Frederick Stewart's Testimonial of Conquering Severe Back Pain Through Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

Living a Pain-Free Life with Spinal Operation in Bursa, Turkey

Category: Orthopedic Surgery Abroad
Country: Turkey
Procedure: Spine Care/Surgery

Frederick Stewart's Struggle with Lower Back Pain

Frederick Stewart, a 62-year-old psychiatric physician assistant from Florida, found himself grappling with severe lower back pain radiating to his legs after lifting a heavy object. Despite his background in neurosurgery, he couldn't alleviate the pain through exercise or physical therapy. The pain quickly interfered with his daily life and work responsibilities, forcing him to explore surgical options. However, the exorbitant costs and limited availability of specialized spine treatment in the United States prompted him to consider medical tourism.

Frederick Stewart Testimonial

“In the United States they actually missed part of the diagnosis that the medical team here got. Correct. And if I had had the surgery in the United States, I would have had to have a second surgery, after the surgery, the next day afterwards we did some walking, I was able to walk up and down the hallway So again, I am very happy that I came here.” - Frederick Stewart

Discovering Turan Turan Health Group in Istanbul, Turkey

In his search for affordable and effective treatment, Frederick came across Turan Turan Health Group in Istanbul, Turkey. Renowned for its expertise in spine surgery and state-of-the-art facilities, the clinic offered a promising solution to Frederick's debilitating condition.

Research and Decision-Making Process

Frederick extensively researched Turan Turan Health Group, scouring online testimonials and success stories. He sought reassurance through the clinic's qualifications and accreditations, ensuring he made an informed decision. Delving into specific doctor profiles specializing in his condition, Frederick scheduled virtual consultations to discuss his case and explore treatment options.

Frederick Stewart Spine Surgery in Bursa Turkey

Journey to Istanbul: Overcoming Visa Challenges

Navigating the logistics of traveling from Florida to Istanbul, Frederick encountered challenges obtaining a Turkish visa, a process often fraught with bureaucracy and uncertainty. Turan Turan Health Group extended invaluable assistance by providing comprehensive support, including visa invitations and facilitating the necessary medical documentation. This proactive approach not only streamlined Frederick's journey to Turkey but also alleviated the stress and uncertainty associated with visa application processes. By ensuring seamless entry into the country, Turan Turan Health Group demonstrated its commitment to patient-centric care and underscored its reputation as a trusted partner in medical tourism.

Consultation and Diagnosis at Turan Turan Health Group

Upon arrival in Istanbul, Frederick underwent his initial consultation with a specialist at Turan Turan Health Group, Dr. Yunus UYSAL. The doctor conducted thorough evaluations, including imaging tests, to diagnose Frederick's condition accurately. Despite potential language barriers, the doctor's clear communication in English reassured Frederick and instilled confidence in the proposed treatment plan.

Frederick Spine Surgery in Bursa Turkey

Treatment Plan and Personalized Care

Based on the diagnosis, the medical team at Turan Turan devised a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to Frederick's needs. This included advanced procedures such as robotic spine surgery for stabilization, emphasizing the clinic's commitment to personalized care. The inclusion of physical therapy and pain management strategies underscored Turan Turan's holistic approach to recovery.

The Rehabilitation Program Facilitated Frederick’s Progress

Frederick's treatment experience at Turan Turan Health Group was marked by professionalism and expertise. The skilled medical staff guided him through each step of his journey, ensuring his comfort and well-being. Post-surgery, Frederick experienced significant relief from pain, enabling him to walk without discomfort and embark on a steady path to recovery. The rehabilitation program facilitated his progress, strengthening his back and improving mobility.

Spine Surgery in Bursa Turkey Story

“I am extraordinarily happy that I came here. I would absolutely recommend coming here. I live at the beach in Florida and I have not for since February I've been able to walk on the beach every day because of the pain. And just getting back to that alone would be wonderful. As far as work, it has affected my work. So now I can get back to doing what I normally do for work” - Frederick Stewart

Back to Florida: A Renewed Sense of Vitality and Freedom from Pain

As Frederick returned to Florida, he embraced a renewed sense of vitality and freedom from pain. The successful treatment at Turan Turan Health Group had a profound impact on his daily life, allowing him to resume work and enjoy leisure activities without limitations. Establishing a robust aftercare plan, including regular video calls with his doctor and ongoing support from the Turan Turan team through PlacidWay platform, ensured Frederick's continued progress and long-term well-being. Through his testimonial, Frederick enthusiastically recommends Turan Turan Health Group to others seeking effective and affordable spine treatment, heralding a new chapter of health and vitality in his life.

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Spine Surgery in Bursa Turkey Frederick Story at Turan Turan

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