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Top Plastic Surgery at Marcial's Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico

P.º del Centenario 9580, 8th floor office 804, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Tijuana, Mexico
Price Range: $4800 - $12200
Associated Doctors: Dr. Carlos Marciales
Specialty: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
Focus Area: Plastic Surgery | Tijuana | Mexico | Marciales Plastic Surgery | Dr Carlos Marciales | Cosmetic Surgery | Breast Enlargement | Breast Reduction | Breast Lift | Rhinoplasty | Otoplasty | Liposuction | Liposculpture | Abdominoplasty | Brachioplasty | Anti Aging Treatments

Marciales Plastic Surgery Profile Overview

Top Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales

Top Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales

Marciales provides the best medical center for the Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. You will be able to get the best treatment for Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, and so on at Marciales Plastic Surgery. Find and compare your Plastic Surgery options here. You will get the best treatment from Plastic Surgeons who are very experienced and competent in their fields, at competitive prices!

Facilities at Marciales Plastic Surgery, Tijuana, Mexico

Plastic Surgery patients in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales will also get complete facilities, so they can get the comfort and convenience they need while undergoing treatment at this hospital. The following are some of the facilities available:

  • Online Consultation
  • Make an Appoinment Online
  • Hospital Airport Shuttle Facilities
  • Hi-Technology Plastic Surgery Equipments
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private Room for Patients (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Procedures at Marciales Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

In order to address the various demands for body aesthetics and beauty desired by patients, Plastic Surgery Treatments in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales presents a wide selection of procedures to choose from, including:






Advantages of Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales provides a number of extraordinary benefits that patients can enjoy, including the following:

  • Provide Ethical and 100% Personalized Attention to Patients: Patients will receive 100% complete attention, as well as transparent and clear Plastic Surgery consultation and planning.
  • Always Putting Your Life, Health, and Safety First: Patient comfort and safety always come first at Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales. So, you have nothing to worry about anymore.
  • Complete Plastic Surgery Procedure with Affordable Cost: Patients can also enjoy Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales at a very friendly price.

Price Lists for Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales

Find the best price for Plastic Surgery procedures in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales now. In fact, the price of Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico is 50 - 80 percent cheaper than the United States and Canada. Click the button below to get more detailed info about the Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Prices offered:

Top Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales

Medical Teams in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales Plastic Surgery

The Medical Teams available by Marciales are ready to provide the best support and treatment for maximum patient satisfaction. Here is a profile of the best surgeons in Tijuana Mexico who will treat you:


Experience and Education:

  • University of the Andes. School of Medicine. Medicine School. Title Obtained: Surgeon (Mérida-Venezuela, November 2008).
  • General Surgery Hospital Carlos J. Bello, Venezuelan Red Cross (Caracas-Venezuela November 2012).
  • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Hospital General Doctor Rubén Leñero (Mexico City. Mexico March 2013-February 2017)
  • DIPLOMA: Anti-Aging Medicine at the Ibero-Latin American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine of the Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado (Caracas-Venezuela, April 2012)
  • DIPLOMA: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Microsurgery at The American British Cowdray Medical Center, IAP (Mexico City. Mexico, September 2012)
  • Training in Body Contouring: Raúl González Clinic (Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil


  • Professional Martial Arts Academy Hap Ki Do Grand Master Nam Kyu Bak Obtaining The Title Of Black Belt Second Dan.
  • Basic Course In Rescue And Rescue Techniques With The Domingo Peña Rescue Group.
  • I Multidisciplinary Meeting On Bioethics And Medical Law.
  • 3rd Andean Conference on Pathological Anatomy Dra. Ana Dávila de Arriaga.
  • Organizer 1st Update Day in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Merida-Venezuela.
  • Up-to-date Pediatric Course on Immunology and Allergy Topics.
  • Toxicological Emergency Course of the Social Medicine Program.
  • LXIII National Surgery Day.
  • Viii Venezuelan Congress Of Surgery Residents.
  • III Andean Conference on Mastology.
  • Symposium On The Polytraumatized Patient.
  • Congress The Polytraumatized Patient.
  • 1st Scientific Meeting of Otorhinolaryngology.


  • VI Western Conference on Cardiology.
  • 1st Regional Conference on Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital Care.
  • II Scientific Conference.
  • I Conference of the Women's Clinic in Honor of Dr. Eulogio Angulo.
  • VIII Conference On Pneumonology And Chest Surgery Dr. Manfred Hartung.
  • Workshop on the diagnosis and treatment of panic disorders.
  • XI National Congress of Medical Students.
  • Basic first aid course of the Venezuelan Red Cross.
  • American Heart Association BLS Course.
  • Course-Workshop on Trauma Surgery in Animal Model of the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla.

