Robotic Assisted Scoliosis Surgery with MAZOR Care in Bursa/İstanbul, Turkey by Turan Turan thumbnail

Robotic Assisted Scoliosis Surgery with MAZOR Care in Bursa/İstanbul, Turkey by Turan Turan

Package price starting from: $16000
Treatment: Spine Care/Surgery, Scoliosis Deformity Correction
Sirinevler mah, Ankara Yolu Cd. No: 795, 16290 Bursa, Istanbul Turkey, Turkey
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Best Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa & Istanbul Turkey

Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan

All Inclusive Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN provides you the best prices for surgical procedures from experienced and reliable specialists. If you want to get the best service and solution for Scoliosis, TURAN TURAN will be ready to serve you wholeheartedly, with maximum convenience and satisfaction.

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What is Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis is characterized as the right or left ebb and flow of the spine that ought to typically be set in an orderly fashion when the spine is seen from the back. Scoliosis isn't only a one-dimensional precise miss-happening, yet a bone and primary twisting that influences the body in three measurements, from the front and the side.

Scoliosis is the shape of the spine that typically happens during the fast developing tall in immaturity. Despite the fact that it might create because of neurological illnesses like cerebral paralysis and strong dystrophy, the reason for some scoliosis is obscure. Scoliosis is seen in 3% of youths.

Package Detail of Scoliosis Surgery in Bursa Turkey

Package  Cost Clinic Location
Scoliosis Surgery $ 16,000 - $ 19,000  TURAN TURAN Bursa, Turkey

Cost of Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa Turkey

Experience the Robotic Assisted Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey, offered by TURAN TURAN, priced at only $16,000 to $19,000. Utilizing the cutting-edge MAZOR X Robotic Device, exclusively available at TURAN TURAN in Turkey, we provide advanced treatment for scoliosis cases. Compared to other countries, where similar procedures can be significantly more expensive, choosing TURAN TURAN in Turkey ensures cost-effective yet high-quality care.

Cost Comparison With Other Countries

Here's a cost comparison for Robotic Assisted Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey, by TURAN TURAN, compared to prices in the UK and USA:

Location Cost
Bursa, Turkey $16,000 - $19,000
United Kingdom (UK) £20,000 to £30,000
United States (USA) $40,000 to $60,000

Note: Price can change depends on complexity of procedures and other conditions. For more information about price policy, please contact TURAN TURAN Customer Representative.

Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan

Benefits of Scoliosis Surgery Package in Turkey

Here are several benefits that patients can find through Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN:

  • Reasonable cost
  • Experienced Surgeons
  • Exceptional authorize clinics
  • High wellbeing principles
  • Speedy recuperation
  • Quicker return to typical everyday existence

Factors that Affect Package Price

Check below for several factors that might affect the price of Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN:

  • Experience and reputation of the hospital and surgeon
  • What procedure chosen
  • Post-op therapies (if required)
  • Age and health condition of the patient
  • Other services like translation, interpretation, hotel booking, airport transfers, car rental, etc (if required)

Inclusions in Scoliosis Surgery Package in Turkey

Check below for more information about inclusions in Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN:

  • Spine Surgeon Consultation
  • Pre-op Blood Tests
  • Pre-op ECG
  • Pre-op and post-op MRIs, X-Rays, CTs
  • Implants (Brand: MedTronic)
  • Device (Mazor X Robotic Spine Surgery Systems and O-Arm Neuromonitorization Device)
  • 5 days of hospitalization
  • Doctor follow-ups
  • Nursing services
  • Room fees
  • Transfers between Airport-Hospital (round trips) 

Exclusions in Scoliosis Surgery Packagein Turkey

Check below to get lists of exclusion in Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN:

  • Hotel or recovery house, which is reserved at the patient's discretion.
  • Preoperative lab work, as required by the patient, beyond what is stated in the inclusions.
  • Transportation.

List of Required Pre-Op Tests for Scoliosis Surgery Procedure

Here are several required pre op test that you must applied before having Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN:

  • X-rays 
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Chest x-ray
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Urine Sample
  • MRIs
  • Computed Tomography

Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan

Things to Know about Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa Turkey

Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan

Make sure to understand several things that you need to know about Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN below:

  • The lab facility tests are done something like 7-10 days preceding the procedure. The specific tests are recommended after a total actual assessment of the patient.
  • The hospital might require a cash store once a patient chooses to book the surgery.
  • Payment Options accessible are Cash, Mastercard, and Wire Transfer.
  • Final payment not really settled after actual assessment and lab reports examination.

