Dental Veneers in Croatia

Dental Veneers in Croatia

Why Consider Teeth Veneers in Croatia?

Are you dreaming of a new, sparkling smile but can't afford it where you live? Consider having Dental Veneers in Croatia and resolving your teeth esthetic problems at more affordable prices.

While in Croatia for veneers, treat yourself to a vacation in this beautiful Mediterranean country because you deserve it. Curious to know more? Keep reading our guide to explore your options.

Clinic: B.Dent and Dentivo

Procedure: Dental Veneers

Top Package Deal: $300

Cost in Croatia: From $358

Cost in Other Countries: From $600

Top Tourist Places: Plitvice National Park, Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, and many others.

Low-Cost Package Deal for Veneers in Croatia

Some dental clinics in Croatia offer special packages to foreign patients for their convenience trip. Services such as pre and post-operative consultations, clinic fees and doctor fees are included in the price of only $300.

Read on to learn about our best package deal.

Best Package for Dental Veneers in Croatia

Check out the important information on Dental Veneers package in Croatia. Get complete details on th


How much veneers cost in Croatia?

The cost of veneers in Croatia is much lower than in most European countries and the USA. You can expect to pay approx. $360 per veneer in Croatia.

A single veneer in the US is around $1,750, and about $600 in the UK. You will save quite a bit of money for Croatia veneers compared to these two countries.

See the table below for more details on prices in different countries.

Dental Veneers Centers Cost Comparison in Croatia

Provider Procedure Price
Dentivo Dental Veneers, Dentistry $358
B.Dent Dental Veneers, Dentistry $377
Dental Veneers Cost Comparison in Croatia
Country Procedure Price
Germany Dental Veneers, Dentistry $4213
United Kingdom Dental Veneers, Dentistry $600

Top 3 Dental Clinics in Croatia

The dental clinics in Croatia provide high-quality services to international patients. They are modern with top-notch technologies, such as 3D/CT scanning, digital x-rays, and CAD/CAM. We present to you today the best dental clinics in Croatia where you can have the following benefits:

  • Saving of up to 75% compared to the UK and the US prices
  • Quality materials that clinics use for cosmetic dentistry
  • State-of-the-art facilities for your pleasant stay during the procedure
  • Advanced technology to ensure safe and effective treatment
  • Holiday time in beautiful Croatia

You will get excellent treatment for much lower prices while relishing the astonishing scenery of Croatia.

See more about the top 3 clinics in Croatia in their profiles below.

Top Center

Croatia Dental Care

Croatia Dental Care, located in Split, Croatia, offers local and international patients cutting edge technology, highly professional team of experts and excellent dental treatments and procedures. The clinic will impress at first sight with its luxurious and modern equipment, and highly sophisticated technology and materials. The dental experts working at Croatia Dental Care are dedicated to their profession and really know how to make this experience a pleasant one.

Top Center


Dentivo, located in Matulji, Croatia, is a dental surgery center, with its own dental laboratory, equipped with the latest technology and following the global trends in the field of dental diagnostics and therapy. We use the best materials from famous international brands by following the latest developments and advances

Top Center

Dentech Dental Centar

Dentech is a reputable hospital in Split, Croatia. The experienced medical team provides high-quality services for Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Dental Bridges, Dental Crowns, and Dentures.

Top Videos for Dental Treatment in Croatia

We provide more details about dentists and dental care in Croatia you can see in our videos below.

Dental Work in Croatia - Reviews

  • User Profile Image


    Top service.

    Patient was treated by Croatia Dental Care Dec 30, 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Dino Rade

    I have recently used Dentech services and I am very satisfied with the service provided, treatment outcome, kindness of the staff and especially patience of the Doctor. I have been looking for a doctor for a long time who will explain everything I'm interested in in and I can finally say I've found the right dentist!! Thanks again to the whole Dentech team!

    Patient was treated by Dentech Dental Centar May 18, 2022
  • User Profile Image

    Gregory Vukman

    I went to Dentech in Split for some endodontic treatment on an old root canal. I found the staff very helpful, professional and friendly and would definitely recommend their services to anybody looking for dental treatment in Split.

    Patient was treated by Dentech Dental Centar Feb 11, 2022
  • User Profile Image

    Jo Wicks

    Absolutely fantastic we couldn’t have found better people to help with my husbands teeth problem. From the very start when contacting Dentech from England, to the final result the staff at Dentech have been true professionals. Providing us with thorough information on the treatment to information for after care. We will recommend Dentech to everyone. We simply cannot thank you enough for your time and effort, and also for letting Richard take selfies of the procedure along the way.

    Patient was treated by Dentech Dental Centar Oct 12, 2022
  • User Profile Image

    Robert Kettering

    In April and again in October of 2018 I had extensive dental implant treatment at the Dentech clinic in Split, and am very pleased with the cosmetic result and the cost savings. The personnel at Dentech were most kind and professionally competent. I would certainly recommend Dentech to anyone seeking to combine first-class dental treatment with a visit to an extraordinarily enjoyable city.

