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Abide-i Hurriyet Cad. No: 166 Sisli - Istanbul , Istanbul, Turkey
Specialty: Cancer Treatment
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Florence Comprehensive Cancer Center Profile Overview

Comprehensive Cancer Center

Providing reliable health services since 1997, our Comprehensive Cancer Center has adopted the principle of “Every Patient Is Special” as a mission. At our Center, patients encounter a patient-oriented approach from the first moment they apply for treatment. The experienced Oncology team offers a wide range of treatment opportunities with its advanced medical technology.

Cancer patients are first evaluated multidisciplinary in the Tumor Board comprised of specialists in the fields of Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, General Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, and Medical Genetics.

Our Center sets itself apart through advanced techniques and modern technologies eg True Beam, Rapid Arc, IMRT, PET-MRI, and second-generation sequence devices which are performed by experienced doctors in this field.

Up to date;

  • 8.000 cancer cases
  • 50.000 chemotherapy sessions
  • 160.000 radiotherapy sessions have been managed at Comprehensive Oncology Center.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Our Patients

At Comprehensive Cancer Center, we have specialized in medical oncology, radiation oncology, advanced oncological imaging, interventional oncology, hepatobiliary surgery, breast surgery, neurosurgery, urological and gynecological oncology, nuclear medicine, radiology, pathology, medical genetics, oncology. Nursing, nutrition and dietetics, oncological psychology departments work together for patients and all patients are treated with multidisciplinary teamwork.

Cancer treatments are carried out under the supervision of our scientists who have gained success in the international arena and experienced medical staff led by our esteemed physicians and consultant faculty members.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Medications appropriate to the genetic characteristics of the person and tumor are selected.

  • The use of medications suitable for genetic change in the cancer cell leads to high treatment efficiency.
  • Pharmacogenetic tests allow the selection of medications appropriate to the genetic structure of individuals and the use of appropriate doses of medications.

Thus, there will be fewer drug side effects. More comfort is offered to the patient.

Genetic tests in cancers have become specified to a person (tailor-made). The genetic tests can be used for helping diagnosis, modifying follow-up procedures, predicting prognosis, and the selection of the right medicine for oncological patients. Disorders causing cancer, genetic mutations, gene increase, deletion, translocation, and other abnormalities are detected with genetic tests.

In our Genetic Diagnosis Center which is licensed by the Ministry of Health and have the certificates of United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UKNEQAS), Munich Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) all cytogenetic, moleculocytogenetics, and molecular genetics tests for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis, which are regulated by National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), are run from blood, bone marrow, cell culture, fresh tumor tissue, and paraffin blocks.