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Regenerative Medicine in Eindhoven, Netherland for Stroke Treatment

Treatment Locations: CBC Health Clinic Eindhoven, Eindhoven Private Clinic, De Rijn 2, 5684 PJ Best, Netherlands, Administrative Office: CBC Health Munich, Ottostraße 3-5, 80333 Munich, Germany, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Price Range: $17000 - $49000
Specialty: Stem Cell Therapy
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CBC Health Stroke Recovery Treatment Profile Overview

CBC Health Clinic in Eindhoven combines innovation with 20 years of Cord Blood Banking Experience to provide therapeutic solutions for ischemic stroke survivors. Ischemic stroke survivors from around the world visit CBC Health Clinic to receive research-based stem cell treatments using cord blood components. The components are known for providing therapeutic results with immaculate qualities of nucleated cells.

Umbilical Cord Blood Treatment for Stroke Survivors

Intravenous infusion of umbilical blood cells is a therapeutic procedure for patients recovering from a stroke. In this treatment process, the umbilical cord vein collects umbilical cord blood from the placenta. A dose of 50 million cells per kg is required to achieve an optimum therapeutic effect. Each of these infusions includes cord blood collected from four to eight donors. After each infusion, the patient is monitored for several hours for any potential adverse reactions. The entire course of infusions is scheduled over two to three days. 

In the majority of cases that CBC Health has performed so far, mild improvement of cognitive and motor functions has been experienced due to cord blood infusions. Within the first few weeks after the infusion, these functional gains become noticeable and continue for three to six months. Very rare or generally mild adverse reactions to cord blood cell infusions are noticed sometimes.

CBC Health - Redefined Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

Over the years, the clinic has redefined the regenerative health experience for the victims of strokes. The team is constantly working on innovation to ensure high standards of efficiency along with quality and cleanliness. Netherlands's medical clinics and hospitals receive high ratings for quality of care and efficiency. The EU Healthcare system was ranked number 11 in the world against the 30th rank of the United States healthcare system. CBC Health Clinic follows every norm to match the standard of the EU health care system and thus provides top-rated services to the patients.

Patient-Centered Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke Survivors 

CBC Health Clinic offers patient-centered health solutions. They ensure that their 3-day medical program makes every patient experience safe and efficient care. They also assign a medical concierge to help patients and their family members during the treatment and post-treatment phase. The medical concierge assists the patient and family members with travel, accommodations or sightseeing requests during their stay.

Cord Blood Ischemic Stroke Treatment

Once the patient is admitted to CBCHealth clinic, they remain under the care of fully qualified doctors and experienced medical staff. The overview of treatment course follows like:

  • Day One: Initial Screening & Testing

  • Day Two: Treatment & Routine Monitoring

  • Day Three: Treatment & Routine Monitoring

  • Day Four: Final Physical Exam & Release

Once the treatment is completed, the doctor will monitor patient remotely by follow-up consultations for the duration of 12 months after the treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Overview

  • Intravenous infusion of umbilical blood cells is a therapeutic procedure used in patients recovering from stroke.

  • Umbilical cord blood is collected from placenta via the umbilical cord vein.

  • To achieve an optimum therapeutic effect, a dose of 50 million cells per kg is required, and each infusion includes cord blood collected from 4 to 8 donors.

  • The entire course of infusions is scheduled over two to three days, and after each infusion, the patient is monitored for several hours for any potential adverse reactions.

  • In most patients, cord blood infusions have significantly improved cognitive and motor functions.  These functional gains become noticeable within the first few weeks after the infusion and continue for 3 to 6 months.

  • Adverse reactions to cord blood cell infusions are rare and generally mild.

Effect of Stem Cell trail on Stroke Patients

Cord blood infusion is not intended to be a replacement for standard therapy in the management of stroke, it is additional therapeutic approach that may gain additional improvement of cognitive and motor functions. In patients undergoing cord blood therapy, there is no need to temporarily discontinue other pharmaceutical or physical therapy. Intravenous cord blood cell infusions enhance the regenerative activity of brain cells in stroke patients. Clinical studies suggest that cord blood therapy is more effective when administrated soon after stroke.

Patients begin to notice improvements within a few weeks after the infusion.  The cord blood cells are eliminated from the patient’s body within 6 to 8 weeks; however, patients experience functional gains over the next 3 to 6 months, with sustained functional improvement.  Achieved improvement is permanent, patients do not experience worsening of the achieved improvement.

Patients with severe functional impairment may experience little or no improvement, and patients with mild or minimal impairment experience moderate improvement. Clinical studies have shown that the most important factor influencing the therapeutic effect of cord blood infusion is cell dosage.  In a recent clinical trial at Duke University on pediatric cerebral palsy patients (mostly induced by stroke), only patients who received more than 25 million cells per kg showed significant therapeutic effect (Kurtzberg et al; Blood 2015). In each cord blood infusion, the patient receives a standard of more than 50 million cells per kg.

Another study suggests that repeated cord blood infusions may lead to further functional improvements.

CBC Health Clinic is Patient-Centered

The medical program is designed around the individual patient to make the experience as safe and efficient as possible. From day one, prospective patients are assigned a medical concierge to help guide them through the process while answering any questions. During the treatment and post-treatment phase, your medical concierge will assist you and your family members with travel, accommodations or sightseeing requests during your stay.

Why Choose CBC Health for Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke in Munich, Germany?

Cord Blood Center Group, the founding company of CBC Health has recorded many firsts in regenerative health since more than two decades. In 1997, Cord Blood Center was among the first in Europe to process and prepare cord blood for regenerative transplants. Cord Blood Center was one of the first companies in Europe to collect, process and store cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue with over 160,000 clients. These individuals may benefit from the regenerative effect of their cord blood in the future. Eurocord-Slovakia, a Cord Blood Center company, was among the first in Europe to establish a registry and repository for storing personal cord blood and a repository for donated cord blood which can be used for regenerative treatments for the general population.

In 2018, CBC Health began the process tol focus on providing cord blood treatments for patients suffering from Ischemic Stroke. If you are interested in learning more about the Eindhoven location, please click here to visit, CBCHealth Med Munich.

Cord Blood Center is leading the way as a regenerative health company with a solid foundation of licensed laboratories and storage facilities. The company has active branches in Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and is expanding into new markets. Eurocord-Slovakia is a member of the international bone marrow and cord blood donors database; it is connected to the EMDIS, the international exchange network; and it is an associate member of other prestigious international organizations that set quality standards for cord blood products such as The World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA).

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