    Patient was treated by Dentech Dental Centar Nov 01, 2022
  • User Profile Image

    Brian Evans

    I've just had almost full dental implant treatment and I'm really really pleased with the results, I'm not going to say it doesn't hurt because some of it does but it so outways the end results..the staff at Dentech were so nice for my whole treatment I would highly recommend there services to anyone who's thinking of having full implants.

    Patient was treated by Dentech Dental Centar Sep 13, 2022

Most Asked Questions about Dental in Croatia

International patients usually ask us questions regarding dentists, clinics, and veneer prices in Croatia. Therefore, we have compiled important information together in the following answers for you to find out more.

Which are the Best Dental Clinics in Croatia?

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Top dental clinics in Croatia Dental Clinics in Croatia are affordable and provide a high standard of dental care. The clinics offer a wide range of dental services including general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. You can also find clinics specializing in specific dental needs such as periodontal disease or implant surgery. Dental clinics in Croatia use the latest technology and equipment to provide the best possible care for their patients. They also have a team of skilled and experienced dentists who can offer a wide range of treatment options. A dental clinic in Croatia is excellent choise if you are looking for an affordable and convenient option for your dental care needs. Best 3 Dental Clinics in Croatia B.Dent Located at the heart of the western part of the city of Zagreb, Croatia, B.Dent is a renowned dental clinic that offers high-quality dental care. All patients here benefit from modern dental techniques and materials and a highly qualified medical team. Dentivo Dentivo, located in Matulji, Croatia, is a dental surgery center with a dental laboratory equipped with the latest technology and following the global trends in dental diagnostics and therapy. Croatia Dental Care Croatia Dental Care, located in Split, Croatia, offers local and international patients cutting-edge technology, a highly professional team of experts, and excellent dental treatments and procedures. The clinic will impress at first sight with its luxurious and modern equipment, and highly sophisticated technology and materials. Why Choose Dental Clinics in Croatia? Croatia is among the top medical destinations offering international patients competitive and affordable health care. Patients from South and North America and Europe travel to Croatia for comprehensive medical facilities and a flawless healthcare system.   If you want to know more about dental clinics in Croatia. Click the contact us button below.

Which are the most trustworthy Dental Veneers clinics in Zagreb, Croatia?

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Top-Rated Dental Clinics in Zagreb, Croatia There are quite a few world-class reliable Dental Veneers clinics in Zagreb, Croatia that offer premier dental care for affordable prices. These top-notch centers offer their medical tourists all-inclusive Dental Veneers packages that mainly include transportation to and from the airport/hotel and excellent accommodation options. The only thing patients have to do is get to Zagreb, Croatia to undergo the procedure. Dental Veneers Price in Zagreb Croatia Dental Veneers are one of the most popular dental tourism procedures. Prices for dentistry in international patients' home countries are pretty expensive. Significantly higher than they would pay for the same procedure at one of the top clinics in Croatia. Even when you add on the cost of flights and accommodation, these prices can still represent a considerable saving compared to undergoing Dental Veneers at home, plus you get to enjoy a nice vacation in the bargain. Contact our team for up-to-date prices on dental veneers in Zagreb and other dental procedures. Advantages of Dental Clinics in Zagreb Besides the unbeatable prices, the best dental clinics in Zagreb, Croatia also offer the following advantages to their patients: Affordable package deals Cutting-edge technology Safe dental work Billingual medical staff High standards of dental work performed Board-certified, experienced, and renowned dental specialists. Top Questions to Ask Clinics in Zagreb To ensure that your final decision is the best for you, here are some questions you should ask each Dental Veneers clinic before going to Zagreb: What national or international accreditations does the dental clinic hold? Are the dentists board certified? How many Dental Veneers does the clinic carry out each year? What information can you provide regarding the center’s and dentist’s success rates? Can I speak to past patients from my country to learn about their Dental Veneers experience with the clinic? What are safety and quality measures practiced at the clinic? What is the level of fluency in English of the dentists, dental assistants, and support staff at your clinic? Do you have a dental laboratory on-site? If not, which dental laboratories do you use and why? Choose Your Dental Veneers Clinic in Zagreb, Croatia Today! Know more about the most trustworthy Dental Veneers clinics in Zagreb, Croatia! Contact us and choose the dental tourism option that’s best for you!

Best Cosmetic Dentists in Croatia

Dentists employed in the Croatia clinics listed above are highly-skilled and well-qualified. They offer dental services you can afford. In addition, thanks to their expertise, you'll receive top-quality veneers and return home with a brand new smile.

Regarding the best cosmetic dentists in Croatia, we will help you find the right one for your needs. So, don't hesitate to contact us and meet your Croatian dentist.

Dental Tourism in Croatia - Places to Visit

Croatia offers a unique experience of getting quality teeth restoration, saving money, and exploring top tourist sites in one visit. If you are from EU countries, the UK, Canada, or the US, you do not need a visa to enter Croatia.

It is easy to reach Croatia by plane since it has five international airports. Therefore, travel won't be a problem because of the country's proximity to other European countries.

In addition, you'll have the chance to visit this stunning destination with plenty of things to see and do for everyone who comes here.

The vibrant old town of Split Croatia

The vibrant old town of Split

Zagreb The Capital of Croatia

Zagreb The Capital of Croatia

Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park

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