontic – Treatment of Tooth Root Canal
Prosthesis – Porcelain  Crowning, Zirconium Crowning, Full Palate, Half Palate
Bleaching – Laser & Zoom Bleaching
Surgery Room –Dental Treatment Services With General Anaesthesia  
Bad Breath Clinic – Bad Breath Treatment
Dental Laser Applications – Dentistry Services With Genuine Laser Beams
General Dentistry – All other processes and operations not requiring specialization.




When you decide to have your dental treatment; Hospitadent International Department will assign a special assistant for you. Our in-house patient assistants can speak totally 6 languages and they’ll be assisting you during all the processes.

Moreover, this service is totally free of charge!



It will be enough to inform your assistant in Hospitadent that you’d like to have airport transfer. Then; all arrangements will be completed and you’ll be picked up from the airport and taken to your hotel in safe. After all the treatments are completed; you’ll be taken to the airport again with our VIP cars.

This is also a Free Service!



Your first appointment is always with the head doctor in Hospitadent. After a series of radiographic assessments and diagnosis; your treatment plan will be determined. In this stage; your expectations and opinions are considered.

You won’t be asked for payment for any of these procedures.



After deciding your treatment plan; the specialist dentists who are good for the treatments determined will be continuing your treatment. The head doctor will also be there always to follow your process.



Even your waiting time in Hospitadent will turn out to be a perfect experience. You will have special areas where you may have rest; watch a film or start a new book while drinking your beverage.



Your treatment will be made with products and materials imported from Europe. During the whole process; state-of-the-art equipment will be used.



After the treatment, you will have your warranty certificates which assure for example dental implants for lifelong, and the crowns and dentures for 5 years. We will also be with you after your treatment whenever you’d like!



After your treatment, or consultation, one of our patient representatives will call you to take your opinions about your Hospi-experience and they are of great value for us to continuously improve our service quality.


Hospitadent Offers Affordable Dental Treatments Across Turkey

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