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Primorska 3, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia
Price Range: $340 - 4470
Specialty: Dentistry
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Dental Implants Croatia Profile Overview

Quality dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry abroad at affordable prices!

Have you ever thought about dental treatment and holiday combined, without necessarily spending a fortune? If you require cosmetic dentistry, and need to take the time for a break to polish your teeth and remedy your dental status, please send us an enquiry and consider coming to Dubrovnik. Combine your treatment with a unique relaxing holiday.

Once you come to our clinic as our new patient you get Free dental treatment of lime teeth cleaning and polishing!
Don't hesitate to contact us and come to Croatia!

Cosmetic Dentistry and dental tourism... and each dental treatment within the industry, has become very competitive on a global scale. Croatia has achieved highly professional dental standards. In addition, it has managed to sustain affordable prices. Dentists in Croatia are among the most desired! They reveal enthusiasm towards the profession and indisputable willingness to constantly update themselves with newest approved methods and technology. Cosmetic Dentistry abroad in Croatia is in its uprising, save money for quality therapy and enjoy the Croatian hospitality.

Dental Treatment... thanks to the latest achievements in technology, we can provide very high quality therapy including; advanced cosmetic dentistry, implants, endodontic, prosthodontic, oral surgery and teeth whitening. All at affordable prices. Even functional therapy which is practiced by only 0.02 % of dentists worldwide. Today, dental diagnostics is all about new technology. It is crucial for any modern therapy. Its also important for patients before making a final choice of procedure. Our specialists can consult with the help of maximum level of such high standards and diagnostic equipment. This will allow you to attain insight of your current oral status, which upon we can make the best possible recommendations for you future dental health.

Our clinic in Dubrovnik...
is a small approved dental practice. Cosmetic dentistry in Croatia has achieved very high standards due to intensive certification and constant education of specialists abroad and locally. With this website we would like to simplify and narrow down common understanding towards the vast terminology used in cosmetic dentistry today. On the right side menu of this site, you will easily find more information on any specific dental treatment. A a table of estimated intervals required for every particular procedure is also included. In addition to these high quality dental services, we would like to take this opportunity and proudly present the city of Dubrovnik. Possibly as your preferred Dental Holiday in Croatia. For those that have not visited Dubrovnik before, please view more information about Dubrovnik and Croatia on this site. We have added some interesting links that will give you more information about this beautiful medieval city on the Adriatic, Mediterranean sea.

New Patients at our Clinic...
are provided with courtesy support for accommodation as well as any other information required to help them make their dental treatment abroad as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. In our clinic every new patient gets teeth cleaning and polishing free of charge! Dubrovnik provides a unique combination of cosmetic dentistry abroad and holiday, prevailing affordable dental prices and quality treatment. Planning and organizing a health holiday to Croatia is worth while considering. Dubrovnik is a city full of rich cultural heritage, with many Hotels in all categories. Flying to Dubrovnik is also easy, many scheduled carriers e.g. British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines as well as a number of low cost airlines fly direct and regularly to Dubrovnik. If a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia is for any reason not suitable and Zagreb maybe closer or more convenient, we easily manage dental treatment at our partner practice in Zagreb.

Our excellent reputation has been earned by the consistent high quality and outstanding results provided by our highly qualified and experienced clinic staff. We make every effort to continue so and look forward to your support in providing Dental Patient Testimonials with true statements about your experience at our clinic and Croatia.

Looking forward to your first visit...

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Dental Implants Croatia Treatments Offered

Cosmetic Dentistry, Treatments and Dental Care Croatia.
An attractive smile is achieved through the skillful creativity of Cosmetic Dentistry.
Cosmetic dentistry involves dental procedures that aim to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile.
This procedure is often referred to as a "Smile makeover". A beautiful smile can have numerous effects on an individual’s self-esteem, self-confidence, as well as personal relationships. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile, you should seek the advice of a dentist that is experienced in carrying out various cosmetic dentistry procedures. On this site, you can find brief descriptions of various procedures applied today as well as seek free advise from our specialist.

Our dental clinic makes every effort to apply advanced technology and achieve highest standards in cosmetic dentistry and oral health care. Patients with any tooth, teeth, gums or mouth issue receive free dental advise on line. Our Dental practice provides services and products based on newest approved procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry today.

Common cosmetic dental procedures include veneers, crowns, implants, white fillings, teeth whitening, orthodontics, gum reshaping, dentures and dental bridges.

