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130 Mahopac Ave Granite Springs NY 10527, 2229 Crompond Rd. Cortlandt manor NY 10567, New York 10527, United States
Price Range: $100 - $100
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Chronic Diseases, Herbal Treatment, Medical Spa Treatment, Natural Therapies
Focus Area: Alternative Medicine in Granite Springs, NY | NY Massage Foundation Inc. | Pain Management | Massage Therapy

NY Massage Foundation Inc. Profile Overview

NY Massage Foundation Inc.

 About NY Massage Foundation Inc. - A Non-Profit Organization in Granite Springs, NY

NY Massage Foundation Inc. is a mobile medical massage company in Granite Springs, Cortland, NY. It provides alternative care massage insurance to anyone without coverage, so patients from the United States can receive preventative care services at no cost, costing thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. NY Massage Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization created after experiencing resistance from insurance companies unwilling to deliver covered services for massage therapy.

The company serves anyone who needs affordable alternative medicine, for example,  public/civil service workers, first responders, nurses, teachers, police officers, and firefighters. The patient experience better workforce productivity and a less painful, more relaxed, and healthy quality of life after the massage therapy.

Their massage practitioners specialize in a preventative care and non-invasive integrative therapy for pain management with more focused care by combining different techniques (light therapy, sound therapy, vibration therapy) for individual patient needs. The company's vision is to put licensed massage therapists in clinical settings such as hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, and hospice care.

  • Clinic Name: NY Massage Foundation Inc.

  • Procedure: Alternative Medicine, Massage Therapy

  • Location: Granite Springs, New York

  • Therapist: ALECIA THORNEY

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Benefits of Choosing NY Massage Foundation Inc. for Alternative Medicine in Granite Springs, NY

Here are the benefits you can get by selecting NY Massage Foundation Inc. for your massage therapy in Granite Springs, NY:

  • Decrease Muscle Spasm

  • Increases Immune System

  • Improves Digestive Function

  • ​Speeds up Healing & Recovery

  • Reduces Stiffness & Pain

  • ​Increases Athletic Performance

  • Calms the Nervous System 

  • Better Quality of Life

List of Alternative Medicine Therapies at NY Massage Foundation Inc. iNew York

You can find the following alternative therapy available at NY Massage Foundation Inc. iGranite Springs:

  • Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is for a condition that has not been diagnosed by a physician & not been found on an X-Ray or M.R.I. scan. Generally caused by repetitive strain injuries brought on by overuse and incorrect posture.

  • Medical massage                              ​

Medical massage is a focused massage geared toward a specific area of complaint. It helps relieve pain and discomfort from a condition that a physician, such as Cancer, has diagnosed.

Cost of Massage Therapy at NY Massage Foundation Inc. in Granite Springs, New York

Suppose you are interested in the latest prices for alternative medicine, massage therapy, and pain management in Granite Springs, NY. In that case, you can get more details from the NY Massage Foundation Inc. directly or by contacting our Customer Care Team. Anyone who cannot afford alternative care massage or has insurance without coverage can go anywhere within the United States and acquire preventative care services at no cost or at more affordable prices than others.

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Best Massage Therapist at NY Massage Foundation Inc. in Granite Springs, NY

Alecia Thorney is the best massage therapist, with over seventeen years of clinical experience. She works at NY Massage Foundation Inc. in Granite Springs and delivers good quality and effective alternative treatments to her patients.

Dr. Thorney is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the medical massage practice. She has been helping hundreds of patients make remarkable pain management improvements.

Doctor Name: Alecia Thorney

Specialist: Massage Therapist 

Language: English

Certifications: Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) 

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If you feel like you are doing all the right things, such as diet and exercise but can't lose weight, have pain, discomfort, or lack energy on a daily basis even after seeing your medical doctors. If a condition has not been diagnosed on an X-Ray or M.R.I. scan, you may need effective alternative medicine like massage therapy in Granite Springs, New York at NY Massage Foundation Inc. Get affordable massage treatment by booking your consultation with a highly skilled therapist in Granite Springs. Contact us today for more information!

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NY Massage Foundation Inc., New York, United States Profile Details

NY State licensed specialist and provider in alternative care and non invasive treatments for pain management.