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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine in Seoul, South Korea Offers Orthopedic/Knee Surgery

635, Shinsa- Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Specialty: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery
Focus Area: Jaseng Hospital | Bone & Joints Treatment Center | Spine Care | Spinal Disorder | Herniated Disc | Non-Surgical Treatment | Osteoporosis | Sprain & Strain | Acupuncture Therapy | Holistic Medicine Center | CHUNA Therapy | Physical Therapy | Seoul, South Korea

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Profile Overview

Who we are?
We will strive and remain devoted to deliver you beneficial information, and we hope that everyone lives a vigor filled life.

We are one of the largest and leading private educational hospitals in the region, located in Apgujung, Central Seoul. It was established in 1999, by Dr. Joon Shik Shin, the originator of Chuna Therapy. The hospital is comprised of 4 modern buildings, equipped with 100 patient beds and state of the art diagnostic equipment. Today it is composed of 120 Specialized Practitioners, 55 registered nurses, 12 exercise & physical therapy specialists, and approximately 100 other supporting staff.

What we do?

  • Eastern and Western Medicine Integration
  • International Clinic Going Beyond the Language Barrier
  • The leader in clinically-proven Oriental Medicine in Korea
  • Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine specializes in non-surgical treatment for spine conditions

In 2007, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs recognized Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine  as the only hospital specializing in spine conditions. The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic resources such as MRIs to provide the best non-surgical treatment for spine disorders. Jaseng is committed to providing the most effective medical care for patients by practicing native medicine in conjunction with allopathic (western) medicine.

Jaseng is a leading research-oriented hospital that pursues scientific and globalized oriental medicine. Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine has been proven for excellence in non-surgical solutions through collaborative research with the Osher Institute at Harvard University Medical School, University of California, Irvine and many other renowned medical institutions.

Why us?

The quality and expertise of our medical staff, the competence and sophistication of our equipments, and our dedication to excellent service ensures that every patient of ours receives full care, full value, and effective treatment. We are committed to providing this level of service and improving it even more through future innovation and development.

Our expertise.

Spine Center 

The Spine Center offers a wealth of treatment options, and patients undergo thorough clinical examination, radiological testing, and evaluation by an appropriate specialist.

Our Spine experts focus solely on spinal problems and carefully coordinate to develop a personalized treatment plan that matches each patient's personal needs.

In addition to providing proven treatments, through its theoretical and clinical research, the Spine center remains committed to further the development of conservative treatments for spinal disorders such as;

  • Herniated / Ruptured & Bulging Disc
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative disc(Spondylosis)
  • And many more…..

In Korean medicine, the most commonly used treatments are acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, blood suction, and physical therapy. We provide, two additional therapies, MST Acupuncture and Chuna Manipulation. These treatments are used for spinal disorders, bone and joint disorders and internal disorders as well, but they vary depending on the individual and the degree of their symptoms.

Bone & Joint Center

We represent a comprehensive group of highly trained specialists and staff dedicated to helping patients who suffer from many painful bone and joint disorders such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Frozen shoulder  Tendonitis (Tennis elbow), Fibromyalgia, Sprain & Strain and get them back on their feet both physically and mentally. They are committed to helping those who experience pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and other ailments live more active lives with less discomfort.

Acupuncture treatment is practiced along with herbal medicine, and oriental physical therapy.

TMJ Center

It is composed of highly trained specialists and staff who are committed to providing excellence in diagnosis and treatment for TMJ disorders. The TMJ center provides individualized conservative, non-surgical treatments that have been known to be highly efficient in treating TMJ disorders and is like none other. The TMJ staff is committed to helping you return to a pain-free life.

Stroke Rehab Center

At Jaseng Stroke Center specialist work together to tailor a unique treatment plan that includes acupuncture and herbal medicine to prevent and rehabilitate stroke. Acupuncture and herbal medicine has been known to have a high effect in preventing a future heart attack or stroke. In the event of post-stroke, given that vital signs have returned to normal, the rehabilitation procedures can be covered by highly efficient Korean medical techniques at Jaseng, which includes exercise therapy.

