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Shoulder Dislocation Repair Treatment Abroad

Shoulder Dislocation Repair Treatment Abroad


The Bankart procedure is a type of orthopedic surgical repair commonly performed on individuals with recurring shoulder joint dislocation. A bone structure called the glenohumeral joint provides the shoulder with roughly 60% of its rotational and motion ability. Damage to this joint may affect sliding, gliding or rolling action, severely limiting range of motion and mobility of the shoulder.

A major point of design of the shoulder joint is called the labrum. In most cases, the labrum is wedge-shaped and attaches to the edge of the glenoid or socket where the humerus attaches to the shoulder. Basically, the labrum offers a deep cup shaped socket that the ball or head of the humorous, the upper arm bone, fits into, ensuring stability of the joint.

Individuals who experience frequent dislocations may be diagnosed with what is called a Bankart tear or lesion, which severely affects the stability and strength of the shoulder joint and its function.

Who Benefits from Bankart Shoulder Repair Surgery?

A Bankart lesion or tear is one of the most common types of ligament injuries to the shoulder joint. Any time a ligament is torn from the front of the socket, surgical repair may be necessary.  Individuals experiencing frequent shoulder dislocation juries may be diagnosed with deficient glenoid bone structure, which surgery may help to correct. The procedure may also help to restore bony anatomy of the shoulder socket. Individuals who have not responded adequately to rehabilitation programs following traumatic injury or recurrent instability may benefit from Bankart shoulder repairs surgical procedures.

Bankart Shoulder Repair Procedure

The Bankart shoulder repair procedure is performed with an arthroscope in a surgical procedure called arthroscopy. An arthroscope is a surgical tool that utilizes a thin and flexible fiber optic scope that enables the surgeon to insert the tip of the scope into a joint space through a small incision. This is a type of minimally invasive surgery. About the size and diameter of a common straw, the arthroscope contains a miniature camera, with tiny precision tools attached to its end, along with a light source than enables easy viewing of the joint space without requiring large incisions or tissue damage to the shoulder joint.

The surgeon inserts the arthroscope into the back of the shoulder joint. Following the insertion, special instruments are inserted through very small incisions called portals in the front of the shoulder cavity.

With the internal light source provided by the arthroscope illuminating the field, the tear or lesion can be viewed and the edges cleaned up, providing a more secure and stable location for the humorous head. The tear is then repaired with surgical sutures. Following that, an anchor may be inserted into the glenoid socket to help reattach the labrum to the glenoid. Multiple suture/anchors may be needed to provide adequate stability and to repair tears.

Bankart Shoulder Surgery Repair Cost

How Much Does Bankart Shoulder Surgery Repair Cost?

Cost of Bankart shoulder surgery and the United States is determined by hospital fees, surgeon fees, and special needs and goals of patience located in different geographical regions. Costs may also be determined by whether a not the Bankart surgical procedure is considered open or closed, on an inpatient or outpatient basis, and type of equipment used. Individuals traveling to foreign destinations such as India, South America or Croatia may enjoy large savings on such procedures.

Who Performs Bankart Shoulder Surgery?

Bankart shoulder surgery should be performed by an accredited or certified shoulder or elbow surgeon, or surgeons who specialize in shoulder instability techniques, procedures and surgeries.  They should belong to state or regional orthopedic societies, professional groups, county medical societies, or university schools of medicine. Bankart surgery is a technically proficient procedure, and an experienced surgeon is required for optimal results and restoration of shoulder function.



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