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Endoscopic Surgery in Alexandria, Egypt, Laparoscopic Surgery in Egypt, Obesity Surgery in Egypt, Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Clinic, Alexandria, Egypt

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3 Hasan Sorour St., Alexandria Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
Price Range: $2700 - 6000
Specialty: Cancer Treatment, Chronic Diseases, Laparoscopic Surgery, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery
Focus Area: Oncology Surgery in Alexandria | Laparoscopic Surgery in Egypt | Obesity Surgery in Egypt | Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Clinic | Alexandria | Egypt

Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Clinic Profile Overview

Best Oncology and Laparoscopy Surgery at Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Clinic, Alexandria, EgyptBest Oncology and Laparoscopy Surgery at Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Clinic, Alexandria, Egypt

Are you looking for comprehensive Oncology Treatment or Laparoscopy Surgery in Alexandria, Egypt? Do visit Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Clinic for best treatment solution by expert medical professional in this field. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek is known for his excellent Obesity Surgery. As a member of the Egyptian Society for Obesity Surgery, Dr. Islam has performed successful surgical procedures on various domestic and international patients.

The doctor is also a known member of the team of experts of the Association of Endoscopic Surgeons of Alexandria and performs advanced laparoscopic surgeries. The center works as per international standards by promptly available experts who speak your language. They are consistently brilliant in their delivery of the treatment and offer world-class care.

Treatments and Procedures

  • Weight loss and Obesity Surgeries
  • Laparoscopic colorectal cancer eradication
  • Laparoscopic splenectomy
  • Laparoscopic pancreatic tumor resection
  • Laparoscopic gastrectomy
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and bile duct exploration
  • Laparoscopic appendectomy
  • Repair of abdominal hernia and laparoscopic diaphragm hernia


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  • Sameh

    In the name of God, God willing, one of the most respectable and superior people in her field, with great knowledge and experience

    Facebook Sep 13 2017
  • Amen

    A doctor is one of the best doctors you can meet, excellent in his work and choosing a great team
    His choice of hospitals with a great amount of confidence and preparation for the success of the operation.
    Thanks Dr. Islam

    Facebook Jan 06 2019
  • Nadia

    Thank you, Dr. Islam, he is really a very good doctor in his job

    Facebook Dec 10 2019

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