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Welcome to CYGNUS!


Cygnus, located in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a multispecialty clinic which provides high quality medical care to both local and international patients. Cygnus clinic is in constant training and development of technological advances applied to medicine in the quest to provide the perfect service to customers. The specialized group is comprised of medical professionals concerned about providing the best care for their health and proper recovery.


Eye Surgery, Weight Loss Procedures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Treatments and procedures


The team of medical specialists at Cygnus clinic seeks to provide the best ways to treat patients, with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

  • Ophthalmology (general ophthalmology; detection of visual problems for children; general problems of vision; medical and surgical treatment; eyelid tuck).
  • Breast cancer clinic (chemotherapy; nutritional management; oncology comprehensive guidance by a multidisciplinary team; prevention of breast cancer).
  • Digestive surgery and laparoscopy (management of inguinal hernias, ventral, umbilical; nutritional and medical care for acid reflux and peptic disease; laparoscopic surgery for gallstones , diverticular disease , hernias, reflux; clinic Irritable Bowel Syndrome; diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland; acute abdominal pain assessment of urgency; comprehensive care of digestive diseases multidisciplinary team).
  • Urology clinic (female pelvic floor dysfunction; medical and surgical management of kidney stones; care and handling for benign prostatic hypertrophy; early detection of prostate cancer; urinary tract infections; female urology clinic; integrated management of kidney and bladder tumors by a multidisciplinary team).
  • Bariatric surgery clinic (integrated management of the obese patients; specialized care for obese patients; standardized procedures for best results; nutritional and psychological management).
  • Anesthesiology (general anesthesia; anesthesia for high-risk patients; pain treatment for patients in recovery; pain management in palliative care patients; anesthesiologist; phycologist; paliativista).


Best Doctors, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Medical Team


Cygnus is a certified clinic in various areas of medicine. The group of specialists who represent the clinic are:


  • Dr. Karla Lisseth Leonher Ruezga

Digestive Laparoscopic Surgery Specialist

  • Dr. Melissa Valery Belmonte Hernández

Urology Specialist


  • Dr. Samantha Jazmín Ortega de Dios

Anesthesiology Specialist

  • Dr. Omar Isaias Chávez Sánchez

Oncology Specialist

  • Dr. Sara Paula Carrillo Cuenca

Ophthalmology Specialist


Why choose Cygnus?


  • Certainty in diagnosis by clinical and surgical expertise of specialists.
  • Always using auxiliary diagnoses according to your need either X-rays, ultrasound, MRI.
  • Multidisciplinary team in surgical treatment, giving the benefit of the views of different experts in their field.
  • Comprehensive assessment of the condition to propose the best treatment option either conservative or surgical.
  • Technology, cutting-edge techniques in surgical treatments.
  • After surgery, the patient will benefit from close monitoring, personalized attention.


Healthcare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

About Guadalajara


Guadalajara is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico and it is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco. Guadalajara is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. Couples, families and friends come here to let loose and relax, while having fun activities, such as zip-lining or bungee jumping or a family outing like sight-seeing or swimming with the dolphins. Guadalajara is a great option for parties of all budgets and travel styles, and a great destination which combines fun activities with wonderful accommodations all at a reasonable price.


If you need more information about Cygnus clinic and the treatments and procedures the medical team performs, do not hesitate to contact us!


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Center Packages

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    Cataract Surgery in Cygnus Guadalajara Mexico for $900

    Cataract surgery is primordially executed to treat cataracts or the clouding of the eye’s lens. The procedure aims to take out the lens of your eye and if the need arises, replace the lens with an artificial lens. The surgery itself is performed by an ophthalmologist usually as an outpatient basis (patients need not to stay in the hospital after surgery).   

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