Successful IVF in Greece

Center Name: emBIO Medical Centre

Location: 77 Ethnikis Antistaseos st
Athens, Greece 15231
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Dr. Paraschos, it took me a while to send you photos of my babies; but not because I forgot it. I am grateful to God and you for giving me the joy of motherhood. I wish happiness to you and your family. May God look after you so you can continue your work. I have recommended you to many people and I have heard their attempts with IVF were successful with you.

We are the best paradigm to be copied. My little boy is called Thanasis; however I remember you when I sometimes call him Thanos. I was hopeless when I came to you after having HAD 9 attempts with IVF; but only with 2 attempts at your clinic my dream became a reality. On my last visit you told me "Let's give it one more try" and you were right.

Thank you
Eleni Nikolaidi

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