Recent Courses:

  • XXIX Annual International Symposium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2012 Rhinoplasty. From the Jalisco Institute of Reconstructive Surgery Dr. José Guerrero Santos, AC
  • Rotation in the Emergency Surgery, shock and general surgery service at the Hospital de la Cruz Roja Mexicana Delegación Federal District.
  • XX Ibero-Latin American Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery FILACP Cancun Mexico 2014.
  • 45th National Congress of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery - AMCPER Mexico City. Mexico 2014.
  • XLVI National Congress of the AMCPER in Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit. 2015.
  • XLVII International Congress of AMCPER in Veracruz. 2016
  • Plastic surgery meeting of the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons Los Angeles USA 2016.
  • XLVIII National Congress of the AMCPER in Cancun 2017.
  • XLIX National Congress of AMCPER in Monterrey


  • Mexican Council of General Surgery AC - A120191 (July 2012 - July 2017)
  • Rectification by the Mexican Council of General Surgery AC - C120191 (August 2017 - August 2022)

How to Reach Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales

Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales is located in a strategic Mexico border area and is often visited by many tourists from the United States, Canada, and various countries in the world. You can easily reach Tijuana, Mexico, by using transportation such as buses, or private cars.

You can also take the San Diego Trolley, which will take you straight to the border crossing. Next, you can get around by taking the available Taxi, and it can take you to the address Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales. If you take an airplane, you can get off at Tijuana International Airport, and then ask for airport-hospital-hotel shuttle facilities. Please contact the Customer Representative from Marciales to get more information about this facility.

Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales Testimonials

The following are testimonials from patients who have undergone Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales, which you can use as additional references:

Excellent super professional and warm doctor. She listens to her patients and excellent nurses very kind.

(Denise Flores)

The best dr who completely changed my life always super attentive and clarifying any doubts Gaby and Estefania are super cute left me just as I wanted I love my results thanks again for so much Dr.Marciales. 

(Kiki Tejeda)

100% recommended..excellent surgeon, excellent human being along with his entire team ... I totally change my life for the better ... forever grateful ... blessings.

(Rosario Tapia)

Incredible doctor, he takes care of her patient at all times. Be happy to fall into the right hands.

(Mayra Ortiz Barba)

Professional, detailed, very attentive, and a great team who are just as nice and caring as he is. He always answered all my questions face to face or even via email. Dr Marciales and his team made sure I was healing properly before I went home.

(Moni Mays)

After seeing different opinions for a cosmetic surgery, we came to the hands of Dr. Carlos Marciales and from the moment he received us in his office we felt that empathy and professionalism that he has towards his patients, without a doubt it was the best option that we could have had Thanks Dr. Marciales!

(José Ma Pérez)

F.A.Q about Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Here are some frequently asked questions about Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales. Here's more information:

  • Why Many People Choose Tijuana Mexico for Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico is renowned for its low cost, and that is a major advantage for patients. They can get medical care of the same quality as in the United States and Canada!

  • Why Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico is so popular?

The popularity of Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico has been around for a long time until now. Several demands of the profession, wanting to improve appearance, and restore the aesthetic beauty of the body are the motivation for many people to do plastic surgery.

  • What is The Most Trending Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Mexico Today?

According to the results of a survey conducted, the most trending surgical procedure in Mexico to date is Liposuction, and the second is Breast Augmentation.

  • Why The Price for Plastic Surgery in Mexico is Affordable?

A number of factors such as affordable medical education costs, a simple lifestyle, the high demand for Plastic Surgery in Mexico, and other factors, make Plastic Surgery in Mexico affordable compared to other countries.

Why Choose Marciales Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales provides the best service, so it is not surprising that this hospital is recommended for patients who expect improvement in their aesthetics and appearance. Check out the reasons why Marciales is the right choice for you, below:

  • Thousands of Patients Have Experienced Satisfaction

Thousands of patients have undergone Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales, and many of them have experienced extraordinary benefits and results. Now they can appear more confident and special.

  • Top Quality and Awesome Aftercare Service

The quality of Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales is also not inferior to the quality of Plastic Surgery in America and Canada. Reliable specialists are ready to provide the best service beyond your expectations.

  • Reliable Solution for Inner and Outer Beauty

Not only will patients get inner beauty, but patients will also get outer beauty, so they will be able to enjoy a more attractive and extraordinary body than before.

Get Special Price at Marciales Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico!

Find all the aesthetic and cosmetic surgery solutions you want from Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales. Make a reservation now to get the best price Plastic Surgery Packages and also a free consultation. Click the button below to start your journey, and get more information:

Top Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico by Marciales