Wellness Center

It is a holistic approach to health that combines all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual well-being to realign mind, body and soul. We use a collaborative approach, which avails you of the very best of both worlds— state-of-the-art western diagnostic equipment & time-honored healing traditions for the maximum leverage & best possible, long-term results.

It includes:

  • Women’s Clinic
    • Women disorders
    • Pregnancy care clinic
    • Menopause care clinic 
    • Postpartum clinic
  • Chronic Fatigue Clinic
  • Liver Detox Clinic
  • Pediatric Clinic
    • Growth / Poor Appetite
    • Immunity & Cold

Jaseng International Clinic

Jaseng’s International Clinic consists of English, German, Japanese and Chinese-speaking Medical Specialists. We also offer customer services in English and Japanese by answering the phone/ email inquiries, making reservations, consulting treatment cost, assisting during the hospital visit and many more services to minimize any language difficulties while at Jaseng. 

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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, Seoul, South Korea Profile Details

We have 8 branches all over Korea, and one in the U.S.A., these are:

Bucheon Branch 
88 beds, 21 physicians
414 Sang-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Bundang Branch 
9 physicians
5F Well-being Plaza, 260-6 Suhyun-dong Bundang-gu, Sungnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Mokdong Branch
7 physicians
5&6F Daekyung Plaza, 404-156 Mok-1-dong, Yangchun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Ilsan Branch  
9 physicians
2F Gangchonmaeul Bldg B, 806 Madu-dong, Ilsan dong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Gangbuk Branch  
7 physicians
8F Wow Shopping Mall, 292-1 Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Yeongdeungpo Branch  
10 physicians
4F Time Squre, 441-10 Yeongdeungop-dong 4ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Suwon Branch  
11 physicians
10F Damoa Plaza, 959-4 Youngtong-dong, Youngtong-gu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Daejeon Clinic 
15 physicians
644 Tanbang-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Fullerton, USA Branch 
5 physicians
1950 Sunnycrest Drive, Suite 2000, Fullerton, CA 92835, USA


  • Jaseng’s  Boyak:There are two advantages of Korean herbal medicine, ‘Boyak'. The first is that it solves the root cause of the problem and even unseen symptoms. The second advantage is that it has almost no side effects. The principle of Korean herbal medicine is that although it takes a longer time the condition will be slowly improved non-surgically into an idealistic state by solving the root of the problem.
    • The effects are scientifically proven.
    • Made by selecting highest quality herbs.
    • Safety is maintained through strict inspection process.
    • Decocted with devotion and cleanliness.
    • Effect: If you have been feeling chronically fatigue for an abnormally long period of time (CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), YGD will relieve this symptom following 15 to 20 days of regular consumption.
    • Mechanism: It improves the function of the liver, heart, and kidney, which have superior effects on the nervous system dysfunction caused by; chronic fatigue, excessive use of liver, nervous breakdown, feeling of uneasiness and kidney malfunction. By regulating consumptive fever and body fluids, recovers the lost harmony of water and fire, which are one of the Five Elements in the theory of Oriental Medicine. The mechanism in which it performs is the processes of helping your body recover the intrinsic self-healing ability.
    • Mechanism: It improves body fluid secretes hormone, and improves stamina.
  • CHONGSIMWAN (BLOOD PURIFIER): It helps purify the blood and lowers the level of Hwa (anger) accumulated in your body.
  • YONGGAKYO-TANG: It is known for its remarkable bone strengthening and degeneration reducing effect.


The ultimate goal of the JRIB is to create pharmacological effect of herbal medicine based upon Korean Medicine and scientific research.

Jaseng International Clinic

Jaseng’s International Clinic consists of English, German, Japanese and Chinese-speaking Medical Specialists. We also offer customer services in English and Japanese by answering the phone/ email inquiries, making reservations, consulting treatment cost, assisting during the hospital visit and many more services to minimize any language difficulties while at Jaseng.

