Spinal Decompression Treatment by Private Algomed Hospital in Adana, Turkey

Effective Spinal Decompression Treatment in Adana, Turkey

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Spinal Decompression Therapy in Adana, Turkey

Watch above Video of Spinal Decompression Treatment in Adana, Turkey. Make your reservation now for Spinal Decompression Treatment at Private Algomed Hospital which is one of the best centre in Turkey. The ICSC 2.0 device, which is used in patients with low back and neck hernia, is a non-surgical treatment method with a success rate of 80% in patients who are recommended to have surgery or who have not recovered after surgery. In NASA space explorations, it has been observed that the pressure on the astronauts' spines is reduced, the disc spaces are widened, and lower back pain is relieved in an environment where there is no gravity. Based on this experience, ICSC 2.0 was developed to treat many patients suffering from low back and neck hernia pain without the need for surgery. With ICSC 2.0, the pressure between the discs is reduced during each painless 30-minute treatment, and water, oxygen and nitrogen are supplied to the damaged area. Gradually the injured disc is recovered and the pressure on the disc is reduced, relieving the pressure on the nerves.  ICSC 2.0 in the treatment of neck hernia and degenerative disc disease; It has CE quality certificates and is the first and only system approved by the FDA (the agency that licenses drugs and food in the USA). In other traction devices, the muscles contract because the body's protective mechanisms are activated. This does not create an effective pull and can lead to pain. In the ICSC 2.0 system, since it pulls with a logarithmic curve, the body's protection mechanisms are not stimulated, so an effective negative pressure occurs inside the discs and between the vertebrae without muscle contraction and pain.

Defination of Spinal Decompression Treatment

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical procedure designed to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or one or more compressed nerve roots that pass through or exit the spine. Spinal nerve element decompression is an important part of the treatment of spinal radiculopathy, myelopathy and claudication.

Why choose Spinal Decompression Therapy in Adana, Turkey by Private Algomed Hospital ?

For the treatment of spinal decompression, the following are reasons to help you choose Adana Turkey's Private Algomed in order for patients to feel the comfort they need during the operation of this clinic:

  • Transport offices from the airport to the clinic and vice versa.

  • all-day, daily customer support and online meeting.

  • Online lab reports and photos.

  • The latest, hygienic and hi-tech medical equipment.

  • Wi-Fi and TV

  • Private rooms for patients

  • Dinner for patients

  • Patient assistant and waiting room

How to Book Spinal Decompression Therapy in Adana, Turkey?

We are helping patient to find out best and suitable clinic for them for their treatments. Turkey is likely the best spot for medical treatment. Call us or reach us by pressing the button below for more information:

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