Our practice provides most common high quality dental procedures: Veneers, crowns, Implants, prostheses, white fillings, orthodontics, gum reshaping, dentures and dental bridges. In addition; functional therapy, endodontics, oral surgical procedures, all would be unthinkable without precise diagnostics devices. They help our Dentists achieve high quality, in accordance with todays highest standards for the most demanding surgical procedures.
Modern dentistry sets very high standards and each professional clinic should accept and implement these standards in its dental practice, if they are to achieve advanced standards and quality results. This Dental Clinic Croatia provides diagnostics with the newest methods and technology available: high end ARCUS digma II, digital orthopantomograph, CT and computer-guided implantology with the help of a sophisticated software solutions e.g. SIMPLANT.
Below your will find two main categories, each with a list of cosmetic dentistry procedures available in our clinic.

Dental implant procedure or Implant dentistry?

This procedure or treatment for missing teeth involves placement of a sophisticated small titanium screw which is securely implanted in to the jaw, used as a replacement of a missing tooth or more teeth, even all teeth. During the process of bone integration the implant is firmly integrated in the bone. After the bone has grown around the implant or implants it can hold a crown, bridge or over denture just like roots hold natural teeth in place. Implants are very durable and can last a lifetime. They require the same maintenance as natural teeth; this includes brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups.

Restore teeth: Implant dentistry for "Single Tooth" or "Multiple Teeth"

Computer assisted x-rayReplace Single Tooth with a Dental Implant:
If you have lost a tooth due to an accident or from periodontal disease, that one tooth can be remounted using a dental implant.
A dental implant is an excellent way of replacing a single tooth without the disadvantages of a fixed bridge or removable dentures. It is the ideal treatment for a missing tooth because it does not affect your adjacent teeth. That means no grinding or crowning of your natural teeth for bridges, and no clasps for removable partial dentures.

Your teeth stimulate the surrounding bone with each bite. This preserves the integrity of the bone. When a tooth is lost, the bone is not stimulated and begins to shrink away. A dental implant keeps this bone intact and can prevent both bone loss and gum tissue shrinkage. In addition, because a dental implant restores the root structure, the jawbone is better preserved. A dental implant is also much easier to clean as compared to a bridge. And unlike a bridge, an implant can not be affected by cavities. A dental implant looks and functions like a natural tooth, while having several advantages over other types of tooth replacement. If you are missing a single tooth ro several teeth, implat dentistry provides the most natural looking option to restore them.

Computer assisted guiding
Replace Multiple Teeth with Dental Implants:

As we age, a greater effort is required in the maintenance of our appearance. While we may force ourselves to a strict diet and exercise, many times our teeth are forgotten. Teeth are prone to deterioration after many years of use. They get worn down, chipped/cracked, and eventually they can be lost due to physical injury or prolonged tooth decay and deterioration. Having many missing teeth is detrimental to the health and replacing these teeth is very important. Just as with one missing tooth, several missing teeth can be aided with dental implants. Implant supported bridges are permanently fixed in the mouth, unlike removable appliances. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth without needing the support of neighboring teeth. Because dental implants restore the root of the natural tooth, they preserve the jawbone and prevent bone deterioration. This preservation of jawbone helps to keep both the bone and gum tissue from collapsing, which may lead to an unattractive smile. In addition, with a traditional bridge, cement can wash out from underneath the bridge exposing the tooth, allowing cavities to form. Dental implants do not get cavities, but brushing and flossing are extremely important to maintain for healthy gums and help in keeping plaque away from the bone and gum tissue.

Dentures will fit more securely and comfortably with over denture implants. This will minimize any discomfort and movement (slipping) that is common with normal dentures. Many older adults are turning towards dental implant supported dentures for their greater comfort and confidence with dentures. Many people are often able to eat the foods they couldn't with their old dentures.

Mulitple teeth implants are a great way to add smile confidence with a truly snug fitting denture or getting rid of that ill-fitting partial denture.

Veeners are simply a painless correction, a secure and estheticly excellent treatment to correct your yellow or achromatic teeth, breaches (diastema) or crooked-damaged teeth.
With Veners, it's possible to transform crooked, stained, damaged or badly worn out teeth into a brand new white smile. In only two visits to the dentist you can change your dental feeling and smile look. Veneers are thin lamintates/shells of tooth-coloured material (which can be either porcelain, ceramic or composite bonding material). They are “cemented” to the front surface of the tooth or teeth to improve their appearance. Results are fascinating. Not every person is favorable for veneer implantation. There is internal jaw situation when it is not advisable to implant veneers, because of that, they would result with failure. In case you want to know if its safe/convinient for you to implement veneers, you will have to consult your dentist first, which will determine this after a detailed examination.

