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Epidural Neurolysis for Lumbar Stenosis at Istituto Auxologico Italy

Piazzale Brescia, 20, 20149 Milano, Italy, Milan, Italy

Package Price : $11000

Treatment :Spine Care/Surgery

By : Istituto Auxologico Italiano

Location : Piazzale Brescia, 20, 20149 Milano, Italy Milan, Italy

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Epidural Neurolysis for Lumbar Stenosis at Istituto Auxologico Italy


Looking for a long-term non-surgical therapy to treat chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain can become complex and has many causes. Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milan, Italy, one of Italy’s premier centers for open heart surgery, robotic surgery and minimally invasive treatments is now offering a safe and minimally invasive therapy for relieving chronic back pain called video-guided epidural neurolysis.

What is Video-Guided Epidural Neurolysis?

Guided by an x-ray camera, a probe or tube enters the epidural space (in the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots) to the site of pain and injects a medication (steroid, corticosteroid) thru an epidural catheter. The medication administered works to dissolve any scar tissue (adhesions) that may have formed from disc herniation, previous back surgery or injury. An epidural catheter is used to avoid surgical soft tissue trauma and other surgical risks.

Best candidates for Epidural Neurolysis include people who have:

  • Lumbar Stenosis (spinal canal narrows and compresses nerves)
  • Lumbar Disc Herniation (spinal pressure on nerve roots causing pain and sciatica)
  • Chronic back pain and sciatic pain (tingling or weakness of the leg) due to nerve compression & disc herniation  
  • Radiculopathy (nerve root related pain syndrome) after endoscopic inspection of the epidural space adjacent the spinal nerves
  • Chronic back pain from other causes

Cost of Epidural Neurolysis at Auxologico:

Some medical centers may offer packages that already include hotel accommodations , airport pickup and drop-off, lab works and diagnostics, prescribed medications, aside from the hospital fees related to the procedure. 

The epidural neurolysis treatment package at Istituto Auxologico Italiano  will include expenses for the medical procedures and the hospitalization. The intervention will consist of hospitalization in the clinic (2 days) and the Epidural neurolysis performed in topical anesthesia (1 hour). However, the treatment will not include travel and accommodation expenses after hospital discharge.  The cost for Epidural Neurolysis will range $11,000 to $13,300.

Most patients can already walk the day after the procedure and can return to their home countries 3 days after discharge from Istituto Auxologico.

5 Great Benefits of Epidural Neurolysis:

  • Effective in relieving radiating sciatic pain & lower back pain
  • Provides immediate and long-term relief of chronic back pain without the need for spinal surgery
  • No risks associated with microsurgical spinal surgery
  • Avoids the need for spinal surgery for patients with sciatic pain & chronic back pain
  • Avoids surgical soft tissue trauma


You don’t need spinal surgery! Treat chronic back pain with an epidural neurolysis at Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milan, Italy! Contact us for further details!




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