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Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair Treatment Abroad

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair Treatment Abroad


The rotator cuff is located in the shoulder joint and is a muscle that is responsible for maintaining stabilization of the shoulder joint. This muscle group helps balance the ball or head, of the upper arm bone and holds the bone in the socket when the upper arm is lifted as in a shrugging motion or when the arm is lifted over the head. This creates pressure between the bone ends, or rubbing of the bone ends due to a lack of muscular support.

Benefits of Shoulder Rotator Cuff Arthroplasty

When the rotator cuff muscle group is torn, this causes a loss of motion and great discomfort with any shoulder movement that requires the lifting of the affected arm. Total recovery of the shoulder joint, even with surgery is not one hundred percent, however, an orthopedic surgeon and a good exercise plan can restore the shoulder joint to maximize functional range of motion and enable completion of daily activities and optimal comfort.

Arthroscopic repairs utilize a small thin instrument is called a fiber-optic scope. This scope is inserted into a small surgical opening made in the shoulder or upper arm area. Connected to a monitor, the surgeon performing the repair can do so by controlling his or her movements through the utilization of the monitor with the least amount of movement of the scope as possible. This process is beneficial because it avoids excessive damage or injury to surrounding tissues and muscles, and allows for faster healing process.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Atrhroplasty Procedure

Depending on the location and other muscle involvement of a rotator cuff muscle tear, the goal of the surgery is to restore as much movement as possible in the shoulder joint, and decrease level of pain or discomfort. Some methods of rotator cuff repair include
  • Cuff Tear Arthroplasty (CTA)
  • Reversed Delta prosthesis
In the Cuff Tear Arthroplasty procedure the orthopedic surgeon makes an incision over the shoulder joint and removes scar tissue and removes the damaged part of the joint surfaces created by the friction of the bone ends located in the joint. An artificial bone end may be placed to restore function if needed.

In the Reverse Delta procedure, prosthesis is placed to restore normal function of the bone ends in the socket itself. This type procedure is used for those individuals who have extensive damage to the joint, severely limited range of motion, and have previous injury to the shoulder joint. In this procedure, the joint anatomy is reversed and the ball of the humerus is directly attached to the shoulder blade, and the deltoid muscle itself is used to elicit shoulder motion.

Recovery for both types of procedures starts immediately after surgery and must be continued on an individual basis after learning the exercises that must be performed on a consistent basis for  up to a year with some individuals to restore the shoulder joint to perform with as much range of motion as possible.

Medical Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair
How Much Does Rotator Cuff Arthroplasty Cost?

Any type of shoulder injury is expensive to treat in the United States, and that goes for rotator cuff repair surgery and procedures as well. Depending on the severity, location, and procedure performed, rotator cuff repairs may cost up to $40,000 in the United States. Medical Travelers to Mexico may enjoy a 75% decrease in cost for the same procedures. In India, rotator cuff repair surgical procedures cost roughly around $3,700, while the same procedure in Thailand may cost around $4,600.

Who Performs Rotator Cuff Arthroplasty?

An orthopedic surgeon should treat rotator cuff injuries and repairs. It is highly recommended that individuals seeking care for such injuries ensure that their orthopedic surgeon of choice belongs to either the American or an International Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, or to orthopedic associations or organizations in their country of origin, and has verifiable experience and expertise in rotator cuff repair treatments or surgical procedures.
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