Dentures: can be parcial (which replace more teeth) and total (which replace all teeth). There are dentures which are made on methal construction and dentures which are completely made from acril. Today in our clinics we prefer denture production know as ECLIPSE. Those dentures are result of new technologies. We can excerpt that Eclipse dentures are lighter and stronger than classic ones and teeths in Eclipse dentures are better and esthetic prettier. In lot of cases total dentures can not satisfy with quality their function, especially if alveolus ledge is shallow, which is mostly the case in lower jaw. Those problems we are solving with implantation of mini implants IMTEC brand (USA). On that implants denture stands firmly and completely can accept function that has. That kind of denture is completely stabile and gives satisfaction and self confidence to it's owner.

  • Combined works: on four or more devastated teeths are made porcelain crowns in blocks from two or more of them together, and then over special joint connections denture is putting on. That kind of prosthetic work is extremely good, they stand firmly in mouth, patients soon got habit for this kind of prosthetic work.
  • Porcelain crown: is replacement for damaged or completely destroyed tooth crown. As a cradle for porcelain different alloys can be used (gold, titanium), and recently alloys are made from zircon or aluminium oxid. There are more technologies of making constructions for crowns and bridges. We will mention the most precise technology today known as CAD-CAM technology.With this method, by computer and milling machine precise constructions are made, and precise is measured in hundredth parts of millimetres. On that super precise porcelain is baked and we have work of high quality. 
  • Veneers: excellent esthetic solution for teeth with disturbed esthetic (for any reason - tetrciklic tooth coloring, damage of tooth edge etc.)

Dental fillings are redeemed parts of damaged teeth due dental caries, tooth aberration or some other reason. Thanks to the development of adhesiv chemistry and composit today we can successfully reconstruct (to fill) damaged part of tooth to be barely notable. Filling is conected with tooth with strong chemical connection. At that kind of fillings there is no fractures between filling and a tooth, so their quality and durability are not questionable. 

Do you have problems with bad breath? Does your gum bleading or maybe your teeth are swinging?
If you have any of those symptoms there is big probability that you have periodontal disease.

What is actually periodontal disease?
That is chronic disease of the supporting tissues of teeth that we call perodont. It is caused by the bacteria which regularly collect on the teeth. Proteins from slaver are collecting in mouth and make bacterias which with their toxins causes gingivitis. One gram of plaque contains 200 milliards of bacteries. By plaque mineralization it is creating tartar. Gingivitis is curable, but if you let it go it grows to a periodontal disease. That is disease that can last for decades. Then we already have bone defects (bone pockets) and fortified gum bleeding. With time it can come to advanced bone absorption, unpleasant breath(fet ex ore), teeth swinging, in comes to dressing in pockets, gums are pulling back, teeth are swinging and falling out. At all this there is more problems, because it leads to bad digestion, it is changing whole look and appearance of the face, esthetic is destroyed, and brings a lot of psyhological problems.

How to prevent disease?
Regular teeth brushing, using the dental floss and regular visits to dentist are key of good teeth health. Treatment of periodontal disease means regular elimination of soft and hard teeth sediments elimination of bad fillings and replacement of bad and old periodontal works. with modern tehnics of water bone regeneration and water regeneration of soft tissue are opening new possibilities of periodontal treatment. With this methods is possible to regenerate damaged bone and to regenerate mouth epithelia. How much is hygiene important in preserving teeth health tells the fact that any procedure of healing periodont won't give successful results unless the satisfactorily hygiene of teeth and mouths is performing.   
By its end, with the same system, we will finish almost perfect prothetic work. For diagnostics we also use images of uper and lower jaw, and images of T-M joints, and that we do with the most modern digital X-ray machine (orthopantomograf).

What is the therapy?
Patients who have diagnosed disfunction of jaws joint, have been treatened with wearing stabilisation appliance. That is one of therapy aids in horseshoe form, it wears for getting back and holding joint in his ecophysiological positions and even can be weared for relaxation of bite musculature. Very soon after  wearing this appliance, pains are gone, and other disfunctions are back in good haelth with different dentistry works and procedures. Jaws joint disfunction problems 0,02% of dentists in western countries is doing. That is why we call that dentists dental elite. Dentists who are working on this problems have to be very good experts in all dentistry fields, has to know complete nervous system and all of his structures. I want proudly to propound that I succesfully practise with this problem for a long time know.

