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Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis in Lenggries Germany

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Package Price : $14380

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

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Location : Bad Kissingen,Stuttgart ,Cologne,Ingolstadt,Baden,Munich,Hamburg,Salzburg,Munich | Salzburg,Berlin,Heidelberg,Frankfurt,Freiburg,Kandern,Oberaudorf,Lahr,Edenkoben,Lenggries,Brannenburg, Germany

Focus Area: Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis | Living Stem Cell Treatment | Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment | Lenggries, Germany

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis, Living Stem Cell Treatment, Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment, Lenggries, Germany

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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis in Lenggries, Germany

Best Arthritis Stem Cell Treatment in Lenggries Germany

Stem cell treatment for arthritis is a non-surgical procedure of injecting the stem cells into the affected body part, providing the stimulus your body needs to start repairing itself. The main problems with arthritis are that it is a wear-and-tear type of injury and that it causes a lot of pain, and stem cells deal with both these problems effectively.

Stem cell treatments generally involve injecting stem cells into the patient’s body, increasing their concentration in the part of the body that needs repairing. They then communicate with the nervous system to repair the damage that has been done. In the case of arthritis, they are working with the immune system to repair the damage caused to the cartilage due to wear-and-tear and, in some cases, help it grow back. The treatment seems preferable to other types, such as knee replacement, as it is minimally invasive and practically painless.

PlacidWay brings the best stem cell therapy for arthritis treatment. Their Living Cell Therapy is suitable for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Arthritis,  Post Traumatic Arthritis, etc. Once the cell components are injected they make way to the organs they are intended for. That is why the patients are provided with complete stillness and relaxation after the injections. They are kept under constant observation naturally by a qualified team and trained personnel during this process.

What is the Cost of Arthritis Stem Cell Package? 

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis in Lenggries, Germany is 12,900 Euros per patient ($14,380 approximately)


  • 5-6 days Living cell Treatment week with all pre-treatment medical checks like ECG, blood testing, urine testing
  • Personal doctor`s consultations
  • Individual cell program
  • 5-6 days stay in single room and meals (no drinks included)


  • Transportation
  • Airfare

List of required pre-op tests:

  • Imaging tests
  • DNA (genetic) testing
  • Electromyography or nerve conduction tests
  • Blood enzyme tests
  • Metabolic tests
  • Blood tests

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

  • Painless procedure
  • It’s a viable option for patients who want to avoid or postpone Knee Arthritis replacement surgery
  • It doesn’t involve a lengthy and painful recovery period
  • Low risks of tissue rejection
  • Quick return to regular activities
  • Normal regenerative potential of damaged cells
  • Beneficial for degenerative Arthritis
  • Healthy stem cells that could be re-activated to correct the joint pain
  • Ability to assist both in the immediate repair and in the follow-on repair

Top Stem Cell Clinic in Germany?

  • Years of experience in working with stem cells
  • Advanced stem cell application techniques, injecting whole organic systems instead of a single organ
  • A treatment based on biological substances
  • Sterile and ultra-modern laboratories for cell preparation
  • Highly trained and experienced staff

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