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Laminoplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces pressure on the spinal cord. The lamina of the spine is a bony structure that provides a covering for the spinal canal and also protects the rear or outside section of the spinal cord. Each vertebra has two laminae. Sometimes the spine can become worn or stressed with age, or suffer from impact injuries, causing spinal arthritis, bulging, ruptured or herniated discs. These discs offer padding and protection for the spine and are located between each vertebra.

Who Benefits from Laminoplasty?

Many individuals suffer from degenerative changes, such as arthritis, bone spurs, and impact injuries causing bone fractures. At times, tumors may develop in the spinal canal or spine. All of the conditions listed above create added pressure on the spine. Laminectomies offer relief from pressure and help to alleviate pain. A laminoplasty procedure may be performed on any part of the spine, but the most common laminoplasties are performed on the neck.
Commonly, neck pain and limited range of motion severely impair daily activities of individuals and are a major reason for visits to orthopedic surgeons. Any person experiencing numbness, pain or weakness, especially in the upper extremities is a good candidate for a laminectomy if other treatment options have failed.
Prior to surgery, the physician would request additional x-rays and a MRI, to further evaluate the exact amount and location of the pressure or compression on the spine. In most cases, a laminoplasty procedure is successful in restoring range of motion in the neck or back, relieves pressure, and diminishes numbness, tingling or other neurological symptoms

Laminoplasty Procedure

The laminoplasty procedure would involve the patient lying face down for the more common posterior, or rear approach. This approach offers easy access to the spine without damaging surrounding muscles and tendons.
The surgeon makes an incision in the back of the neck for a cervical laminoplasty. During the procedure special monitoring devices are used to continually check the condition and function of the spinal cord to ensure the cord is not damaged during the surgical process.
Rather that removing bone from the spine itself to relieve pressure, the lamina, or ‘roof’ over the spinal cord is partially removed on both the left and right sides of the spine. This approach is called an “open-door laminoplasty” and relieves pressure on one side of the spine.
Another common approach similar to the procedure above is known as a “French-door” approach. In this surgery, both sides of the lamina are hinged, and the center is lifted to provide relief from compression and offers neurological as well as pain relief.
Post-operative recovery is rapid, and complications are rare.

How Much Does Laminoplasty Cost?

Typical cost for laminoplasty surgery in the United States may cost up to $51,000.00, depending on the location, severity and other considerations regarding surgery. This is including the hospital, OR charge, anesthesia and the surgeons fees. Fees overseas may be significantly lower, depending on the area chosen.

Who Performs Laminoplasty Surgery?

Orthopedic surgeons typically perform this type of surgery. Research should always be performed by the individual wishing to have this procedure done to ensure the surgeon is certified by a Board of Surgeons and is also certified in laparoscopic techniques and has current licensure and good standing in national regions or boards of certification.

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