Teeth whitening
If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth, they are healthy, but you want to change something, go to your dentist and check available options for a successful treatment of teeth whitening or dental bleaching.

There are a few methods of teeth whitening:
One method is to take print of the teeth that we want to white. Print is put in to a cast, and after that cast model proceds and prepare so that one individual spone is done on it and it is filled with whitening gel. Than we put it all together on the teeth. Teeth whitening process patient can do in his home, but with less gel concentration and with every day dentist control. And it can be done in dental clinic with higher gel concentration and it takes for about an hour.

The second method of teeth whitening is with special lamps, it is done in clinics, using special gels. Personally I prefer lamp whitening because the results are excellent. I have to mention that if you have on your teeth composit or some other fillings, porcelain crowns or other prothetic work they will not change color, they will not react to whitening gel. Don't be disappointed if your teeth become colorful after the treatment. You only need to change fillings and prothetic works in esthetic zone after the treatment of teeth whitening is done and you will have smile and beauty of the teeth as you always wanted.

Tooth abcess evolves as a result of dental pulp bacterical infection (mostly because of cavity). While bacterias are attacking the nerve, pain is going bigger and with time is decreasing. If the tooth is not treatened at all, then the abscess becomes gangrene which is spreading through the root of the tooth and crosses over his top devastating it. At stronger infection it is creating a purulent content which more agresively devastates bones with strong pains.

How to prevent and remove the toothache?
Treating tooth in time from cavity and bad fillings can prevent tooth abscess. But if it comes to tooth abscess, we will remove dental pulp (nerve) or his remainings and necrotic tissue in root canal, desinfect or even sterilize a canal, and fill it till top with permanent filling. Tooth treatment in our clinic we are doing with specially disagned instruments for machine and manual analysis of canal, and we are using electronic devices to fill it to the depth that we wanted. Using the most modern equipment we make conditions for high success in tooth treatments and satisfy all criterias of modern dentistry. 

Functional Therapy
You may have a Jaw hinge dysfunction problem if you hear clicking when opening or closing your mouth? Maybe your teeth have a consumed area or you have a few back endodontically treated teeth, or even your back teeth are missing? Do you some times wake up with pain in your face? Did your dentist tell you that you have a recession gingive over one or more teeth? You have a dropped implant? Your implants were diagnosed "peri-inplantitis" and you must take some measures and treatment?

If you have one or more of these symptoms, most probably you have a problem with the temporo-mandibular elbow (the jaw hinge). The problem may be in the teeth if you hear an exceptionally strong noise during sleep. The consequence of crunching or wring teeth may be worse; such may decrease hearing, cause tinnitus, frequent headaches, disturbance in microcirculation etc.

Diagnostic in our practices, set on the basis of detailed clinical examination, analysis of plaster models of patients and the latest known method, which uses the latest computer guided system ARCUS digma II.with whom we can monitor the course of therapy. Upon its completion, using the same system, we can do almost perfect prostodontic treatment. With this state of the art Diagnostic that uses images of the upper and lower jaw as well as images TM (connecting) points, we may establish best grounds to accomplished perfect fit of any Denture or Implant. Our practices does modern digital X-ray machine (ortopantomograph).

What is the treatment about? Patients diagnosed with this jaw disfunction have to wear the splint. Splint is a therapy aid instrument which sits on the teeth in order to restore and keep the joints in its physiological positions, or may even carry the purpose of relaxation masticator musculature. Very soon after wearing the splint pain disappears and the other disorders return to their normal state of a health jaw movement.

Dental Issues with this particular problem today are unfortunately engaged only by around 0.02% dentists worldwide. For this reason, these dentists are called the Dental elite. In order to deal with this problem, dentist must have the knowledge of many segments in the dental industry; very well know the complete masticator system and all its structures. With pride, I would like to emphasize that we successfully engage this problem for years.