Top Surgeon for Scoliosis Surgery in Turkey

Check below for information about top surgeon that you can meet when choosing Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by TURAN TURAN:

Op. Dr. Yunus Uysal

Op.Dr. Yunus Uysal

Specializations: Orthopedic Surgery

  • Specialized in: Spine Surgery / Joint Prosthesis Surgery / Arthroscopic Surgery / Joint Surgery / Trauma Surgery.
  • Medical Memberships: Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Association / Orthopedic Robotic Surgery Association / Turkish Medical Association.

How to Reach Bursa Turkey

If you like to do the entire trip by means of land, there are many vehicles that give the least demanding transportation into Bursa, like transport. Avow your drop-off second that purchasing your pass to ensure you're moved into the Bursa, not just near it.

The other decision is the 70-minute boat ride (13TL explorers) to Yalova, north of Bursa. Boats avoid with regard to Istanbul's Yenikapi moors. Both the boat to Yalova and to Güzelyali recognize vehicles, so in the event that you're not exorbitantly amped up for the circles you wanted to bounce through to show up, you can conduct yourself from the boat secures straight into Bursa.

Bursa has one overall air terminal that considers a few takeoffs from new transporters. Anyway generally one might need to go on a movement outing through Turkey's truly overall air terminals, for instance, Istanbul's Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen that are nearest to the city to get in.

Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan

FAQs about Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa Turkey

Here are several questions that often asked by patients before they have Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa Turkey:

Why Turkey is Popular for Medical Tourism?

With the biggest number of JCI-approve prosperity workplaces, clinical travelers to Turkey are ensured of first class system and organizations by these facilities and their clinical staff.

Why Many Patients Choose Scoliosis Surgery in Turkey?

Clinical thought is exceptionally OK in Turkey. Both state and private clinical consideration is uncommonly accessible for expats with private clinical benefits being incredibly sensible conversely, with Europe and the US.

What is the reason for Scoliosis?

The reason for scoliosis is obscure in by far most of patients. Be that as it may, the presence of scoliosis in first-degree family members builds the danger of the infection. In this way, there is a hereditary relationship. Then again, actually;

  • Musculoskeletal framework infections (like cerebral paralysis, solid dystrophy),
  • Congenital infections which is influencing bone turn of events,
  • Spine diseases and wounds,

In such cases, scoliosis might create.

How can I speed up my recovery for Scoliosis surgery?

Scoliosis patients with spinal arch of 10 to 25 degrees ought to be routinely followed up. Radiological imaging is done consistently during specialist's visits. Exercises, for example, swimming and activities can be prescribed to the patients as per their medical issue.

Support and undergarment can be prescribed to patients who have spinal shape between 25 degrees and 40 degrees to forestall the movement of the ebb and flow. Surgery might be considered in patients with scoliosis whose spinal bend is over 40 degrees. In surgery, the spine is revised on account of metal bars. The fixed spine is fixed by applying the screwing system.

The utilization of O-arm and Neuromonitorization advancements in scoliosis surgery limits the chance of complexities, for example, nerve harm.

Special Devices:

O-ARM Navigation System: is a Real Time Surgical Imaging System intended for use in numerous surgeries like spine, cranial and muscular medical procedures. It permits the clinical group to complete quick imaging of a patient's life systems during the activity, which nearly dispense with the chance of setting the inserts in off-base regions.

O-Arm and Neuromonitoring gadgets were created to be utilized in cerebrum and spine medical procedures and all sort of surgeries that require nerve checking and three-dimensional imaging, which impressively limit the chance of screwing the inserts into undesirable regions and essentially decrease the dangers of vascular, apprehensive, spinal rope and imperative organ wounds.

The utilization of this gadget in scoliosis, kyphosis and spinal stenosis medical procedures, and a wide range of tasks including screw obsession into the spine, builds these surgery's prosperity rates and lessens the dangers of its careful complexities.

Video about Medical Tourism in Bursa Turkey

Check below for video about Orthopedic Surgery Package in Bursa Turkey that can give you insight about this popular medical surgery:

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Scoliosis Surgery Package in Bursa, Turkey by Turan Turan

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