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OLD with Interspinous Locker Fixation (ILF) Treatment Abroad


The acronym, OLD stands for open laser assisted spinal discectomy. The designation locker fixation is the approach to stabilizing and supporting the spinal structure following disectomy, or removal of a portion or the entire disc located between the vertebral joints. One of the enormous benefits of new laser-assisted technology enables patients to leave hospital facilities within 24 to 72 hours Individuals with weakened spinal structure may also require fixation devices or fusion to help stabilize the spine. Often, interspinous locker fixation device techniques are utilized.

Who Benefits from OLD with Interspinous Locker Fixation Procedures?

Individuals diagnosed with spinal stenosis, osteoporosis and other degenerative spine conditions that slowly wear away or decrease bone mass may benefit from this procedure. Open laser assisted procedures are less invasive than traditional surgeries, requiring smaller incisions, less surrounding tissue damage, and faster healing time. Individuals diagnosed with an abnormal spinal processes, spinal joint problems or disc diseases may also benefit from the procedure. 

OLD with Interspinous Locker Fixation Procedure

An open laser assisted spinal disectomy procedure can be performed on any portion of the spine: cervical, thoracic or lumbar, but is most often performed in the lower or lumbar portion of the spine. The procedure is designed to save as much spinal disc tissue and bone structure as possible in an approach developed by doctors in the United States. The procedure has been  A very small (1.5 to 2 cm) incision is made into the spine using a high-speed diamond drill. Specialized tools and equipment are used that enable doctors to view the operating field under intense magnification on video or monitor screens in the operating suite. Using the laser assisted approach, surgeons are able to remove damaged or bulging portions of herniated discs and ligaments that have thickened due to injury, damaged or disease with a laser. The laser compresses nerves and helps reduce pain and increase range of motion and function.

Laser surgery is extremely precise and replaces traditional surgical procedures with less damage to spinal tissues, nerves and surrounding muscle, skin and ligaments. An open laser assisted lumbar discectomy procedure may take between 1 to 2 hours, reducing the amount of time the patient must remain under general anesthesia as well as recuperation time.

For patients diagnosed with compromised spines structure and support, interspinous locker fixation (ILF) may be recommended. This procedure enables greater stability to the lumbar or lower area of the spine, especially in patients diagnosed with lumbar stenosis or degenerative instability.

Interspinous locker fixation is an emerging spine surgery technology that utilizes plates, screws, and other fusion devices to help provide superior stabilization to weak or damaged spine structure. The screw fixation systems are a positive and beneficial advancement over traditional pedicle screws in spinal surgery as they replace formally heavy plates with thin, somewhat flexible rods. Stabilization is achieved while still allowing range of motion for patients.

Interspinous spine locker fixation is best utilized on patients whose vertebral structures above and below the damaged disc or vertebra allow solid fixation device screws.

How Much Does OLD with Interspinous Locker Fixation (ILF) Cost?

Open laser assisted lumbar discectomy procedures may cost $25,000 to 50,000 dollars in the United States. Patients undergoing lumbar surgery may pay upward of $77,000 or more in some cases. In foreign destinations such as South Korea and India, the same procedure can be performed for an average of $13,000.

A discectomy procedure alone may cost between $10,000 and $15,000 in the U.S. An individual traveling to Costa Rica may spend approximately $12,000 on a cervical discectomy while a patient traveling to Thailand will spend approximately $8,000. Travelers to Columbia, Poland, and hungry also spend an average of $9,500 for the procedure.

Who Performs Open Laser Assisted Spinal Surgeries?

Laser assisted discectomy and spinal surgery procedures are generally performed by a orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine care or neurosurgeon as well as a vascular or general surgeon. Surgeons should be chosen according to their expertise and experience in related fields. Physicians and surgeons should be certified in their field, and show membership in national or regional boards or associations in his or her country of origin. Consumers are encouraged to get more than one opinion before engaging in any type of spinal surgery, as well as making sure that facilities, surgeons, and healthcare staff are accredited by international associations and organizations to ensure quality of equipment, technology, as well as quality of care by medical

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