The Distinctive Features of the International Clinic

  • Customer Service Available via phone/email
  • Provide Interpreting Service (English/ Japanese)
  • Prescribed Medicine Delivery System
  • Issue Medical Document in English (Medical Statement/Certificate, Receipt, Herbal Medicine Certification, etc)
  • Provide Copy of Examination
  • Issue Herbal Medicine Certification for Customs
  • Prepare the Medical Insurance Document
  • Accepts Insurance Service
  • Affiliated Hotels Reservations
  • Transportation from Airport for Inpatient
  • Provide Tourism and Accommodation Information

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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Treatments Offered


  • General Acupunture
  • MST
  • Bee Venom
  • Herbal acupuncture

Chuna Manipulation:

CHU means to push and NA means to pull. It is a unique manipulation practiced by oriental medical doctors at Jaseng hospital. The Patient is laid on the specially designed CHUNA bed and the educated practitioner adjusts the patient's displaced bones and joints.

Herbal Medicine:

For spinal disorders, a three-stage HERB regimen is followed

  • Anti-inflammatory / Nerve-reviving medicine: A herniated/ruptured disc in the neck or lower back can cause pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, fingers, lower back or even the leg (sciatica). In the first stage of treatment, relieving the pain by eliminating the inflammation surrounding the disc is the important issue.
  • Muscle strengthening medicine: In the second stage, most of your pain has been eliminated.
  • Bone protecting medicine: Now you are in the final stage of your spinal disorder treatment.

Physical therapy I

  • Aqua pressure / Air pressure therapy
  • Electric stimulation / Hot pack massage
  • Sonoid: Muscle reliever, Blood circulator
  • Micro current / Ultrasonic current

Physical therapy II (Exercise therapy)

Patients who are judged to require rehab exercise are individually prescribed a suitable exercise routine based on their present physical capability and the degree of pain. This follows a scientific and professional exercise program, and a certified therapist personally coaches patients through their routine so the effect is to be the best

Bone & Joint Center:

  • General Acupuncture; Dry, fine, sterile, disposable needle insertion
  • Bee Venom Therapy
  • Herbal Injection Therapy

Jaseng Physical Therapy

  • Hot pack, Electrical pack massage
  • Auqa pressure therapy

Aqua pressure + herbal pack massage

  • Sonoid therapy
  • Micro current therapy
  • Electric stimulation therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Compression therapy




Acupuncture treatment is practiced along with herbal medicine and TR treatment is practiced.


  • Korean Gynecology Treatment
  • Korean Dermatology Treatment
  • Korean Obesity Treatment
  • Pediatric/Growth Treatment
  • Internal Medicine Treatment

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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Today Jaseng is composed of 120 Specialized Practitioners, 55 registered nurses, 12 exercise & physical therapy specialists & approximately 100 other supporting staff all of whom have a handsome amount of experience in their field. 

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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Testimonials

From Yoon-Jeong, Choi

I wouldn’t have been cured if I had given up on the treatment.

I had severe back pain since I gave birth to my second child on May 2005. I assumed it was just a side effect of giving birth, so didn’t take seriously at all (In fact wasn’t even able to freely turn over or get up from lying down and I sometimes even had to crawl on my hands and knees) The pain eventually diminished, but then reappeared in October 2004.
I was contemplating on whether I should go with eastern or western treatment, and because of my belief Jaseng’s non-surgical treatment I chose Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine. On my first visit, I was questioning whether I could actually be cured with this treatment. The bill for treatment and medication also laid a heavy burden on me. However, my passion to return to good health weighed more, so I decided to follow the doctor’s orders.
I received Chuna and acupuncture therapy once a week, along with herbal medicine. After 3 months of treatment I felt I might be able to stop treatment because I felt much improvement, however the pain started again, but not as severe as in the beginning. So I received 1 more month of treatment. I wouldn’t have been cured if I had given up on the treatment.
Deciding to take 4 months of herbal medicine and receive treatment was the best choice that I made. I appreciate Dr. Beol Jeong, for helping me to trust and believe that I too can be cured if I follow his exact orders. I feel that my passion to recover and my positive thoughts were very helpful as well. Now I introduce Jaseng Hospital to my colleagues and friends with great confidence. 