Oral Surgery, Surgical extraction, Apicotomy..
Oral surgery can take place if you have one or more teeth that are completely destroyed and can not be treated. In this case you need to take out such teeth by means of surgical extraction. Such destroyed teeth are spreading bacteries and their presence in the jaw are not good because of potential abscess. If this teeth have acute abscess, it is recommended taking antibiotics, also after the tooth extraction.
Tooth extraction represents a little surgical intervention that leaves an open wound in the mouth. Steril tampons are placed on the wound that the patient bites and holds on for about ten minutes. After tooth extraction you shoud not irrigate or touch the wound. You should not consume alchocol and cigarettes after surgical extraction. After twenty minutes if the wound keeps bleeding you need to bite a new tampon, but if bleeding keeps on, an hour after tooth extraction, you should visit your dentist immidiately. Oral Surgery or Surgical extraction of a double tooth and left out roots are relativly often a common procedure in dental clinics. This procedure starts from abstracting the membrane around the molar, after which we extract the tooth or root if left out. We remove part of the bone so we can firmly and safely take the tooth out with special instruments. Afterwards we retrieve the membrane to its place, sew up the wund if needed and the procedure is over. We give antibiotics to the patient and sometime a cold compress outside.

Apicotomy is oral surgery procedure where the root top and damaged bone over it are cut out, like removing pathological contents around the root top. The hole that is created after such procedure usually is filled with artificial bone, membrane is placed back on and the wound is precisely sewed up. There are a lot procedures under oral surgery or extraction. Here we mention only those which are most commonly used in dental clinics. Normally, surgical extraction procedures are done under local anaesthetic. Nevertheless, they can also be done under general anaesthetic for complex teeth issues.

Arcus Digma II
ARCUS digma II is a unique computer system of the German company KAVO, which provides, among other things, an insight into the situation (diagnosis) of both jaws, as well as the situation of muscles, which in one way or another engaged in the lower jaw movements. With this device can diagnose whether the patient must do the functional therapy or not.

ARCUS digma II is a irreplaceable device in dental prosthetics. This system has the ability to position the left and right lower jaw of mathematical values. Then we input these values in the dental laboratory articulator. So we get individual articulator, which can run only those movements that can run a patient. Therefore, the moves of the lower jaw can fully simulate the movement, which make the rosary, bridges or dentures. Such works are most accurate and provide long-wearing affected prosthetic work, without fear that could get to work prosthetic damage or patient's teeth, normally, as long as a patient comes to regular dental controls.

ARCUS digma II is an irreplaceable system for making prosthetic work on the implants. Prosthetic work done by the above mentioned systems protect not only prosthetic work, but also implants that can create problems, and even be thrown away by the organism, as long as they incorrectly burdened prosthetic work.

X-ray Diagnostics
X-ray diagnostic is irreplaceable in modern dental practice. In our clinic, the Dental-Implants-Croatia, we use daily the digital dental X-ray machine, digital orthopantomograph and CT scan. They give us useful information on the state of the upper or lower jaw, on the state of the lower jaw joints, on the teeth and other structures. Without such diagnostic as X-ray, it would be impossible to achieve today's standards in contemporary dental practice. In our practice, Dental-Implants-Croatia we do the computer guided installation of implants. The patient goes to CT scan and then the scan is entered into a special program in which we plan how to set implants and that their optimal length, width and position in the jaw. Such a plan is sent to Brussels, where our experts make routine that we will set the exact implant in that position we have set on the computer. This method allows us to quickly, accurately and painlessly deploy implant in the jaw and also to make them precise and aesthetic prosthetic good work.
So, as we can finally conclude, in our practice, Dental-Implants-Croatia are used modern diagnostic devices that help us with everything else allows access to high-quality treatment in our patients.

Cad-Cam Technology
CAD-CAM modern computer technology certainly has become an integral part of our everyday life. Today, almost every profession uses the computer for providing countless opportunities for excellent quality and precise work.

One of the application of computers in modern dentistry is a CAD-CAM technology. This technology represents a specific processing titanium, gold, zirconium, or any other material which is in the process of further deposits of high quality ceramics (porcelain). CAD-CAM is an acronym of dental Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture. This technology can make crowns, bridges and veneers. The most CAD-CAM systems are: CEREC, PROCERA, LAVA, EVEREST and others.

There CAD-CAM systems after preparing teeth dentist takes the stamp that after the outpouring of dental technician in the laboratory based on scans and scans of the program making work. There is a CAD-CAM systems that after preparing teeth are not taken stamps, but the dentist scans ispreparirani tooth. The imported data directly into a computer, made some corrections if necessary and production process begins immediately in the office. Thanks to this, it is possible within two hours of patient prepaired teeth, make the porcelain rosary and it immediately cement.

CAD-CAM technology provides impressive precision made from the best quality, the best-known material (titanium, gold, zirconium, etc.) In the future, we expect great advances in this technology because the opportunities that are offered are really never-ending. In our practices we use Everest CAD-CAM (Germany) and Procera CAD-CAM (Sweden). The two systems allow us to achieve high precision and excellent aesthetic prosthetic works.

