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Medical Tourism Options - Argentina Latin America


Medical Tourism Options in Argentina

Latin America

Combining healthcare with exotic travel options in Argentina at affordable costs, PlacidWay Argentina Medical Tourism is an excellent health and wellness program for medical tourism.

If you are trying to find new ways to improve the quality of life or you have a condition need requiring medical attention, a social desire and motivation to enhance the way you look, or a secret wish to seek self-improvement through alternative or traditional health care methods, PlacidWay Argentina Medical Tourism offers lots of options from which you can choose from.

Holistic Medical Treatments Argentina

PlacidWay Argentina Medical Tourism is a holistic solution for health care in Argentina, including highly specialized surgeons and doctors, top notch medical facilities and innovative healthcare technologies, treatments & procedures.

PlacidWay Argentina Medical Tourism collaborates exclusively with the very best health and wellness providers from Argentina. There is plenty from which you can choose and the choice is entirely yours!

With complete freedom to choose your own customized treatment at the Argentinian medical centers that meet all your needs and wishes, you will enjoy the medical experience in Latin America.


Medical Treatments in Argentina Medical Tourism


Argentina is the right medical destination if you are looking for:

  • Cosmetic Procedures: plastic surgery, dentistry, LASIK surgery, skin care, etc.

  • Specialty Services: fertility treatment, rehabilitation programs, chronic diseases, etc.

  • Surgical Interventions: orthopedic & spine surgery, heart care, cancer treatment, weight loss surgeries, etc.

  • Wellness Programs: alternative medicines, medical spas, anti-aging programs, detoxification programs, etc.

Argentina is filled with outstanding healthcare options and PlacidWay Argentina Medical Tourism provides solutions that are comprehensive, economical, world-class, and know no borders.

With medical tourists coming from all parts of the globe, PlacidWay Argentina Medical Tourism offers excellent medical tourism packages for each and every one of them.


Placid Argentina Medical Travel


Why Choose PlacidWay Argentina for Medical Travel?

You can get easy and quick access to Argentina's best doctors and surgeons performing in internationally accredited and certified hospitals and clinics of all specialties, to offer high standards in health care.

You can find carefully researched medical centers that meet and exceed the requirements of international patients by offering technologically advanced healthcare infrastructures perfectly merged with revitalizing tourist attractions.

You will be guided through this fresh experience meant to help you regain health and vitality!

You have at your disposal carefully integrated online travel reservation services such as hotels, flights and car rentals, allowing you to book and plan your entire medical vacation with no effort.


Why don’t you start explore, customize, and experience health care in Argentina?

PlacidWay Argentina comes with solutions that fit your personal needs, finances, and desires.

We connect you with the ideal healthcare service provider of your choice for FREE!

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Addiction-Treatment Related Packages

Addiction-Treatment Related Experiences

Popular Medical Centers



Quito, Ecuador

PlacidEcuador es su proveedor de salud en Ecuador. Viaje alrededor del mundo con un facilitador de Turismo Médico cuyo objetivo principal es ofrecerle soluciones médicas integrales y orientación para todo su viaje médico en cualquier lugar del mundo.

Roj International S. A. is a medical tourism facilitator in Cuba serving a wide range of national and international patients. They are associated with the best of medical providers in Cuba, which assures the best treatments at the best price.

PlacidWay Colombia

PlacidWay Colombia

Bogota, Colombia

Your wellness is our priority... from bariatric, dental, cosmetic, and opthalmological treatments we guarantee the highest level of services in Latin America.

  • Gastric Bypass from $12200
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy from $11200
  • LASIK Surgery from $1800
  • Breast Implants from $5000
  • Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty from $4500
  • Breast Reduction from $5300

ATH by Edutech is one of the leading Medical Facilitator of travel to Cuba for lung cancer treatments and many other patologies. Cuba is committed to providing world-class healthcare services to its patients. Advanced Health Technologies by Edutech is a Medical Tourism Provider with alliances in the successful Cuba Medicine model with operation base in the city Puebla, Mexico

  • Abdominoplasty from $2310
  • Facial Implants from $2500
  • Facial Implants from $1200
  • Face Lift from $1500
  • Face Lift from $2400
  • Liposuction from $1450

PlacidWay Venezuela Medical Tourism offers you an amazing opportunity of choosing the hospital or clinic where you want to get medical treatment and it's, of course, affordable and flawless. With our help, you'll find not only the flawless medical treatment you need but also world-class medical centers with renowned doctors and specialists who are ready and willing to help you!

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