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Orthodontic treatment in Nepal, Smile Correction Asia, Child Dental Care, Dentistry in Kathmandu, Dental Villa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Balkhu, Kuleshwor road, Near Nepal SBI Bank Kathmandu , Kathmandu, Nepal
Specialty: Dentistry
Focus Area: Orthodontic treatment in Nepal | Smile Correction Asia | Child Dental Care | Dentistry in Kathmandu | Dental Villa | Kathmandu | Nepal

Dental Villa - Orthodontic Center and Speciality Dental Clinic Profile Overview

World-Class Dental Care at Dental Villa, Kathmandu, Nepal

World-Class Dental Care at Dental Villa, Kathmandu, Nepal


Dental Villa, located in Kathmandu in Nepal was established by the team of qualified and experienced Dental Specialists with a commitment to provide quality dental treatment in a friendly, fun and family environment. The expert dental staff at the clinic has maintained a safe, secure and sterile environment with strong focus on patient’s care, latest technology at affordable prices

Dental Villa aims to provide highest quality dental care that best suits each patient’s personal needs and health requirements. The center has been working hard towards making dental visit more pleasant, comfortable and safe at affordable cost.

Treatments and Procedures

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Scaling, polishing, gum problem & teeth whitening
  • Tooth filling and Root canal treatment (RCT)
  • Replacement of missing teeth- Denture, Crown- bridge & dental Implant
  • Extraction & other surgical procedure
  • Dental care for child patient
  • Dental x-ray
  • Teeth Whitening


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