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Dental Implants Croatia Testimonials

Philip Currivan from the UK:
Needing some root canal treatment, and also a holiday, I decided to visit Croatia and get some dental treatment at the same time! I found a Dentist in
Dubrovnik ( Dr pero sutalo ) and made an appointment... I was a bit apprehensive at first (strange country strange dentist). I firstly noticed the modern equipment and very clean theatre. Dr pero was was very professional in his manner and obviously a man who knew his subject very well! This put me at my ease. The root canal treatment went Great!

Antun Poljanich from New Zealand:Dr Sutalo - amazing dentist. Would he be living in California you would see him frequently on those Hollywood' "complete make over" shows. I live far
away abroad and travel often to Europe. Have never met such attitude: professionalism that meets courtesy and passion for the profession. This dental practise in Croatia is simply superb value for money and a beautiful relaxing destination for dentistry.

Maureen Dunne from Ireland:If you are looking for an exceptional dentist,a true perfectionist,a gentleman -look no further.Dr Pero & his highly qualified technical team provide dental services using state of the art equipment. I found the atmosphere in the clinic very relaxing & easy going. All of the staff speak fluent english & with very competitive prices what more could you ask for! I was absolutely delighted with my new crowns and would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Pero and his team.

Kate Matusich from the USA:
I was in Croatia on holiday and mid way through my visit I had broken a crown. Fortunately I was introduced to Dr. Sutalo. He did amazing work at a very reasonable price. As a result I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Because of the great job and price my husband decided to wait on getting some work done until our return to Dubrovnik the next summer; again the results were amazing. We highly recommend Dr. Sutalo to anybody in need of dental treatment.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia Destination Overview

Dental Tourism in Dubrovnik, a unique holiday combination.
We are just a small dental practice and dedicate ourselves to serve only the best Professional treatment for all our patients. My name is Pero Sutalo. I am an enthusiastic dental specialist and member of HPD, HDEI, GIDE (Global Dental Institute, Los Angeles). I have spent my entire adult life upgrading my skills through constant dental practice and various specialized seminars. I have invested in the maximum level of sophisticated equipment and dental technology to provide various cosmetic dentistry and dental care treatments. I live with my wife Nikica and three children, Ana, Katarina and Mateo.

Dental tourism in Croatia is "One of a Kind". Being in Dubrovnik, which is a city of unique political and cultural history (Dubrovnik Republic, Dubrovnik Statute from 1272), and world famous monumental heritage and beauty (inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List). Dubrovnik is a relatively small city (cca. 60.000 population) however it counts, over half a million tourist arrivals every year. Lately, among all many of them enjoy a holiday combination with Dental treatment.

Traveling to Dubrovnik makes your holiday easy. Besides many tourists that arrive by road (new interstate highways all the way to Split, 190 km north of Dubrovnik), Various Airlines and low cost carriers fly directly and regularly from major cities in Europe.

The DIC dental clinic is situated in "Lapad" only 10 minutes drive from the medieval old city of Dubrovnik. The "Lapad" area is a peninsula surrounded with parks and seaside bay view areas for relaxing walks among various hotels, restaurants and open air cafe’s. Most hotels in Dubrovnik are situated in this area. Lush Mediterranean vegetation and fresh Adriatic air will award any treatment the necessary environment to settle and relax. The Old city offers interesting historical sites dating back to the 13th century, many museums, theater plays, concerts as well as regular local cultural events.

As the Dental Tourism phenomenon continues its growth, we strive and continue our efforts to support any Patients in regard to accommodation as well as any other information needed during there stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Once again, we simply suggest you view some of our Patient Testimonials written by recent dental holiday patients from abroad or contact us for any information required.

Dubrovnik is a well known tourist destination. The city also successfully provides dental treatment and holiday combined. A dental holiday on the coast of the Adriatic sea in addition to a cultural attraction of the medieval City of Dubrovnik.

Since 1979 Dubrovnik is in the register of UNESCO as a protected World heritage. Particular mention should be made of the city's main street in the old historical center - Stradun, St. Blaise’s Church, Cathedral, Rector's Palace, Custom's Office and the City Hall.

The geographical position of this region is typically Mediterranean. The average annual precipitation is 1,250 mm, air temperature is 17º C, and summer sea temperature is 21º C. Many sunny days during the winter months and with average summer air temperature is 27º C.

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