Knee Replacement in Tijuana - Restore Your Knee Health

Knee Replacement in Tijuana - Restore Your Knee Health

Benefits of Choosing Knee Replacement in Tijuana

Long waiting time and the high cost of knee surgery force Americans to seek solution elsewhere. Fortunately, you can get a Knee Replacement in Tijuana border-town at a lower price than back home.

Here are the benefits of choosing Tijuana for knee surgery:

  • Tijuana is easy to reach, just 30 minutes drive from San Diego airport
  • Clinics offer affordable packages with attractive services for foreign patients
  • Doctors are highly skilled and certified to perform knee replacement
  • There's a minimum waiting time for surgery
  • You can spend a wonderful vacation with a family in Tijuana before the surgery

Affordable Packages for Knee Replacement Surgery in Tijuana

Want to feel safe and comfortable during your stay in Tijuana? You don't want to spend more money than you have in your budget but also to have a successful knee replaced? We advise you to use affordable all-inclusive packages in Tijuana that cost from $10,300 - $12,530

The price depends on various factors such as inclusions, services offered, and your overall health condition. So, take a look at the packages in our offer and find more details.

Popular Treatment Packages for Knee Replacement in Mexico

Looking for affordable package for Knee Replacement? Here is some useful information about affordabl


Affordable Package for Knee Replacement in Tijuana, Mexico

The best package for knee replacement surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is here. Know the important informa


Cost of Knee Replacement in Tijuana - Knee Arthroplasty Price Comparison

Knee replacement cost in Tijuana is over 60% lower than in the USA. If you choose to come to Tijuana for knee surgery you will pay only $9,000 on average. In America, the same quality of procedure costs over $40,000.

This is a huge difference that drives patients to visit Tijuana clinics for affordable yet effective orthopedic surgery. Here are the prices in the table below:

Knee Replacement Total or Partial Cost Comparison in Mexico
Country Procedure Price
United States Knee Replacement Total or Partial, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $40000
Mexico Knee Replacement Total or Partial, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $9000

Top Orthopedic Surgery Centers in Tijuana for KR

The orthopedic clinic in Tijuana we will present to you here is experienced in treating various orthopedic conditions in international patients. You can put your trust that this knee surgery hospital in Tijuana is the right choice for your knee replacement.

The highlights of the clinic are:

  • High-quality medical services
  • English-speaking medical team
  • 5 minutes away from the US border, and only 20 minutes from San Diego
  • Equipped with modern facilities
  • Qualified and skilled orthopedic surgeons
  • Use the latest state-of-the-art technology for sterilization
  • Follow international protocols on hygiene and safety

See the profile of this clinic below.

Top Center

Advance Health Medical Center

Advance Health Medical Center provides specialized treatments in General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Otorhinolaryngology, etc. in Tijuana, Mexico.

Top Center


ARTROSCOPIA TIJUANA provides best Orthopedic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Book online now Joint Surgery, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries, Knee Prostheses, Foot Surgery, Shoulder Arthroscopy, Knee Arthroscopy and Ankle Surgery by best Orthopedist in Tijuana.

Top Center

Dr. Metztli Linette Gomez Espinoza - Orthopedic Clinic

Dra Linette Gomez, one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, is a specialist in Arthroscopy, Knee & Hip Prosthesis, and Joint Surgery. She has practices in Tijuana & Ensenada.

Knee Arthroplasty in Tijuana, Mexico Package Video

We offer an all-inclusive package for knee surgery in Tijuana and have presented it in our video below. So, take a look to find out what the package includes and what can you expect from surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico Reviews

  • User Profile Image


    The attention of the place was excellent by all the personnel: operative and specialists. I had thyroid surgery and it was the result of day one stitching. Parking for the family member or patient is totally free. By contingency they only allow a family member to be. The food was delicious and the arrangements are welcome, again for contingency they do not allow to enter the room but they are looked after at reception. I was totally satisfied with the whole experience. Only with regard to cleaning the floor of the room if they lacked a little more attention.

    Patient was treated by Advance Health Medical Center Feb 08, 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Jenny Patricia Llanes

    Excellent doctor! He infiltrated me with a knee and he has angel hands! I highly recommend it. Thanks!

    Patient was treated by ARTROSCOPIA TIJUANA Jan 05, 2023
  • User Profile Image

    Mauricio Jaramillo

    Dr. Linette cured my partner of knee pain, we will always be grateful.

    Patient was treated by Dr. Metztli Linette Gomez Espinoza - Orthopedic Clinic Feb 09, 2022
  • User Profile Image


    Excellent service from the staff, a lot of empathy, especially from Estefano and nurse Jaquie, as well as very good facilities

    Patient was treated by Advance Health Medical Center Dec 12, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Excellent service from Estefano and the nurses very attentive.

    Patient was treated by Advance Health Medical Center Jul 01, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Excellent care from the administrative area, as well as the treatment of it medical area, nurse Jaqui is a love, thank you for your attention, overall excellent

    Patient was treated by Advance Health Medical Center Mar 14, 2019

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Tijuana for TKA

Tijuana is home to some of the best knee surgeons in Mexico. They are members of world-recognized institutions and have over 10 years of experience. Also, they speak both English and Spanish so communication will be easy.

Tijuana orthopedic surgeons also provide a video consultation before the surgery where you will discuss your options more. Besides, these surgeons offer post-operative care and follow-up to continue helping in your faster recovery.

Contact us to meet your next orthopedic surgeon in Tijuana.

Dr. Jose Antonio Arce

Doctor Name: Dr. Jose Antonio Arce Certifications and Experiences: Certified as a specialis...

Dr. Linette Gómez Espinoza

Dr. Linette Gómez Espinoza is a board-certified Traumatologist and Orthopedist...

Orthopedic Medical Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is becoming more popular for medical tourists from America and Canada. Its convenient location invites thousands of tourists who come here for a variety of procedures such as hip replacement.

But Tijuana is not only a booming medical center. It is also a beautiful town worth exploring.

Here are some places you can visit during your stay in Tijuana:

  • The Tijuana Cultural Center - The only institution of the National Council for Culture and Arts in Mexico.
  • Avenida Revolucion - A place full of cafes, restaurants, design galleries, and outdoor performances.
  • Mercado El Popo - Here you'll find fresh products such as cheese, candy, dried chilies, soaps, oils, fruit, and herbs.

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By choosing Knee Replacement in Tijuana you can save up to 70% of the money, benefit from time-saving as well, and enjoy a splendid vacation with your family or friends.

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