From Yoon-sil Han(1968)

I am satisfied with the treatment I received for my chronic neck & low back pain.

I had chronic neck & low back pain, which was caused by my poor posture.Following 2 months of treatment, I’m very satisfied with my improved body & mind condition. One of my relatives introduced me to come to Jaseng, and I think Jaseng Hospital deserves admiration.
I am surprised with the fact that not only the doctors and nurses but also people from the information desk, the cashier, and even the shuttle bus drivers were all very kind and helpful.
Jaseng isn’t the kind of hospital that offers only one-way treatments, and pushes patients out of the hospital because of lack of time. I feel the doctor’s attitude of inducing patients to have conversations and providing a comfortable treatment atmosphere cut my remedy time down.
I will try to do the exercises that Dr. Kim taught me constantly, which is maintaining a correct posture and improving my neck & low back in good condition.I would like to thank Dr. Kim for his great technique and patience.

From Mr Bahk

Unbearable Low back pain : the aftereffect of snowboarding accident

A ski buff Mr Bahk used to run to ski resorts every winter season. 3 Years ago, he had an accident and broke his arm and sprained his low back while snowboarding, but after recovering by having surgery, he completely forgot about what happened to his body and any pain he suffered from.

One day a year later, he began to feel numbness in his low back and his back frequently fell asleep which made it difficult to walk normally or for a certain length of time. Bahk even began to limp in his right leg and when driving, he had to lean his upper body leftward in order not to feel the pain in his right lower body.

"Due to the uncomfortable condition of my body I began to feel exhausted. The pain and numbness became more serious as time passed. I tried many therapeutic methods from medication to physiotherapy but only to fail..."

He was in his worst condition when came to Jaseng. Being diagnosed as having HIVD(herniated discs) between lumbar vertebrae 3-4, 4-5, and 5-sacrum 1, Bahk immediately registered to be hospitalized. In the first week, Bahk lived on the bed lying on his stomach, holding a pillow. He didn't eat much because he was afraid of moving himself towards the bathroom, which caused unbearable pain. The initial treatment was done using MST(Motion style treatment), Jaseng's unique acupuncture technique which is especially good for emergency cases.

"It was just like magic. When receiving MST, I soon began to feel very comfortable in my low back and leg and eventually I was able to walk on my own. The effect lasted for about a day in the initial MST and in the second MST, it went for more than a day. A week after having the second MST, I was able to go to the bathroom freely and I didn't have excruciating pain anymore."

Bahk checked out of the hospital a month later with his health condition being diagnosed to be normal.

The major therapies he received were acupuncture, moxa, blood suction, and physiotherapy. However, besides acupuncture, the most affecting part was Jaseng herbal medication, which helps the ligaments and muscles placed along the bones and discs to become stronger and healthier.

A month after returning to his job, Bahk stated that as long as he didn't do strenuous work or walking, he doesn't feel pain or numbness anymore.

He adds, always try to check yourself to see what posture you are seated or standing in. Keeping a good posture is the first step to your spine health and to stay out of trouble. 

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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Awards & Recognitions


  • Jaseng announced the clinical research result at American Pain Society and European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation medicine
  • Dr. Shin, Joon-Shik, spreading Jaseng’s non-surgical treatment system in Egypt
  • Comaneci, the legend of gymnastics and Su-jie Shin, the angle of the Asian gymnastics made a visit to Jaseng hospital of oriental medicine
  • The 7th World Symposium on Traditional Orthopedics, in Korea
  • Foreigners Interested in Medical Tourism Focus on Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine
  • Jaseng’s Non-Surgical Spinal Treatment Methods Receives Attention by International Groups of Visitors

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